Temple Guard are a military force of the Slane Theocracy in charge of maintaining the security of the six Great Temples in the capital.


In the Web Novel the Temple Guard are supposedly a security force employed by the Slane Theocracy to protect their nation's most sacred sites.


The Temple Guard wore full body armour, with swords hanging from their waists. However, while their armour and swords were completely functional, there were features which seemed purely aesthetic in nature.

The Temple Guard were highly discipline to the point that they could be so still one might mistake them for statues. Even their armour made no sounds; each piece did not shift and rub against one another. This extreme lack of movement was something that was praiseworthy.

The members of the Temple Guard had all undergone strict training, and were stronger than the guards of Roble Holy Kingdom. All of them had well-defined six-packs. However in terms of the Light-Fingered Demons they were amateurs.


  • The Temple Guard in Tinu Al Rianes were all women, and were considered an honor guard.
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