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Theocracy - Elf War is an ongoing war between the Slane Theocracy and the Elf Country. It is a war of retribution incited by the Elf King betraying the Theocracy's trust.

Background[edit | edit source]

Originally, the Theocracy and the elves had a positive cooperative relationship. But that relationship between the two nations was broken, by the Elf King himself when he had tricked the woman who was known as the trump card of the Black Scripture, The Theocracy's strongest hero level combat unit and captured her.

Upon successfully Capturing her, the Elf King proceeded to chain her up and rape her in order to follow through in his ambition to create powerful progeny with an equally powerful individual. Eventually successfully impregnating her with his child. However, before she could give birth, the woman had been successfully rescued and retrieved by the Black Scripture and returned to the Theocracy.

Eventually, the woman successfully gave birth to her child within her homeland. However, due to the Theocracy's desire to monopolize God-Kin's for their military and likely due to realizing the immense potential the child had as a hybrid between two incredibly powerful beings, the child was taken away from her mother's side during her early childhood in order to train and develop her powers and combat potential by a past generation of Cardinals, who then proceeded to take over the role as parental figures to the impressionable child. Eventually, due to her powerful lineage, the child grew to become the Theocracy's strongest God-kin and successfully replaced her mother as the new ace of the Human Nation. And through her urging and desire to avenge her mother due to being raised to develop a vengeful and vicious personality by the previous generation of Cardinals, the child successfully convinced the Theocracy's higher-ups to wage a war of retaliation against the Elf Country for the Elf King's transgression against her mother and restore her mother's honor.[1]

Battle[edit | edit source]

The Theocracy had built a forward base at Crescent Lake, the seat of the elves capital. According to the plan, the capital should have been destroyed in a few years, but that plan was slowly going off-script. And combined with the loss of many members of the Black Scripture, the theft of the Crown of Wisdom, and the emergence of the Sorcerer Kingdom, it was estimated it would take the Theocracy ten years to recover their full strength.

Some members of the Six Cardinals wanted to call a ceasefire, but it was believed by majority that too much blood had been spilled to resolve this peacefully. The cardinals were trapped in this situation because their predecessors who raise that child of their former trump card brought her up to avenge her mother.

There was a distinct difference in power between the Theocracy and that of the elven nation. Be it in the amount of magic items, the skill of their troops, the resources they could allocate, their tactics----everything. The only reason why the elves could still hold the line in the face of the overwhelming power of the Theocracy was due to their guerilla tactics--the only field they surpassed the Theocracy---and the fact the Theocracy feared losing troops to the monsters of the Great Forest of Evasha. Thus the elves had slowed the Theocracy's advance. However, the elves advantage over the opposing nation was beginning to wane. With the Theocracy in progress of building a field camp nearby the capital it was estimated that they will be able to attack the royal capital in the coming years. The Theocracy had recently committed the Holocaust Scripture, which was usually committed to the defense of their home nation, into the fray. Being experts in assassination, guerrilla warfare, and counterterrorism, the Theocracy's advance had sped up immensely.

The looming threat of the invasion by the Slane Theocracy was ignored by the Elf King, who refused to commit any of his immense power to defeat the invaders and was more devoted in debauchery and hedonism.[2]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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