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Overlord III EP07 046

A Talent User activating her ability.

Talents (生まれながらの異能 (タレント) ) are a kind of innate ability that 1 in 200 people in the New World are born with. They're considered to be one of the powers in the new world alongside Martial Arts, Wild Magic, and Runecraft that did not exist in YGGDRASIL.[1]


A talent is an innate ability that roughly 1 in 200 people are born with in the New World. These abilities are fixed at birth and cannot be changed or taught to others. A talent's capability can vary greatly in potency and type and while most people born with a talent manifest a unique power, some can be born with the same ability.[2] Such as Arche and Fluder Paradyne who were both born with the talent to see the power and tier of an arcane magic caster simply by looking at them. However, the special abilities gained through talents are by no means related to what can be considered a person's normal talent (aptitude in a particular field) whatsoever.

In other words, talents sometimes do not match the nature of the holder. For example, if someone is born with the talent to boost the power of spells but doesn't have the inclination, ability, or physical and magical strength necessary to cast spells, they wouldn't be able to make use of it. As such, most people do not really think of talents as important, but one would be considered lucky if they had a talent that could be matched with or serve a purpose with their job. Such as Ninya who, as a magic caster, greatly benefitted from her talent to learn and use spells twice as fast as an ordinary caster.

Of course, certain exceptional and rare talents with very powerful effects do exist. Such as a talent that enables one to freely use any magic Item without restriction, but these kinds of talents are usually only accessible when the holder reaches a certain level or meets a specific condition. Talents could also serve as a person's trump card in battle, especially for people with combat-applicable talents who tended to go into the adventuring profession. For that reason, such a special talent would be considered very secretive among adventurers like Evileye who would never openly talk about their talent since it's their ace in the hole.

List of Known Talents

  • Enhanced Summoned Monster: All monsters summoned by the talent holder have slightly higher stats than normal.[3]
  • Magic Talent: The amount of time needed to study magic or learn spells is reduced by half.
  • Magic Item Affinity: Able to use any magic item with no limit regardless of its restrictions. (Noted as one of the top 10 Talents of the New World).
  • Float: Ability to float well in water and would have a less likeliness to sink.
  • All-Seeing Eyes: Ability to see the magic power and tier of arcane magic users.[4](Two people are known to possess this talent).
  • Meteorologist: Ability to predict the next day's weather with 70% accuracy.
  • Spell Copy: Ability to copy and store one spell of any type or rank, including super tier and wild magic, the holder has seen or been targeted with. (Noted as one of the top 10 Talents of the New World).
  • Water Step: Ability to walk 5 steps on water before sinking.
  • Unnamed Harvest Talent: Being able to speed up the harvest times of grass family grains by a couple of days.
  • Unnamed Wild Magic Talent: A talent that allows the holder to utilize the magic of the dragons, known as Wild Magic.[5]
  • Vision-base Talent: Seeing through any illusion of creatures or objects. (Web Novel Only)[6]
  • Unreliable Vision-base Talent: Ability to see a magic caster's power, though only a small peek and depends on chance.[7]
  • Unnamed Hot Water Talent: Lets the user know how many degrees of hot water is.[8]
  • Increase in Focus Capacity: Allows activation of advanced martial arts greater than users' level, such as True Nail Clipper.[9]
  • Psychometry: Being able to use the skills of others via touching items that belonged to them, even bypassing job class restrictions. (Noted as one of the top 10 Talents of the New World).[10] [11]

List of Known Talent Holders


  • Most people with offensive kinds of talents become adventurers.
  • As shown with Fluder and Arche, it is possible for two people to possess a similar, or even identical talent. Moreover, these two also shared a relationship as master and student at some point in the past.
  • Although the 3rd-tier of Tier Magic is considered the limit for normal human magic casters, certain talent-holders can use magic beyond that.[13]
  • In the Web Novel, Talents were called special/unique abilities.
  • The one talent Jircniv labeled as Legendary class belonged to the princess of a small country whose ability allowed her to use the lost secret of the dragons.
  • It is possible for a person's talent to be robbed through means such as the use of either Shooting Star or a super-tier spell, Wish Upon a Star. [14]
  • It is possible that Talents are a reference to "Feats" from Dungeons and Dragons, as they are both unchangeable after "creation" and are considered innate abilities to the characters that choose them.
    • Enhanced Summoned Monster itself is similar to the "Augment Summoning" feat, both of which enhance the summoned creature slightly.


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