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Tia (ティア) is an adamantite ranked adventurer and a member of Blue Roses. She is also the triplet sister of Tina and Tira.


Tia has a slender body figure and dresses in light clothes and armor for the purpose of speed and stealth. Like her twin sister Tina, they both share exactly the same features and attire, the difference between them are the color of their ribbons. Tia's is blue whereas Tina's is red.


Raised as an assassin, the loss of human life almost never affected her emotionally. However, after joining Lakyus, she gradually developed feelings for her fellow members of Blue Roses.


Both she and her sister were raised in the arts of an assassin and never trusted anyone, but themselves only. They were once tasked to assassinate Lakyus. However, they failed as she had proved herself more than an easy target. After tailing Lakyus in an attempt to discover and exploit any weakness of hers they could utilize to execute their assassination, they eventually decided during this time that the life of an adventurer suits them better.


The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Together with her sister Tina, the stealthy pair raided a drug production village belonging to Eight Fingers. After a thorough cleanup of the facility, the two set fire to the fields ones that were being used to grow the drug beforehand, razing the facility to the ground and removing any trace of the Blue Roses involvements with its destruction. During their infiltration, the pair retrieved several documents which they had deemed to be the only items of import for their Mission. After this, they return to the other members of Blue Rose. Leaving the vicinity soon afterward.[1]

Later on, she partnered up with both Gagaran and Evileye in order to defeat Entoma. As a result of their strong team cooperation, they nearly succeeded in killing her. This was stopped by the arrival of Jaldabaoth, who managed to save Entoma before the three of them could deal the finishing blow. Shortly afterward, she was killed along with Gagaran by Jaldabaoth's Hellfire Wall.[2]

Along the way, Tia and Gagaran were soon revived by Lakyus. Despite the drain in their strength, they still resolve to join the fight against the demon army that was attacking the Re-Estize Kingdom.[3] After the attack was over, Tia was present along with the other Blue Rose Members to bid farewell to Momon after the whole crisis had passed.[4]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

In a conversation between Renner and Blue Roses, it is known that Lakyus is helping Gagaran and Tia to recover the experience they lost when they got killed by Jaldabaoth, by constantly placing themselves in danger.[5]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

The twins are present in the meeting with the delegates from the Roble Holy Kingdom along with the other members of Blue Roses where they asked for Neia's name noticing she doesn't have the body of a warrior. Because of their mischievous nature, both she and her twin sister then resorted to making jokes regarding Gagaran's unique huge physique by comparing it to Neia Baraja. It's unclear who did it, but Evileye signaled to one of the twins including Tia to examine the small pouch of money handed over to them by the envoy Gustav. It is their job to check and see if the small pouch actually contained the expected amount by throwing it up and catching it to feel the weight sensationally.

When Evileye drew the identity of Jaldabaoth on paper to Remedios, it was either one of the twins like Tia who snatched back the former's drawing and tore it in half. While Evileye was furious and distracted about what one of them did, the other twin took the chance to snatch away the pen in the meantime and drew swiftly on the new piece of paper. One of the twins then showed Evileye their finished drawing of Jaldabaoth which was of far greater quality than the picture drawn by their companion. The twins and Evileye ceased their feuding concerning the drawing of Jaldabaoth and turned back towards Remedios after the paladin confirms that was the demon they fought against at the Holy Kingdom.[6]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Before opening the doors to the inn where the secret meeting arranged between Blue Roses, Red Drop, and their unknown client was held at, Tia and her sister tapped their leader twice on her waist to signal for her to be on alert as they have noticed something. After entering the secret meeting room and seeing that Evileye had done the job of taking out the two women that were with Azuth Aindra, she decided to give the vampire a rough explanation of the methods for how women weaponize their femininity to which her colleague instead ignored and spoke to Lakyus instead. Upon noticing the presence of their clients, she called out to her boss to indicate that their clients have finally arrive to their meeting.

When the 10th Seat of the Black Scripture revealed his hidden presence to them, Tia and her twin sister were the first to be left utterly shocked by how that assassin appears out of nowhere unnoticed by them. As a result, she and her twin immediately drew their weapon out of caution due to the fact that a new guest having suddenly appear before them, acknowledging the latter to be an assassin who is far stronger than the two.[7]

Although the capital Re-Estize is already surrounded by the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces, Tia and the rest of the members from Blue Roses met up with Renner, Climb, and Brain in the palace. Once Evileye suggests Lakyus that they have enough time to drink some cup of tea together, Tia follows along with her ploy. Tia decides to steep and pour a drink of tea for Lakyus why the latter talks with Renner. Tia guaranteed to Lakyus that the tea will be richer than she could dream of, causing the latter to believe that they are really looking to drink Renner's tea out of kindness for the princess who offered it to them.

After pouring five servings of tea, Tia swung the Warm Bottle around as if to emphasize the fact that it was empty. Tia then signals to her sister Tina to drag Brain Unglaus out of the room for the time being as Evileye, and Gagaran will take care of the rest until she makes a return. Leaving Brain to Tina to take care of, Tia heads back to the room alone with the Warm Bottle. She reasons with Lakyus that the other two who are not here with her are looking for desserts to pair with the tea.

Upon seeing her leader drink the tea and the drug effect finally kicking in, she with Gagaran immediately spring into action and start repeatedly throwing heavy jabs at the defenseless Lakyus without any equipment to protect herself. While Lakyus is weakened by whatever effect the drug has on her and before getting the chance to use magic, Tia and Gagaran continues hitting their leader simultaneously until the latter became weak and injured enough to be affected by Evileye's spell, [Charm Person]. To make this happen, Tia impaled Lakyus with a few spiky needles as the air was knocked out of the latter, rendering her leader unable to breathe.

Tia admits that she had been making careful observations for quite a while now, looking for ways to neutralize Lakyus. She mutters to Lakyus that normal methods would be resisted by the latter, so a combination of magic and poison would have to be used altogether against her to ensure she is in a weaken state. Tia doubts that someone like Lakyus would even be capable of resisting the effect of multiple poisons simultaneously. When she finally did her job, Tia leave it to Evileye to finish her off with the [Charm Person] spell so that they could carry out their escape plan without being opposed by their leader.

After Lakyus was under Evileye's mind-control and starts healing herself, Tia was instructed by Evileye to not do anything rash that may ruin their plan. Hence, Tia decided not to pull out the needles she had impale inside her leader's body due to the likelihood that the pain of taking it out would result in dispelling the mind-control spell and causing Lakyus to turn hostile. Once Lakyus is fully healed and remove the needles herself, Tia and the other members awaited her sister's return to the room. After Tina came back, Tia and the rest of Blue Roses depart with their leader to go and retrieve her equipment in the inn before teleporting away from the Royal Capital.[8]

Abilities and Powers

As a former assassin, Tia is skilled in espionage, stealth, tracking, and assassinations. She is also well versed in a number of poisons and other substances of the like.

Job Classes


  • Bursting Flame Column: A ninjutsu skill used by Tia to seemingly create a self-imploding explosion with flames.
  • Dark Crossing: A ninjutsu skill used by Tia to teleport from one shadow to another one nearby.
  • Hide Shadow: A ninjutsu skill used by Tia to hide in a shadow to avoid detection.
  • Immobility Binding Paralysis: A ninjutsu skill used by Tia to temporarily immobilize a single target.
  • Immovable Adamantine Shield: A ninjutsu skill used by Tia to create a large shield radiating with multiple colors to appear in front of her.
  • Shadow Clone: A ninjutsu skill used by Tia to create a clone of herself. The clone has one-quarter of the original body’s battle power. However, only the shadow’s evading ability was determined by the amount of magic power granted to it by the main body.

Main Equipment

  • Vampire Blade: A dagger that can suck the blood of the victim leaving no evidence of a murder.
  • Poisoned Needles: During their plan to forcibly evacuate their leader, Lakyus out of the Re-Estize Kingdom during its Fall, Tia was shown to possess at least several miniature poisoned needles laced with at least five different types of poison that she used to forcibly weaken Lakyus enough to forcibly escape with her and their team.



Tia's twin sister, a fellow "ninja" and adamantite adventurer of Blue Rose.

Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra

Tia and her sister were originally supposed to assassinate Lakyus. However, they ended up failing. They decided to follow her in order to learn her weaknesses. After some time, they decided to quit being assassins and become adventurers instead, joining Lakyus' team. Tia now considers her a good friend and trusted teammate. She and her sister often refers to Lakyus as "boss."

However despite their friendship and her now working together as Adamantite Adventurers and going on numerous quests and journeys together, Tia was shown to still analyze and study Lakyus for weaknesses to successfully kill her out of habit as an assassin. This was the case where they silently scheme to force Lakyus to escape with them during the final stages of the Sorcerer Kingdom's invasion against the Re-Estize Kingdom without her noticing bore falling into their trap. Tia was shown to have successfully come up with the accurate deduction that in order to weaken Lakyus enough and remove and thin out her natural resistances, they would need to first have her be unequipped without her high level items and equipment, have her guard completely lowered, poison her with at least five-widely different poisons and then physically weaken her enough with physical attacks to render her weak enough to be affected by mind control magic.


Tia risked her life to fight alongside Gagaran against Jaldabaoth. After being resurrected, the two of them have been training to regain their strength.


Evileye risked her life to help Gagaran and Tia fight a masked maid. She tried to sacrifice herself to give the two of them time to escape from Jaldabaoth.


  • In the Web Novel, she and her twin sister were members of Ijaniya. It is stated she is wickedly shotacon.


  • (About Gagaran): "Surprisingly, it seems that the blood flowing through Gagaran really is red."
  • (To Evileye): "We were trained to do those things back then as well. Women who were not gifted in raw power or arcane talents could only resort to weaponizing their femininity. Though Gagaran cannot relate at all, I’ll still explain their methods. First—"
  • (To both Renner and Climb about Lakyus): "Defending the capital was evil boss' decision anyways. We were against it deep down from the start."


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