Thirteen Heroes (十三英雄) were legendary figures who appeared two hundred years ago in the New World and fought against the Evil Deities when the world was in total chaos.


Two hundred years earlier, the New World suffered distress from the destruction caused by the Evil Deities. Responding to this calamity, the Thirteen Heroes were formed and fought against the Evil Deities, defeating them one by one. The final enemy they fought in their adventures together was a powerful dragon, once known as the God Dragon.[1]


The Dark Warrior Arc

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The Thirteen Heroes are briefly mentioned by members of the Swords of Darkness, with special attention to the Black Knight and its four swords.[2]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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According to Evileye, she made mentions of the leader of the Thirteen Heroes who started out as the weakest in the group but eventually became the strongest of them all. In addition, she noted that there were actually more than thirteen members in the group. However, people have chosen to ignore those among those numbers as non-human. As such, only certain individuals have been deemed part of the Thirteen Heroes.[3]

At some point in the past, between two members of the Thirteen Heroes clashing, it was said that Rigrit triumphs over Evileye with the help of the adventurer group, Blue Roses.[4]

During a discussion he had with Emperor Jircniv, Fluder Paradyne recalls meeting one of the Thirteen Heroes by the name of Rigrit. Fluder viewed her as the only person who stood out from the rest of the other heroes out there, claiming that she is the best among them in the group.[5]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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Two former members of the Thirteen Heroes, Platinum Dragon Lord, and Rigrit Bers Caurau had met to discuss the new disturbance that had the potential of throwing the world into chaos again.[6]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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As fellow members of the Thirteen Heroes, Evileye had briefly gotten in touch with Rigrit to discuss the news of Sorcerer King's power when he summoned the Dark Young at the Katze Plains.[7]


Considering the power of Evileye and her evaluation of Demiurge, it is clear that most of the heroes were much weaker than level 100 YGGDRASIL characters. In terms of their tier level, Fluder Paradyne has stated that 5th tier magic is the highest capable by the heroes. Additionally, he stated that the Thirteen Heroes were equipped with powerful magical weapons which they received from the last city of the Eight Greed Kings.[8]

Known Members


  • Although dubbed the Thirteen Heroes in the human history, the group was composed of more than just 13 people.
  • One member of the Thirteen Heroes was part of the several YGGDRASIL players who got transported to the New World.
  • In the Web Novel, when children role-played as a member of the Thirteen Heroes, the 2nd or 3rd most popular was the Black Knight who wielded four swords.[9]


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