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Theatre (劇場) is an area located on the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


The theater was an idea conceived by Albedo as she claimed it would be a source of great entertainment for many residents of Nazarick.


The Show Must Go On! Arc []

Main article: The Show Must Go On! Arc

Albedo wanting to create a theatre for the benefit of Nazarick, presented Ainz Ooal Gown with a list of signatures from the majority of the Floor Guardians which led to the Supreme Being approving the theatre's creation. As for a script to play, Albedo had already selected the first theatre production to be "Romeo and Juliet."

Auditions wre held for the role of Juliet, though many of the NPCs in Nazarick refrain from entering as they do not want to earn the ire of Albedo and Shalltear, who are competing for the role. During the auditions, at the Amphitheater, Demiurge acted as moderator, and had the only two participants, Albedo and Shalltear act out a scene from the play. In the end both contestants as tied, on a count both bribed the judges to vote for them.[1]

Layout & Features[]

There are six blocks of sixty seats each (twelve seats x five rows). The theater has side blocks are seemingly vertical. And also appears to have three seats horizontally.


  • In Overlord: The Undead Oh!, the theatre was eventually built, and two Nazarick Theatre Productions were produced at the theatre. One being an adaptation of "Snow White" and the other the "Tale of the Bamboo Cutter."[2][3]



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