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Thief is a job class that originally hailed from YGGDRASIL.


Suited for recon work and collecting information they belong to the rogue-type job classes. They were those with keen observation skills and were known to closely monitoring the actions of others. This action did not mean that they were hostile, it was the normal behavior of a thief, whom generally act as the team’s eyes and ears. It was in their habit to maintain a minimal sense of vigilance.[1]

Known Thieves

Known Groups

Known Thief-type Monsters

Abilities and Powers

This class was capable of detecting and disarming traps.[2] However, thieves were limited to one or two items at the most when stealing them.[3] Even doors guarded by high-level magic was a possibility depending on their level. Their detection abilities allowed them greater hearing allowing them to pinpoint a target with ease. Possessing greater physical ability, thieves were skilled at climbing. Thieves also possess detection abilities, which allowed them to view low-level items from a distance like the titles of books with ease. Still, they have difficulty in discerning magic items or whether spells have been cast. In addition to that, while magic scrolls are limited to specific classes, thief based classes have a skill that can deceive the scroll enabling them to use the item.[4]

In addition, thieves like Bebei have the ability to leave hidden messages behind undetected, using the coded words of the Thief language.[5] Thieves are known to throw consumable magic items like Powder of Will O' Wisp at their foes so that it can negatively affect them in combat. Their style of fighting involves using trickery against foes.[6]


  • At Ainz Ooal Gown’s formation, the guild had yet to possess a proper thief as all its rogue-type members were more focused on combat.[7]
  • For someone to detect a magic caster's usage of the "Perfect Unknowable" spell, they need to have very high-level thief-type job classes.[8]
  • There is a magic item called Ebynogoi that possesses lock-opening abilities of a level 90 thief.[9]


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