Tiger Scroll is a knowledge recopilation document from the Adventurer's world in possession of Marquis Raeven.

Description Edit

The Tiger Scroll was written by Marquis Raeven of the Re-Estize Kingdom. He had gathered all the knowledge from the former adventurers under his command and compiled it into this document. It contains all kind of valuable information about magic items, the types and powers of various monsters, all sorts of spells, and so on.

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Abilities Edit

Since Marquis Raeven had hired former Orichalcum adventurers, the document must of contained high grade information, not available even for other high ranked adventurer parties and other kind of groups. Since the lost of the scroll affected to a large degree at Zanac, this statement looks mostly correct.

Trivia Edit

  • Prince Zanac was the only other person Raevan shared knowledge from the Tiger Scroll with.
  • Since Raeven abandoned the capital, the Tiger Scroll was gone with him.[1]


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