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This page shows a list of Tier Magic spells appearing from YGGDRASIL and the New World throughout the Overlord series. With the exception of Super-Tier Magic, the order of tier spells are ranked from 1st to 10th Tier.


There were more than 6000 spells available in YGGDRASIL to obtain and unlock from leveling. It ranged from 1st Tier to 10th Tier, as well as Super-Tier Magic. These spells were divided among various types and schools.[1]

In the world of YGGDRASIL, it was said there was no need to actually speak or make incantations when casting spells, but one’s colleagues would not know what was going on if nothing was said. Therefore, magic casters announced their spell with names as a sign of courtesy between them.

One could normally only learn three spells per level. For instance, a normal level 100 player would only be able to use up to 300 spells by far if no cash items or racial skills like Ainz's Dark Wisdom are involved.[2]

However, in the New World, there are spells that would normally take eight years for inhabitants to master as it takes a while for people to level up due to their slow character growth. That is if one doesn't possess a talent in cutting half the amount of time.[3]

On the other hand, it requires supposedly seven job classes in a regular magical class for the magic caster to rise above the next tier level.

Behind the origin of Tier Magic, the majority of its spells in the New World dates back to a certain city during the era of the Eight Greed Kings. At some point in time, other sorts of spells are actually created from the basis of old ones that already existed which later help pave the way for the continuous development of new spells in various regions.[4] Unlike YGGDRASIL, new tier spells are considered unique as they were developed and made over the course of given time by natives like Evileye.[5]

Additionally, particular tier spells that involved the use of resurrection magic would require various objects ranging from gold coins, jewels or other valuables as part of its cost.[6]

Meanwhile, various tier spells like [Fireball] can be used and casted simultaneously as a form of group tactic in wars and battles. However, no historical records are known to have been written about it. For instance, multiple people using a 1st-tier spell like [Magic Arrow] altogether was unheard of nor does it ever existed or introduced as a tactic. This was because to learn even the beginner’s level of the first tier of spells required a certain amount of potential, never mind the amount of time that had to be invested to educate a magic caster. Given the same amount of time and resources, it was more beneficial to train a hundred archers than a single magic caster for combat.

Normally speaking, spell damage could not be evaded, guarded, or reduced by physical armor. Purely energy-based spell attacks like those of [Fireball] should be effective against enemies with pieces of amour or sturdy exoskeletons. The same could also be said with other monsters with magic or elemental resistances.[7]

There are different types of spells that were not only affected by ability scores, passive skills, special skills, and equipment abilities, but were also affected by resistances gained through levels, penalties, and so on. For example, the instant-death spells specialized by necromancers like Ainz. If they were cast on an opponent of similar level, it would be hard for those spells to have any effects at all if they were not enhanced through any means.[8]

0th Tier

Spells     Description
Lifestyle Magic It was a spell to warm up one bowl or plate of food. It used the same quantity of mana as a First Tier, so it was rarely used.
Unknown Magic It was a spell to create the kind of papers that are coarse and discolored.
Unknown Magic It was a spell to create drinkable water that is not as sweet as its first-tier counterpart.

1st Tier

Spells     Description
Anti-Evil Protection A 1st tier spell used to defend against attacks from evil beings.
Bunny Tail A 1st tier spell used to decrease aggression towards the caster.
Camouflage In the Web Novel, a 1st tier spell that made it more difficult for someone to be detected. The spell allows the user to change their skin color to blend in with their environment.
Clean It is a 1st tier spell used by the Slane Theocracy's Cardinals to clean their clothes and their equipment. Through Widen Magic, the spell is even capable of making the entire room to be cleaned with ease.
Compass A 1st-tier spell which was believed to be a single-target version of [Mass Compass].
Create Water A 1st tier lifestyle tradition spell which creates water. While zero-tier spells could also create drinkable water, the water created by this spell was described as being more sweeter upon tasting it. As a first-tier spell, the water generated by [Create Water] was not limited to just filling a single basin. While there was a time limit to it, the overall volume of water created that would increase in keeping with the caster’s skills. This could be parceled out over multiple occasions. Therefore, there would be no spillage and waste even if the user cast the spell on the basin.
Destruction Water It is a 1st tier spell that the caster used to make the water disappear immediately. This spell belonged to one of the four great systems which is also known as the elemental traditions. It could also be used for offensive purposes. It did less damage when used against living beings than other spells of the same tier. However, it could do significant damage to Water Elementals and other creatures closely aligned with the element of water. Higher-level versions of the third tier could also affect Slimes to some extent.
Floating Board A 1st tier spell that can create a floating, translucent board and it is used for carrying over objects. In a way, it serves to be a transportation method.
Lesser Mind Protection
Light Healing A 1st tier divine spell that heals allies of their wounds with a soothing warm green light.
Magic Arrow A 1st tier spell that allows the user to shoot out an arrow made of mana that will pierce a target. Ainz also used this spell with Triplet Maximize Magic. Ulbert, on the other hand, uses it with Boost Magic. In addition, Iguva=41 can cast the spell with Silent Magic. Unlike regular arrows, [Magic Arrow]s were guaranteed to hit independent of the evoker's skills. Casting it at a higher tier would increase the amount of projectiles generated as well as the individual damage output of each projectile. Even so, a single projectile's damage output was still minuscule. It was pretty much impossible for them to one-shot their enemies with a single cast. The damage output of the spell did not depend on where the enemy was struck.
Oderless By using this 1st tier spell, the caster can hide their scent.
Quick March In the Web Novel, this 1st tier spell could instantly increase an individual's movement speed by about 20%.
Repair In the Web Novel it is a 1st tier spell that could repair an item but it is not recommended to be used frequently as each repair lowers the value of the item.
Rabbit Ears A 1st tier spell used to enhance the user's hearing sense.
Rabbit Foot A 1st tier spell used to increase the caster's luck.
Sleep In the Web Novel, it is a 1st tier spell that forces a person to have the desire of sleeping. The effect of the spell can be dispelled by simply shaking the person effected by it.
Summon Monster 1st This spell could allow the user to summon beings like a low-level Lesser Air Elemental or Water Elemental. Elementals summoned by the first-tier scroll only exist for a short time.
Summon Undead 1st This spell allows the user to summon any kinds of zombie-type animals such as dogs.

2nd Tier

Spells Description
Acid Arrow A single-target, 2nd tier spell which fires a bolt of caustic acid at the enemy.
Cure Disease Web Novel listed it as a 2nd tier spell, it is a spell used to cure diseases however it is not powerful enough to cure cursed diseases such as Demon fever.
Hawk Eye It strengthens the users vision to see far away objects a lot closer
Invisibility A spell that makes one invisible
Lesser Dexterity It is a 2nd tier spell that raises the target's dexterity.
Lesser Strength A spell that raises the target's strength.
Mass Compass It is a 2nd-tier spell which was said to be a multi-target version of [Compass].
Message In the Web Novel, the spell is classified as part of the 2nd tier. This spell was used to communicate in the game. Normally, its use was restricted to certain places and conditions. The problem was that this spell was originally designed to communicate with other players, and it could not reach a GM. When one used the [Message] spell, as long as the other party was within the game, one would hear a call tone. Otherwise, there would be no sound, and the spell would immediately terminate. In the New World, the effect from this spell's usage felt like something was constantly reaching out, as though looking for something to connect to.
Protection of Energy Negative A 2nd tier spell that provides limited protection against negative energy powered spells and skills.
Shock Wave A 2nd tier spell that when activated, emits an invisible shock wave that can even distort the air and can easily crush a full plate armor.
Silence A 2nd tier spell that allows the user to eliminate sounds in an area.
Summon Angel 2nd Tier Summons an Angel Guardian
Temperature Change A 2nd tier lifestyle tradition spell used to alter the temperature of the water until it was comfortable, or to directly heat the room.
Thunderlance  A 2nd Tier spell that fires thunder like a lance at a target.

3rd Tier

Spells Description
Animate Dead Creates a low-level undead such as Zombies from corpses, but with Shalltear's special skill, it can become a Lesser Vampire. In the Web Novel, it is a 3rd tier spell.
Create Undead A 3rd tier spell that allows the user to spawn a low-tier undead minion.
Dimensional Move A 3rd tier spell, but to magic casters, it was an escape spell used to put distance between themselves and their adversaries. The caster could only use this spell on themselves.
Electrosphere A 3rd tier spell that could create two balls of lightning, appearing in the user's open palms and then shot forth towards their intended targets. With Twin Maximize Magic, Narberal can make the two lightning balls nearly twice the normal size, greatly augmenting its destructive power.
Fireball A 3rd tier spell that allows the user to shoots out a big ball of fire that burns its target.
Flame Resistance A 3rd tier spell used by Olasird'arc Haylilyal to cover the Frost Dragon's racial weakness to fire. In other words, it grants resistance to the fire element.
Fly A 3rd tier spell that gives the caster the ability to fly. Ainz could use this spell with Silent Magic.
Haste A 3rd tier spell that allows to buff an individuals speed.
Heavy Recover A 3rd tier divine spell used for healing the person as long as the user has sufficient mana provided.
Holy Light A 3rd Tier divine spell that does full damage to evil creatures.
Hot Spring A 3rd tier lifestyle tradition spell which creates a hot spring. Apparently, it was an imitation of the druid spell [Geyser].
Iceball An area-effect spell like Fireball.
Lightning A 3rd tier spell that shoots a bolt of lightning from the tip of the caster's finger. It is effective against targets wearing metal armor. The lightning generates and pierces in a straight line.
Lopsided Duel A 3rd-tier spell that bounds the caster to the target such that whenever the target tried to flee by teleportation, both caster and target would appear in the same place. It could even ignore the target’s use of [Delay Teleportation] and teleport both of them to the designated location. However, this spell had a fatal flaw. If the target teleported among its friends, then the caster would be brought to the same place thanks to the binding, whereupon he would be surrounded. Before it was patched in YGGDRASIL, one could cast it on a teammate and piggyback off their teleportation, but after the patch, it could only be cast on enemies. This spell also had the advantage that if the caster teleported away, his opponent would not be teleported with it, which made fleeing easy.
Slow A 3rd tier spell that slows down an enemy's movement. Ainz seems to use this spell with Penetrate Magic.
Spider Talisman Entoma uses about four pieces of talisman to summon an enormous spider the moment it hits the ground. The level of this spell is equivalent to a 3rd tier Summon Monster’ spell. These spiders are handy for buying time and determining an enemy's capability.
Summon Angel 3rd Tier Summons an Archangel Flame
Summon Undead 3rd It allows the user to summon skeletal-type undead like Skeleton Warriors under one's control.
Sunlight A 3rd tier divine spell designed to both blind a target and deal damage to undead beings
Thunderball A 3rd tier area-of-effect spell.
Summon Monster/Beast 3rd A 3rd tier spell used to summon low-level monsters/beasts such as a Snap Grasp

4th Tier

Spells Description
Burn Lance A 4th tier physical spell that deals fire damage.
Charm Species It is a 4th tier spell that works on any species. It makes the target regard the caster as a "friend", and may be used in interrogation. However, it cannot make the target reveal secrets that they would not reveal to a friend, or perform actions that friends would not tell them to do, such as self-harm.
Control Cloud A 4th tier spell that allows the user to manipulate the clouds.
Crystal Lance A 4th tier spell used by Evileye against Entoma, launching an elongated cold object sent flying in her direction.
Dehydration It is a 4th tier spell which the caster would use for dealing great damage to all living beings apart from Water Elementals and other creatures closely aligned with the element of water.
Freeze Lance A 4th tier physical spell that deals ice damage.
Grand Fireball Since it is of the 4th tier, this spell is presumed to be the superior version of Fireball.
Holy Aura A 4th tier spell that had an effect against beings of evil.
Holy Ray A 4th tier spell that can create a ray of light used to pierce the intended target.
Shock Lance A 4th tier physical spell that deals lightning damage.
Silver Lance A physical spell of the 4th tier, that carried the silver element for great damage to any enemy vulnerable to silver. It also had a piercing special effect that dealt even more damage to targets not wearing any armor. A drawback was that armor could decrease its damage.
Summon Angel 4th Tier Summons either a Principality Observation or Principality Peace
Summon 4th tier Undead Allow to summon undead around the level of a four-tier magic caster or summon several weaker undead at the level of a 3rd tier magic caster. Iguva used this spell to Summon four Skeleton Warriors.
Tremor Sense A 4th tier spell allows someone to sense even the smallest amount of tremors, allowing them to find an opponent's position. It was more effective on land but a floor should work as well however it can't detect movements done trough the air like someone using the spell Fly.

5th Tier

Spells Description
Dragon Lightning A 5th tier spell that shoots out a lightning bolt in the form of a dragon, that then seeks out its target.
Raise Dead It is a 5th tier resurrection spell that revives the dead person back to life with some loss of vitality and five levels in return. Moreover, this spell will have a hard time working without a corpse, or if it's badly damaged.
Sand Field: All A 5th tier spell. It was created by Evileye and is one of her strongest spells. Sand particles disperse throughout the surroundings. Because it affects one's comrades too, this spell was useless in a group fight. Any opponent within its area would be immobilized, as well as being blinded, silenced and dazed. By using this in conjunction with her trump card, it will also cause life drain on all caught within the spell's range.
Summon Undead 5th A 5th tier spell that allows one to summon 5th tier level undead summons like Heavy Skeleton Warrior.
Teleportation A 5th tier spell that allows the caster to teleport over a distance.
Vermin Bane An original spell created by Evileye during her fight against the insect demon god two hundred years ago. It forms a white mist of gas where if any insects were to enter its range, they're killed by it with the exception of Entoma's powerful resistance against the spell. This type of magic was developed with the sole purpose of repelling the insects used by that individual. The spell is effectively a counter-measure to insects while it doesn't cause any slightest harm to other organisms. The mana consumption of her original spell, 'Vermin Bane' is extremely large and is considered to be best reserved for when the opponent is about to summon insects.
Undying Flame A 5th tier spell that allowed a dragon's hooked fangs and claws to blaze with bluish-white flame. This was a spell that added negative energy and fire damage.

6th Tier

Spells Description
Control Weather A 6th tier spell that allows the user to manipulate the weather.
Heal A 6th tier spell that could restore a great deal of health in addition to healing various diseases and other abnormal status conditions.
Flamewing A 6th tier spell.
Locate Object This spell is used to detect the location of an object.
Obey A modified spell of "Summon Undead 6th Tier" which is Fluder's own creation. Supposedly it allows him to control lower rank undead.
Summon Undead 6th Tier A 6th tier spell that allows to summon mid-tier undead.
Wall of Hell A 6th tier spell.

7th Tier

Spells Description
Blasphemy A 7th tier spell.
Chain Dragon Lightning A 7th tier spell that shoots dragon-shaped lightning towards the target. Let alone its intended target, it can also strike other enemies nearby. It effectively works great against metal armor.
Create Greater Item This spell had originally been intended to produce weapons by the YGGDRASIL standard. However, in the New World, it would have broader applications such as creating items like chairs. In the Web Novel, it is a 7th tier spell.
Focus Magic A 7th tier spell that can be used on an ally.
Greater Teleportation A 7th tier spell that allows instantaneous transition without restriction to distance.
Greater Word of Curse A 7th tier spell. Ainz considered it was only a threatening move in close combat.
Hell Flame A 7th tier spell that shoots out a very small flame that will then latch onto a target and become a raging inferno that burns anything to ashes with black flames.
Hellfire Wall A 7th tier spell that creates a wall of black flames surrounding everything within the victim's range of view, leaving them trapped. It causes no physical damage but seems to incinerate the soul instead.
Holy Smite A 7th tier spell cast by Dominion Authority. It envelops the target in a column of pure light and also inflicts massive damage if they're evil-aligned.
Napalm A 7th tier spell that creates a column of flame to appear beside the target, engulfing it in fire.
Phoenix Flame A 7th tier resurrection spell it is useful to counter instant death spell or special skills such as the Goal Of All Life is Death. it consumes a large amount of MP to cast on one's self in addition by consuming an extra amount of Mana when casted it can do Minor flame damage around the user when one is revived. When revived the caster has only a minimum amount of HP recovery, the amount of hp recovery is also effected by other various factors.
Resurrection A 7th tier spell used to revive the dead.
Shining Burst A 7th tier area-effect attack spell that is used to deal extra damage to evil creatures and the undead, with more damage the lower their karma value was. In turn, as their targets’ karma increased, it would do less or no damage to them.
Summon Angel 7th tier. A 7th tier spell that allows one to summon angels such as Dominion Authority
Undeath Army A 7th tier spell that can summon a huge horde of undead.

8th Tier

Spells Description
Aspect of Elemental It’s an eighth tier druid spell that gave resistances similar to the elementals. It gave immunity towards bad statuses like poison and disease. Other than that, it also nullified critical hits and attacks with similar effects.
Astral Smite An 8th tier spell. It is an attack that is effective against Ethereal beings. This also counts against beings, who are temporarily Ethereal.
Death An 8th tier spell that can be used on a single target each time. Ainz can use it with Silent Magic.
Dimensional Lock An 8th tier spell which lets the user renders the enemy's teleportation and transfer magic unusable. Demiurge possessed it as a skill that can only be used by the highest-ranking devils or angels.
Distort Moral An 8th tier spell.
Energy Drain An 8th tier spell from his specialty of necromancy. It was a spell that drained the opponent’s levels, granting the user various benefits depending on the amount of levels drained.
Explosion In the Web Novel, it is considered to be an 8th tier spell.[9]
Insanity An 8th tier spell.
Planer Eye In the Web Novel, it was an 8th tier divination spell, used for reconnaissance. Through performing a large ritual, the Slane Theocracy were able to conduct this spell to observe Nazarick. However, it was not strong enough to counter Nazarick's defence systems.
Remote Viewing An 8th tier spell that casts an Arcane Eye that allows a person to view distant objects far away from where the person is currently located.
Wave of Pain An 8th tier spell.

9th Tier

Spells Description
Bless of Titania A 9th tier spell that summoned forth a tiny fairy. The fairy queen beside him would take them along the least dangerous path. Ainz can use the spell with Extend Magic.
Call Greater Thunder It is the most advanced single-target lightning spell of the 9th tier. An enormous thunderbolt is created and fused from multiple strands of lightning that can pierce through their target.
Crack In The Ground A 9th tier divine spell which causes the ground to split open, creating a fissure that gripped the foe’s leg as an entrapment.
Elemental Form A 9th tier spell that has similar effects to the 8th tier spell Aspect of Elemental.
God's Eye A 9th Tier spell that casted an intangible and invisible eye. its range was far greater than [Remote Viewing] and it could also pass through obstacles like walls. While this spell was excellent for spying, you couldn’t say that it was the absolute best there was. Though it was invisible, it could easily be detected by second-tier detection spells. Plus, even though it was intangible, if it was destroyed in an attack, the caster would receive damage as feedback. Since this was also considered divination, the opponent could find his location through anti-divination measures or an attack could come flying over if it triggered any automated defenses.
Grasp Heart A 9th tier spell in which the caster grabs and crushes their opponent's heart, causing instant death to them. Even if the target resists, they instead become stupefied or stun as a secondary effect. This is said by Ainz to be his favorite spell.
Greater Rejection A 9th tier spell that cancels the target's attempt to use Greater Summon.
Lead of Yatagarasu A 9th tier spell that created a three-legged crow. The Yatagarasu guided players along the shortest path to the heart of the dungeon. Ainz can use the spell with Extend Magic.
Nuclear Blast When used with Maximize Magic, this 9th tier spell was powerful enough to entirely consume the space between the user and their target in an instant. However, the user will also be caught in the range of the spell's attack. The spell does composite damage (half fire, half bludgeoning) and it was one of the weaker 9th tier spells in terms of damage. Nonetheless, it had a very large area of effect to the point that if the surrounding buildings are present, those large objects would have been swept away in the middle of that explosion. In that respect, the spell was superior to almost all others as it can generate all kinds of negative status effects. This includes poisoning, blindness, deafness, and so on. Anything of the Evil Lord's level would be able to resist it with their raw statistics alone. It possessed a very powerful knockback effect. Ainz stated that he could even cast this spell with Widen Magic to increase the area and range of its effect if need be.
Perfect Unknowable A 9th tier spell used to make the user invisible to the naked eye. It can also erase one's traces and sounds including the pitch of the user's voice from being heard, making the magic caster very difficult to detect if they did not have very high-level thief-type job classes.
Polar Claw A claw that emitted air as chilled as the poles clawed at the target. It had no secondary effects but dealt a lot of damage, the highest DPS of any ice-based spell in fact.
Tempest A 9th tier spell that allows one to create intense storms with high velocity rain and winds that can do damage to lower level opponents and block an enemies vision. It can also be used to clear other visions obstructing spells like the fog casted by Ainz scroll during his fight with Decem Hougan
Temporal Stasis A single-target spell that could prevent the opponent from moving. It also prevented them from taking any damage while the spell lasted. That was why it was usually used when there were multiple hostiles.
True Death A 9th tier instant death spell, which invalidates the effect of lower-tier resurrection magic.
True Resurrection A 9th tier spell, which is capable of reviving the dead. It could resurrect low-leveled beings like Neia Baraja without turning them into ashes during the process, but they will still lose some levels along the way.
Vermilion Nova A 9th tier spell. It is an attack targeting the opponent with a pillar of flame while dealing fire-based type of damage. Ainz considered it be the highest-level, super-tier magic notwithstanding, single-target anti-personnel fire-element attack spell that he is capable of. This spell could be used in combination with both Triplet Magic and Maximize Magic together.

10th Tier

Spells Description
Armageddon - Evil A 10th tier spell that summons an army of demons. According to the standards of YGGDRASIL players, said demons are not considered to be strong. Since demonic summons has the tendency to go berserk, the spell usually used to obtain sacrifices for rituals and skills.
Armageddon - Good A 10th tier spell.
Body of Effulgent Beryl A 10th tier spell that reduced the effectiveness of bludgeoning attacks against its subject while it was in effect, and it could completely negate one instance of bludgeoning damage after it was cast.
Body of Effulgent Aquamarine A 10th tier spell that reduced the effectiveness of piercing attacks against its subject while it was in effect, and it could completely negate one instance of piercing damage after it was cast.


Body of Effulgent Heliodor A 10th tier spell that reduced the effectiveness of slashing attacks against its subject while it was in effect, and it could completely negate one instance of slashing damage after it was cast.
Control Amnesia A 10th tier spell that grants the user some degree of control over the target's memories. Attempting to master new techniques, Ainz has done several experiments on lab rats like CZ2128_Delta while he practiced using the spell multiple times. To some degree, if used on an NPC, he is able to manipulate information that originated from the NPC's backstory set by their creator.
Create Fortress A 10th tier spell that summons forth a mighty fortress or a 30 meters tall tower out of thin air. In YGGDRASIL, anyone on the same team could open those doors with a touch. All others would have to break them down.
Field of Unclean A 10th tier spell.
Implosion It is a 10th tier spell that causes the target to collapse or burst inward.
Mercy of Shorea Robusta A 10th tier Druid spell with a high mana drain similar to reality slash it has 3 known effects when casted:
  • First, for a limited period of time, it would gradually recover HP. However, the recovery rate was trivial and so it was hard to call it useful for people at a higher level range.
  • The second one was absolute immunity against instant death.
  • the third effect, automatically resurrected the target when their HP reached 0 and died. This would not cause a drop in levels from resurrection. The trigger condition of HP going to 0 made it useless against deaths that weren’t caused by damage like those by drowning, but it was still a very useful spell. That said, they would be at low health upon resurrection, so they were very likely to die anyway after a few hits. Still, there were a lot of cases where people were saved by this spell. Incidentally, it could avoid death from Ainz’s ultimate skill, The Goal of All Life is Death as this spell was considered resurrection magic. In that case, however, the spell would end even if there was still some active time left. It was because the spell would be dispelled after it activated the resurrection portion.
Mirror World Guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown used illusion magic of the highest tier, the [Mirror World] spell, to create a hemispherical screen which enclosed them. One could observe the outside world from inside the bubble without any problems, but from the outside, the inhabitants of the barrier were invisible, and people outside would only see the background. Aside from making the user harder to detect, the spell could also reflect a certain proportion of attacks directed at the occupants within.
Mist of Super Acid An AoE spell that creates a mist of strong acid that engulf the target. After being surrounded by the mist, the target will not only sustained damage by it but also their equipment and weapons as well, albeit only a small amount of damage to those.
Meteor Fall A 10th tier spell which causes a falling meteor to fall from the sky with shimmering light, which blinds onlookers temporarily. The meteor rips through the air and hit its intended target, then creates a burst of explosion upon contact. As a result, the massive explosion created by the meteor was able to flatten everything it touches and pulverized any surrounding targets.
Nature's Shelter It is a 10th tier divine spell which can summon forth a bunker from the earth. The inside of the shelter gives the illusion of an endless sky.
Reality Slash A 10th tier spell that is top class in damage dealing, but consumes a lot of mana. The spell is considered to be a lesser version of 'World Break'. By using "Triplet Maximize Magic," Ainz creates three attacks that slashed space itself. It is capable of cleaving through the very fabric of space, and a hit from this powerful attack spell could disregard virtually any form of magical defense.
Seven Trumpeter A 10th tier divine spell
Stream of Lava A 10th tier, divine spell that deals fire-type damage.
Summon Monster 10th Shalltear uses this spell to call forth a high-tier monster.
Summon Undead 10th The user utilizes a spell to conjure forth a powerful undead being under one's command. A Doom Lord can be summoned using this spell.
Time Stop A 10th tier spell that stops the enemy for a specific amount of time. No attacks would work or can be made use of while time was stopped. This spell is applicable with Silent Magic.
Ultimate Disturb A 10th tier spell that increases an ally's magic resistance rapidly, at the price of wrecking their ability to cast spells.
Uriel A 10th tier spell that deals fire-type damage. It was the kind of spell that could be learned by a magic caster of any type as long as the requirements to learn it were met. However, this spell only did its listed damage when cast by a magic caster with a maxed-out positive karma value. Its damage decreased as one’s karma value decreased. For Ainz with negative karma value, it would do less damage than a first-tier spell.

Unranked Tier Spells

Spells Description
Acid Javelin Fires a bolt of caustic acid towards an enemy.
Acid Splash A spell that launches a pool of acid at a targeted area.
Alarm As the name suggested, it was a spell of warning that would trigger if anything trespassed on their camp. However, it only had a small area of effect.
All Appraisal Magic Item Besides identifying the target item, this spell would even tell its caster about a magic item’s creator and manufacturer.
All Greater Heal A spell that that heals multiple allies' health.
Anti-Life Cocoon
Anti-Information Magic Wall It is a type of spell that prevents surveillance by others.
Appraisal Magic Item Identifies the item in which the spell is cast upon.
Black Hole A spell that cast a void which would absorb the enemy inside.
Bless of Magic Caster
Bless Weapon
Blindness A spell that makes your opponent temporarily blind.
Breath Ward


Brilliant Radiance Offensive spell, purifying the target with holy light.
Cacophonous Burst An Attack spell used to create explosive sound waves that is very effective against elemental enemies in particular those of the Earth Element.
Call The Lightning Lord A summoning spell.
Charge of Stalagmite
Charm Person The spell could be caused by the charmed target to see the user as their best friend. And as their friend, the user's words had a certain amount of effect on that person. However, since this was only a low-level charm spell, it could not brain-wash the target.
Complete Invisibility It was a spell that was far superior to 'Invisibility.' Ainz would be completely invisible to anyone unless they used specialized magic to see him. The highest-ranked undead could even see through this spell's effect.
Complete Vision Through Widen Magic, the spell could pierce and see through the fog up to a distance of 200 meters ahead of the user.
Conceal Life
Conflict Karma
Counter Detect
Continual Light A spell that is capable of summoning a magic light. The brightness of the magic light could be roughly adjusted to the caster's whim.
Copy A spell that allows to copy from the original to a new copy with the exact details as the original.
Cry of the Banshee AoE Spell which can cause Instant Death. When used as 'Widen Magic,' it affected an area of 100 Meters around the Caster.
Crystal Dagger A spell used to create an even larger crystal dagger unlike the one before while then appearing in mid-air and shot out. This dagger did purely physical damage and could not be resisted. On top of this, by further applying special magic skills, it is able to break through defenses easily.
Crystal Monitor
Crystal Wall A spell that creates a wall made of earth-element crystals.
Cure Moderate Wounds
Cure Poison
Elephant Ear A Spell that enhances one's hearing.
Evil Eye A spell that lets you select an ability from the different gaze effects.
Dance In order to activate it, the owner of the weapon imbued with this spell must use their mind to give it orders. However, it was impossible to command a floating weapon to do anything other than simple movements if one was in the middle of a fight with their life on the line.
Dark It is not as powerful as the single-target [True Dark] spell, but can still dish out none-type damage with the element of darkness nonetheless.
Dark Vision A spell that grants the user night vision abilities.
Darkness A spell made to conceal the brightness of the flames, but not the fire itself.
Death Mask A spell which can defend a caster from gaze attacks while strengthening the feat effect caused by the user.
Delay Teleportation A spell that can briefly hinder teleportation effects that had their destination near the caster, buying them several seconds of time, which the caster would typically use to flee or prepare an attack. In addition, the spell also informed the caster of how many beings would be teleporting into their vicinity. It's effective against Greater Teleportation. Ainz could use this spell with Widen Magic.
Detect Enchant Detects and analyses the type of magic in which the spell cast upon.
Detect Life This spell is used to identify whether the target is alive or dead.
Detect Locate
Detect Magic The spell is used to detect magical traps or magic items that are hidden in the midst of the user's presence.
Detect Poison
Detect Undead It is a spell used by the caster to identify whether the target is an undead or not.


Discern Enemy This spell allows the user to identify the enemy's estimated level.
Disease A spell that could cause illness.
Distant Vision A spell that would display what it saw on a flat, magical screen. The screen could also be expanded or shrunken at will.
Dominate It was a stronger spell than [Charm Person] as it could manipulate a person according to the caster’s will.
Draconic Power
Dragon Earth
Drifting Master Mine A mine that, as the name implies, "drifts" and locks on to targets that enter its range.
Drown It was a spell that infused the lungs with water. It was a magic that progressed in a countdown. It was useless towards those that had the ability to breathe underwater. There was a long-delayed before it was able to cause the death of the target. In Yggdrasil, it was not terrifying magic, as there were ways to counter it.
Earth Bind By using this spell, numerous chains are created from mud and then flew at the target to bind it.
Earth Master A Defense buff spell used to defend against Earth Elemental enhanced abilities and/or spells.
Earth Surge A spell that moves the earth to form high columns of earth and dirt that can be used to block and defend against attacks.
Earthquake It would destroy all above-ground structures as well as underground facilities within this spell's area range of effect. People within said structures would largely be crushed to death or buried alive. A magically-induced earthquake could not affect things outside of the spell’s range, so people hiding in houses in other areas would not notice. The sound of collapsing buildings and the wails of people dying was another matter entirely.
Eat Untidy
Emerald Sarcophagus
Energy Immunity - Electricity
Energy Immunity - Fire
Explode Mine Trap magic that explodes when it is near the enemy. Through Triplet Maximize Magic, it can create three large explosions.
Explosive Talisman A talisman that causes a violent explosion. It boasts enough firepower to send enemies flying upon impact.
Falling Control A spell designed to slow down a person falling speed to prevent fall damage from occurring.
False Cover
False Data: Life The spell gives the user the ability to fake his/her HP.
False Data: Mana The spell gives the user the ability to fake his/her MP.
Fire Arrow
Field of Force
Fire Rain
Fire Storm A divine area-effect attack spell.
Flames of Gehenna A spell which creates an illusion, spitting tongues of crimson flame towards the sky. The wall of illusionary flames sway like a veil and encircles an area like a girdle. Ainz stated that it has effects that allow demons standing inside the fire benefit from improved attributes. This includes the demons' negative-karma spells will do more damage, item drop rates will increase, and many other effects.
Flash A spell that causes the caster's body to emit bright, searing light.
Floating Eye
Fog Cloud A bank of fog that covers up the surrounding.
Force Explosion Sends an invisible shockwave towards the target.
Force Sanctuary
Fox Sleep An illusion spell that activates after being injured, tricking the target into thinking the user is out of commission.
Fragrance A spell that is able to erase a user's body odor.
Gate Summons a portal, allowing travel of a large number of people over great distances. It had no limits on distance and a 0% chance of teleport mishaps. It is considered to be the highest tier of teleportation magic.
Ghost Sound Produces sounds that can confuse or mislead people.
Grand Catastrophe As Ulbert's trump card, it is an ultimate move which requires 60% of his mana. Its destructive power outstripped the might of even super-tier spells. This spell is capable of wiping out five level 87 Primal Elementals, which should have been at full health, were instantly annihilated.
Gravity Maelstrom A spiraling black ball of gravity. Ainz uses a Maximize Magic type through it.
Greater Break Item This spell is seemingly capable of destroying a magical item.
Greater Full Potential
Greater Hardening
Greater Lethal A divine spell with very powerful healing which involved channeling vast quantities of negative energy. It is the most powerful healing spell that Shalltear could cast on herself to greatly heal her HP.
Greater Luck
Greater Magic Accumulation
Greater Magic Seal A spell which "stores" the Spell cast afterward and releases it upon command.
Greater Magic Shield
Greater Magic Vision
Greater Resistance
Green Chain A type of binding spell.
Grow Plant


Hand of Glory A spell that can be used in two ways.
Harden Steel This spell increased the intended target's offensive power.
Heavenly Aura
Hold of Ribs A spell that restricts a target's movement with bones and can deeply piece it through their flesh.
Holy Fire A spell that can be done through performing a special ritual.
Hypnotism A spell that hypnotizes a target
Ice Pillar By activating this spell, the user could sprout two pillars of ice.
Indomitability A spell that temporarily renders the caster invisible or undetectable to conventional vision.
Infinity Wall
Iron Hammer of Righteousness
Last Holy War A grand ritual spell imbued in the Holy Queen, Calca Bessarez's Crown.
Lesser Protection Energy This spell reduced energy damage.
Life Essence The spell allows the caster to view the health values of an enemy.
Lightning Bird Swarm Talisman Shoots numerous birds formed by lightning, that are smaller than that of the Lightning Bird Talisman. These can be used to make an area-of-effect attack.
Lightning Bird Talisman Shoots a bird formed by lightning. It is a talisman that flies toward its intended target after transforming in midair into a bird that discharges pale shocks. It emits blinding light and deals electric damage.
Lightning Bolt This spell creates bluish-white lightning created that can pierce its intended target.
Lightning Claw A spell that casts a stroke of electricity in the shape of a beast talons through the air and does electric damage to an intended target.
Lightweight Cargo A spell that allows cargo weight to be much lighter than it actually is.
Lion's Heart The spell provides only a single target with complete resistance to fear.
Magic Boost
Magic Caster's Blessing
Magic Destruction Destroys an object made by magic. The success rate of this spell was directly dependent on the spell-casting ability of its caster.
Magic Shield
Magic Ward: Holy
Magic Ward: Fire
Magic Weapon This spell could temporarily enchant a person's weapon with magic and increase its sharpness.
Mana Essence Identifies MP of the target.
Mantle of Chaos
Mass Cure Light Wounds Shasuryu can cast the healing spell with Over Magic.
Mass Dominate Person A spell which brainwashes multiple foes simultaneously to do the user's bidding.
Mass Fly The spell gives a group of people the ability to fly.
Mass Hold Species Constricts a large number of creatures, rendering them unable to move.
Mass Middle Cure Wounds A low tier healing spell used to cure certain wounds for a wider range of targets.
Mass Silence
Mass Slow A superior version of the single-target spell, [Slow] as it is capable of slowing down the movement of multiple enemies rather than one. It is an AoE spell.
Mass Targeting
Middle Cure Wound A low tier healing spell used to cure certain wounds.
Middle Healing
Mind of Undeath A spell that protects the target from mind-affecting magic.
Mind Protection
Mud Arrow
Multiple Vision Succulent can make illusionary copies of himself.
Negative Burst Sent out a burst of a sphere of negative energy from around the caster's body.
Nuclear Mine
Obsidian Sword Creates a large obsidian sword that will lock on to a target and hone in like a missile. It was incredibly difficult to destroy a sword made of magic with a physical attack. By using "Triple Maximize Magic," Ainz can summon about three swords that gave off a black light while floating in midair. The Obsidian Sword constructs could only be used as an offensive tool and could not be used to defend oneself. That was because the obsidian swords suffered from a mass loss of durability if used to receive an opponent’s attack. If used defensively, the swords’ durability would rapidly diminish until they shatter.
Open Wounds A spell that worsens wounds.
Oracle In the Web Novel, it was a spell used to communicate with the Divine.
Paralysis Causes paralysis in the target, limiting or preventing them of physical movement, though slight physical functions are still possible, such as turning their head or speaking.
Paranormal Intuition
Penetrate Up
Perfect Illusion Ainz states this spell could defy all five senses.
Perfect Warrior The spell allows Ainz to convert his magic caster levels into an equivalent number of warrior levels. By using that spell, he could temporarily become a half-baked level 100 warrior. It also carried the benefit of being able to use certain pieces of arms and armor that would normally require specific job classes to access without penalty. This would include freely utilizing any weapons and it's abilities shown during his fight with Shalltear. However, there were many drawbacks to that spell. The first weakness was that he could not cast other spells while the magic was in effect. In addition, he would not gain any special warrior skills from the spell, and his recalculated ability scores would be lower than an actual warrior. Secondly, sustaining the transformation spell and other magic would both lower his mana and mana recovery rates to zero. This form was enough when matching blades with second-rate combatants like priests and the like, but he would stand no chance of winning against an opponent who was a dedicated warrior.
Phase Door
Piercing Cacophonous A type of buffing spell.
Piercing Wind Talisman
Poison Bomb A single-target spell that deals poisonous damage to one foe.
Power of Gaia It offers increase defence from attacks when casted on themselves or others as well as increase one's own and allies strength and attack power.
Preserve A Spell that allows to preserve food items without the fear of rotting or decaying allowing food supplies to last for a long time.
Preservation When used on either a potion or a person's corpse, it could preserve the intended target's quality no matter how much it aged over time without getting degraded.
Protection Energy - Electricity Provides limited protection from electric attacks.
Protection Energy - Fire Provides limited protection from fire attacks.
Protection Energy - Ice Provides limited protection from ice attacks.
Protection from Evil
Ray of Negative Energy An offensive spell, calling forth a beam of dark power that can heal undead but prove harmful to the living.
Regenerate Provides slow healing over time.
Region Petrification
Reinforce Armor A spell that raises the target's defense.
Repel Undeath A spell that creates a barrier to ward off the low-level undead.
Resistance from Natural Weapons
Resist Break Decrease the foe's Magical resistance.
Resist Weakening A spell designed to buff someone to be able to resist their weakening condition.
Run Wild Magic Level
Run Wild Magic Range
Retracognition In the Web Novel, it is a spell used to perceive the target's past.
Reverse Gravity A spell that temporarily reverses the gravitational pull in a target area.
Sanctuary Protection
Sand Field: One
Sandman's Sand A spell that causes a deeper sleep than the spell Sleep. One would wake up from just a shake for Sleep but wouldn't open their eyes unless they receive damage if it was Sandman’s Sand.
Scare Induces fear into the opponent.
Scintillating Scotoma Creating an illusionary arm while the real arm is invisible.
See Invisibility A spell that allows a user to bypass the effect of a casted Invisibility spell on themselves.
See Through
Sense Enemy
Sensor Boost
Shard Buck Shots A spell used to create many crystals smaller than the size of a fist shot out in a scattered pattern. These are crystal fragments which sharp front ends. Originally, it would be used in close-quarter combat to inflict enormous harm.
Sharks Cyclone A spell that invokes a tornado (100 meters high and with a 50-meter diameter). Within the tornado lie 6 meter long sharks waiting to devour anyone unlucky enough to be sucked inside.
Sharp Cutting Talisman A talisman with the effect of slicing up an opponent's body.
Shield Wall It creates an invisible barrier around the target.
Shielding Prayer Increases the magic attack of all allies and decreases magic damage taken.
Shockwave Ainz used this spell with Maximize Magic.
Sleep to the Undead A spell which triggers a chance to destroy the undead without turn resistance in a single hit.
Smite Evil
Sodom's Fire and Brimstone An AoE Fire-type Magical Attack that deals damage to multiple foes.
Soften Steel This spell decreased the intended target's defensive strength.
Spell Tattoo As the user chanted the keywords for activating this spell, their tattoos began to leak light from the person's body. It seems to physically enhanced but harness strength from the user's body.
Spiral of Death A ritual that will allow the user to become an Elder Lich.
Spirit Killing Deals magic damage to one foe increased damage to spirits.
Strengthen Self Entoma improves her physical abilities with this talisman while simultaneously enhancing her combat ability by equipping herself with different bug-like weapons. The talisman activates when she sticks it to her body.
Summon Primal Air Elemental A spell that summons a Primal Air Elemental.
Summon Primal Earth Elemental A spell that summons a Primal Earth Elemental.
Summon Primal Fire Elemental A spell that summons a Primal Fire Elemental.
Summon Primal Star Elemental A spell that summons a Primal Star Elemental.
Summon Primal Water Elemental A spell that summons a Primal Water Elemental.
Thousand Bone Lance A spell that throws an uncountable amount of bone spears at the target.
Time Accelerator Increase the speed, but the user cannot attack under the effects of the spell.
Translocation Damage A defensive spell that turns physical damage into mana loss.
Transmutation Spell A spell that can briefly allow the user to change into another specie to improve their physical attributes.
True Dark Deals none-type damage with darkness.
Turn Undead Repels or exorcises undead targets depending on the difference of strength between the caster and the targets.
Twine Plant Summons vines from the ground to entangle targeted opponents, immobilizing them.
Undead Avoidance A spell which protects the caster from undead without intelligence.
Undead Flame Surrounds the target in an aura of mystical flames made of negative energy which will engulf the enemy when they make contact.
Undead Form As an advanced version of [Mind of Undeath], this spell could briefly grant its target various properties of the undead, both beneficial and baneful.


Undeath Slave Sight A spell used on specific kinds of undead the user summoned. A small window appeared in the corner of Momonga’s field of vision, allowing him to see through that undead's eye sockets.
Under Divine Flag The spell provided complete immunity to fear, affecting everyone in a sphere around the caster. It is a spell that was centered on the paladin who had cast it, which meant that its effect were strongest when many people were bunched up within its effective radius.
Veil of Moon A defensive-type spell which grants the user immaterial magical barrier around itself.
Wall of Protection from Arrows
Wall of Skeleton Creates a wall of skeletons that can move and fight to a certain degree. Ainz can use it with Widen Magic and ECDL With Triple Magic.


Wall of Stone Surrounds the user with stone walls, protecting them from damage.
Water Splash A ball of water that is shot out at the intended target.
Web Ladder Upon activation of this spell, a spider web spread up the wall. This magical spider web had a strange stickiness about it. If one didn’t want to move, it would stick in place, but if one wanted it to move, it would let go immediately. It was magic perfectly suited to use in place of a ladder.
Woodland Stride
Word of Curse
YGGDRASIL Collection AoE HP Recovery used to heal multiple allies.


  • In the Web Novel, regarding YGGDRASIL, it was said that 3000 spells cannot be changed or made with the use of creator tools.[16]
  • Spells of the same tier rank can be more powerful when cast by a stronger magic caster than a weaker caster.[17]
  • 0th tier spells seem to be apparently native to the New World while it being non-existent in YGGDRASIL.[18]
  • In the New World, there is the Nameless Book of Spells which records spells from old to new ones created into the grimoire.[19]
  • Cardinals from the Slane Theocracy refer to Super-Tier Magic as the 11th tier even though it is not one by YGGDRASIL standard.[20]
  • Metamagic is known to be used by different users in the Overlord series for enhancing their tier spells.[21]
  • There are some spells like Fireball that can enchant items like the Stiletto weapon to be used later or through the Wand. This would even include the Magic Scrolls or Sealing Crystals too for that matter.[22]
  • In the New World, Humanoids' highest tier usage has been confirmed to be up to the 6th Tier. On the other hand, Demi-Humans' highest confirmed tier access is up to the 5th Tier. Meanwhile, Heteromorphs such as undead have managed to reach up to the 8th tier although that is hidden from public knowledge.
  • In YGGDRASIL, certain spells and skills that deal damage are affected by karma values.[23]
  • Copper seems to hinder low-level scrying spells, hence some nobles coat their office with plates of copper.[24]
  • Specific magic casters used Dimensional Lock or Dark Vision as a spell while particular races like angels used them as a skill. In other words, both the spell and skill's effect works one or the same way as one another's counterpart. Despite the similarity they happen to share between the two, there are certain restrictions for accessing each one of them.


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