Telescope is a tool found in the New World.

Description Edit

In the New World, a telescope is classified as an item invented science which is an oddity to most denizens as they view science as a sham compared to magic.[1]

Appearance Edit

A small cylinder tube with glass lens at both ends.

Abilities Edit

An optical instrument that makes distant objects appear magnified.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon discovering the epicenter of the tornado in the Dolor Desert, Suzuki Satoru compares the phenomenon's ability to enhance the night sky within to be like a telescope.
  • There are several instances where telescopes are used in the Anime, though in the Light Novels they are never referenced or used.
  • It is unknown if knowledge in the construction of telescope originated from YGGDRASIL, but given that science is a less understood concept in the New World it is possible.

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