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The Third Battle of Carne Village was a battle during the Annual War between the inhabitants of Carne Village and a belligerent force of the Re-Estize Kingdom led by Crown Prince Barbro.


During the preparations for the Annual War, King Ramposa III and his court learned about of the self-proclaimed Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown, who would be joining the war on the side of the Baharuth Empire. Demands had been made by the magic caster and that was to have E-Rantel ceded to him, claiming it was standing on the land that once belonged to him long ago and he has come to retake it.

The king asked Gazef Stronoff, his Warrior Captain, for advice regarding the Sorcerer King due to the two having met when the Sunlight Scripture attacked the Re-Estize Kingdom. Gazef warned about the power Ainz possessed and advise to his king to hand over E-Rantel to him. While most of the court scoffed at the idea, the King believed his Warrior Captain and sent his son, Crown Prince Barbro, to Carne Village under the guise of collecting information to keep him safe.

On way to Carne Village, Barbro found himself disgruntled at the meager task entrusted to him. He and his younger brother, Second Prince Zanac, had a long and bitter rivalry over the throne of the Re-Estize Kingdom. While the position of heir had been Barbro's for the longest time, following the Demonic Disturbance, Zanac now had more support. Fearing his birthright would be passed to his brother, the Crown Prince came to the battlefield in hopes of attaining war-merit. However, the meager task he had been entrusted with now only accentuated his fears.

Amidst his anger, Barbro suddenly had an idea: The war was caused by the Sorcerer King's claiming E-Rantel. Thus, if he were to change his mind, the Empire would lose their casus belli and be forced to retreat. To create this outcome, Barbro intended to forcefully draft the inhabitants of Carne Village, who the Sorcerer King seemed to view as his own people, into the Royal Army and have them request the monarch to surrender. Even if the Sorcerer King were to refuse to stand down, it would create an image of him being a tyrant, causing his claim to lose legitimacy. Either way, Barbro would become a hero who ended a war, cementing his position as heir.

When the force arrived at Carne Village, the villagers were shocked to find a small army at their doorstep. An envoy from the army ordered the village gate be opened, but the villagers stalled to get enough time to hide the Demi-Humans that had become part of their community following the Second Battle of Carne Village. To get the villagers to hurry things along, the envoy informed them that Ainz Ooal Gown was an enemy of the Kingdom. This confused the villagers, unsure whether to trust their savior or their home country.

Eventually, Crown Prince Barbro lost his patience and ordered a warning shot of several fire-arrow by fired into the village. However, this was a fatal mistake, as many of the village's inhabitants came from villages previously burned by the Slane Theocracy's Sunlight Scripture, causing fits of PTSD amongst them. This resulted in the villagers making the unanimous decision to side with Ainz Ooal Gown and rebel against the Kingdom.



After barely escaping with their lives, Barbro and his army finally stopped on an open field during nighttime. While the weakened soldiers rested, the prince could only rant about how they could have lost what he perceived to be low-level creatures.

Just then, a beautiful red-haired maid appeared before Barbro who was already suspicious about her and demanded to know who she was and why she was here. She revealed herself to be Lupusregina Beta, a Battle Maid of Ainz Ooal Gown. Learning who she was serving under, Barbro believed that Ainz Ooal Gown has sent her to capture him and take him as a hostage. The prince attempted to negotiate with the intention of selling out his kingdom to get the magic caster's aid and be put in the throne as a puppet king.

Lupusregina, however, has no desire to entertain the man and explained her intention in coming here; to murder Barbro and his men. This angered Babro and explained to her who he was, believing she has no idea his value as the member of the Re-Estize royal family. This doesn't convince her but instead, she was surprised by his idiocy. Lupusregina explained that she already knew that Barbro was the First Prince and that Ainz also knew as well. She told him as simple as possible that even he could understand. Ainz deemed him useless to his plans and after witnessing the prince attacking one of his 'investments', this gave him more reason to have the nuisance be eliminated. Lupusregina repeated her intentions once more and began her attack on those who dared to defy against her beloved king.

Overlord III EP11 137

To make the occasion special as she put it, Lupusregina requested Ainz to summon the Redcap Goblins for her. Barbro shouted for his men to get up and protect him. When they awoke and saw the Goblins, they were too scared of them that they immediately abandon the prince to run away. The Redcap Goblins showed no mercy as they slaughtered the soldiers and the nobles. While the two forces engaged one another, a terrified Barbro was left alone with Lupursregina who will make sure he will suffer punishment fitting for a failure of a prince. It was only thirty minutes later that Barbo finally died.


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