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Talisman is a magic piece of paper used to cast spells.


Talismans are used by Mediums in an art known as talismancy as magical mediums.


Talismans resemble small slips of paper.[1]


Talismans can be used in a variety of ways, usually to enhance the user, though can be used as projectiles in casting spells.[2]


  • Lightning Bird Talisman: Shoots a bird formed by lightning. It is a talisman that flies toward its intended target after transforming in midair into a bird that discharges pale shocks. It emits blinding light and deals electric damage.
  • Explosive Talisman: A talisman that causes a violent explosion.
  • Sharp Cutting Talisman: A talisman with the effect of slicing up an opponent's body.
  • Spider Talisman: A talisman used to summon an enormous spider the moment it hits the ground. The level of this spell is equivalent to a 3rd tier Summon Monster’ spell.
  • Piercing Wind Talisman: A talisman that whips up a storm of wind and attacks the target with it.
  • Strengthen Self: A talisman that improves a user’s physical abilities.



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