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The Maid Tea Party is a CD drama story of the Overlord series. It was released alongside Overlord Volume 06.

Main Summary

The Pleiades gather together for a tea break. Here, they discuss their recent missions and their dedication to Ainz Ooal Gown.

Full Summary

Yuri, Narberal, Shizu, Solution, and Entoma gather together for teatime together in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

The Pleiades used these breaks to have monthly gatherings where they eat a meal together and chat about the current progress of their jobs.

Lupusregina was busy at Carne Village so she was unable to meet them.

Narberal reports her travels with two humans, to assist in escorting a young noble on his quest to kill goblins.

Yuri and Shizu gave a report on their "1st Great Tomb of Nazarick Love Love Ainz-sama Guardians' Special Grand Auction".

Solution also tells that her mission with Sebas was progressing well.

Entoma accidentally spills blood in Shizu's drink. Entoma tries to apologize, but Shizu demands Entoma to drink her spoiled beverage.

Yuri calls their attention and says that they should finish their get together and return to work.


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