Three Burning Eyes (燃え上がる三眼) was a Guild of information collecting players that played YGGDRASIL.


Back in YGGDRASIL's heyday, Three Burning Eyes was an accredited guild that gained its reputation for uncovering and accumulating many of YGGDRASIL's game secrets. The guild was formed by the owners of a website which charged its members a fee each time for accessing information. Information was usually acquired by sending spies to join other guilds in order to steal information. While this was frowned upon by many guilds, Three Burning Eyes did not see it this way and simply shrugged it off as another method for acquiring intelligence. However, the other guilds that had their information stolen disagreed.


An alliance of these guilds that were robbed, banded together and attacked Three Burning Eyes continuously. The alliance took their base, then secured the resurrection point on their guild base and the one of the nearest city and waited for their enemies to resurrect. Even after the members of the guild re-spawned, the alliance was on them again, PKing them again and again. Eventually, this forced the guild to disband in order to escape from their repeated harassment. Yet in the end, however, it would seem that the guild's last act of spite was allowing free access of information to their website for other players to see. This event gave many players greater insight on the inner workings of YGGDRASIL and also had a profound effect on the recruitment in Ainz Ooal Gown.


The Invaders of The Large Tomb Arc

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Ainz Ooal Gown briefly reminiscences about the efficiency of the information guild as he travels the streets of Arwintar, due to his obstacles in collecting information in the New World, despite his takeover of Eight Fingers.[1]


Very little is said about the strength of its members. It should be noted that the guild dissolved due to pressure from the constant PK, so its quite possible that their stats were about average. But the guild's true power may have been with its extensive spy network. The guild possessed informants and spies within many guilds that reported to their guild of any new developments and secrets discovered about YGGDRASIL.


  • Three Burning Eyes was the reason why Ainz Ooal Gown's membership remained at only forty-one members.
  • Momonga is sure that there weren't any spies of this guild within Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • The players affected submitted a petition to the Game Masters to ban the guild, but the developers saw the espionage as another valid form to collect information.
  • The guild "Three Burning Eyes" was named after the start of a chant for Nyarlathotep.
  • Three Burning Eyes’ origin comes from the Cthulu myth from one part of "The Visageless/Faceless/Notorious God" Nyarlarthotep’s incantation.


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