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Throne of Bones (骨の玉座) is a tentative name for a bone-crafted throne by Demiurge as a gift to his master, Ainz Ooal Gown.


One of the many artistic works that Demiurge dabbled in as a hobby. Though crafting belonged to the Craftsman Job Class, since there didn't exist a Furniture Craftsman Class, Demiurge is able to bypass this restriction. Also, his skill in carpentry is a result from his creator Ulbert Alain Odle.[1]


The throne was a white-colored chair. It had a high back, about six meters tall, and looked very solid. Due to the exquisite craftsmanship that had gone into its construction, it easily qualified as a work of art.[2]


Its construction was similar to "timber-framing" or building a house without nails. In this case, Demiurge's technique could be called "bone-frame construction," which involved inserting various bones from different creatures and snugly putting it into place, as though it had always belonged there. The bones made in its construction came from all sorts of animals. Demiurge utilized the bones of griffins and wyverns when making this throne. Also, the throne's construction seemed to use a lot of human or demi-human bones.


  • Presumably, Demiurge made it in the Abelion Hills while running a ranch alongside Pulcinella to harvest parchment for Magic Scrolls.[3]
  • While it was not stained with blood or flesh and was completely made out of pure white bones, Ainz still imagined that he could smell the gore and would not sit on it. Instead, he used Shalltear Bloodfallen as a chair under the pretense of punishing her for her recent betrayal.[4]
  • In the Web Novel, he eventually sits on the throne after feeling embarrassed from using Shalltear as a seat.[5]
  • In the Web Novel, Demiurge uses this throne as a shrine in place of Ainz Ooal Gown. He and his subordinates at the ranch would bow to it, paying their respects to the Supreme Being.


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