The Special Meeting Starting From 6 Years Old (六歳からの特別会議) by Senta U (瀬田U) is the ninth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Albedo gathers the Floor Guardians for the "Ainz Jr. Clothing Special Conference." The main idea of the event is to design a set of clothes for the future heir to Nazarick. Aura decides to create clothing suited for agility and movement. Cocytus decides that the heir would need some sturdy toy swords. Mare recommends that if a skirt is going to be made it shouldn't be too light.

Shalltear Bloodfallen asks about casual clothes though her description is based on her own aesthetics such as highlighting contours. Aura plainly tells her that this has nothing to do with her fetish. Demiurge also suggests in making a suit for special occasions. Albedo becomes ecstatic as they have such wonderful ideas for their master and future heir. Demiurge offers to supply all the material for this endeavor.

Later Albedo is angry has all her designs have gone missing. Ainz by chance found the design and is confused by its purpose though reads it's for him and his child. Ainz thinks the parchment he found is talking about his creation, Pandora's Actor. Albedo finds Ainz who tells her that he found her plans. Taking the opportunity, Albedo asks what kind of clothes should their heir wear. Ainz tells her that he trusts her judgment on this topic, stating anything made by her would be suitable. Albedo overjoyed hugs the Overlord thanking him for the support.

Demiurge has gathered the materials for Albedo. In the background, Hamsuke wants to create a baby cat outfit for Ainz's heir.

A few days later, Ainz notices Albedo to be particularly happy and asks why. Albedo tells him that she will tell him later. A box of finished clothes for Ainz and the heir are seen in the last panel.

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