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    Talking here is better than me just doing a back and forth edit. Anyway, not sure how having True Vampire class would make having the Vampire class redundant, since Shalltear has both. But that detracts from the main problem; if Evileye, not Keno, does not have a maxed Vampire Racial Class, why is the line even there?

    If you want to take away my Vampire class wiki edit, that's fine I guess, but I would like if the line right above that mentions she has levels in both Vampire and True Vampire racial classes was also removed. Since I only put Vampire in because Grimraven put True Vampire in and no one was getting rid of that addition.

    Also, I am perfectly willing to accept I don't know as much as other people on this wiki, but I'd just like an explination why. Like, for example, when you said that her stat sheet in the bonus volume said she only had levels in True Vampire, would that also apply to Evileye or just Keno, her semi-canon counterpart?

    Like, was it confirmed they had the same racial classes, or is there some continuity-exclusivity? I'm not trying to make a fuss, I just want this clarified so I don't make a mistake or upset people.

    So, again, does Evileye only have levels in True Vampire and not also Vampire, or is that just Keno? Because if it's the latter then I'll probably have to delete that line on her wiki that says she does (to clarify, I DIDN'T write that).

    Sorry again if I'm being annoying.

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    • Vampire is not a Race Class its a general classification of a race. Do we put Undead in the Racial Classes? 

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    • Follow the Racial Classes you receive in the Character Sheets

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    • If Vampire is not a Racial Class, why does Shalltear have 10 levels in a Vampire Racial Class seperate from her True Vampire Racial Class?

      And that doesn't clarify my question Keno and Evileye have the exact same Racial Classes.

      So please, if you could explain that to me. Also, can I also ask if Vampire Princess is a Job class or a Racial Class? The Vampire page says it's Evileye's race, while her pages says it's a job.

      I feel like there is a misunderstanding I'm making here due to my lack of knowledge.

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    • Vampire is not a racial class fo her. Why can you not understand that. True Vampire is her racial class. Its in the Character Sheet. 

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    • Are you not listening? Vampire is a subcategory for Undead type monsters. The reason why Vampire is not included in the Racial Classes, is because it is not stated in her Character Sheet under her other version Keno. She became a true vampire bc of the spell she copied fro mthe Elder Coffin Dragon Lord. Hence why he has a True Vampire Dragon Racial Class. Both used the same spell. to transform into undead.

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    • Her Lesser One Racial Class is gain during her experience with Suzuki, and due to the research from Corpus of Abyss. In addition if you follow the precursor of the Light Novel series, the Web Novel, it states that Landfall or Evileye is a True Vampire.

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    • So it's not that Vampire isn't a Racial Class, you are trying to say that Vampire is not in Evileye's stat sheet.

      Okay. Fine. That's all I needed. I wasn't asking if Evileye was either True Vampire or Vampire, just asking if she also had the Vampire Racial Class, since Shalltear has Vampire Racial Class (proving it's a real Racial Class) and that the wiki has a (false) line about Evileye having maxed out Vampire Racial Class in addition to her True Vampire Racial Class.

      Thank you for informing me, and I am sorry for my annoying, ignorant inconvienece.

      I'm going to go delete that Vampire line on Evileye's page, since it's inaccurate. EDIT: Or at least I would, if the page wasn't locked. Looks like I'll have to wait unless you can get rid of that line. 

      And about that Vampire Princess line on the Vampire page? Is it accurate to say that's Evileye's race or not?

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    • Its more of a Job Class as revealed by the Bonus Volume

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