Unknown Intruder

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Adds the username of the registered Fandom user who is viewing the page. If no user is logged in, the supplied alt text is displayed instead.
{{USERNAME|<alt text>}}
Optional alt text is what is displayed when no user is logged in. If nothing is supplied as alt text, users will see "<insert name here>" when not logged in.
"Unknown Intruder is the best." will show "Unknown Intruder is the best."
If not logged in, you see… will show "<insert name here> is the best."
[[Special:Mypage|{{USERNAME|Visitor}}'s userpage is good too]]. will show "Visitor's userpage is good too."
If not logged in, you see… "Visitor's userpage is good too."
Add the following to the wiki's ImportJS file. This is preferred.
Or add the following to the wiki's common js page.
    type: "script",
    articles: [
See InputUsername on FANDOM Open Source Library for more information.
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