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Tigers (虎) are carnivores related to the feline family. They exist in the Great Forest of Tob in the New World.


A great cat with multiple stripes across its pelt.


Since tigers are mere beasts have no special abilities, they are actually somewhat lower in regards to Level. According to Maruyama, a normal-sized tiger is Level 8. But its offensive power is equivalent to a Level 9. And defensive power is equivalent to a Level 6.[1] However tigers stand above an average human in strength.[2]


  • Additionally, it was stated that Hamsuke subsisted while living in tigers in the Tob Forest. And even Clementine could prey on tigers.[3]
  • The trolls under Guu were known to hunt these creatures and use their pelts as clothing.[4]
  • According to Gazef Stronoff, he could evade a tiger in its first blow and strike off its head.[5][6]


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