Tigers (虎) are carnivores related to the feline family. They exist in the Great Forest of Tob in the New World.

Appearance Edit

A great cat with multiple stripes across its pelt.

Abilities Edit

Since tigers are mere beasts have no special abilities, they are actually somewhat lower in regards to Level. According to Maruyama, a normal-sized tiger is Level 8. But its offensive power is equivalent to a Level 9. And defensive power is equivalent to a Level 6.[1] However tigers stand above an average human in strength.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Additionally, it was stated that Hamsuke subsisted while living in tigers in the Tob Forest. And even Clementine could prey on tigers.[3]
  • The trolls under Guu were known to hunt these creatures and use their pelts as clothing.[4]
  • According to Gazef Stronoff, he could evade a tiger in its first blow and strike off its head.[5][6]


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