Tenmu (天武) was one of the four worker groups who volunteered to explore and investigate the mysterious Large Tomb.

Background Edit

Tenmu was a worker group that consisted of four members, though it is better to think of it as Erya's one man team as the other three were elven slaves from Slane Theocracy.[1][2]

Chronology Edit

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc Edit

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Overlord III EP07 145

Erya's corpse while being kicked by his elven slaves.

After the exploration of Nazarick's affiliated tombs had finished, Tenmu decided to explore the underground portion. Passing through a corridor without any monsters or traps, they eventually encountered the training lizardmen and Hamsuke. Hamsuke would than challenge Erya to a duel to test its own progress as a warrior. Erya was beaten and killed by Hamsuke's martial arts. The three elven slaves even kicked Erya's corpse for the constant abuses he inflicted on them.[3]

Strength Edit

Overlord III EP07 131

Erya's Support Slaves

Besides having one of the strongest human martial artists, Tenmu for all intents and purposes was Erya Uzruth's one man team. His three elven slaves were selected from the slave markets of the Theocracy to act as his magical support team and personal harem. While he engaged monsters and opponents, the elves would use their magic to strengthen him and enhance his abilities.

Known Members Edit

  • Erya Uzruth (Deceased)
  • Female elf cleric slave
  • Female elf druid slave
  • Female elf ranger slave

Trivia Edit

  • In the Web Novel, the elf slaves were given to Aura to serve as her maids.[4]
  • In the Light Novel, the elf slaves were living on the 6th Floor and are trying to take care of Aura and Mare.


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