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Swamp Elemental (湿地の精霊) is a spirit that occupies a mass of earth in the Wetlands of the Great Lake.


Swamp Elementals are shaped liked a conical mass of earth about 160 cm in height. With no head or limbs, it is essentially a giant mound of moving mud. Whips longer than its body emerge from where its shoulders should be.


During the lizardmen war, two Swamp Elementals were summoned with the combined powers of 51 druids. Rising from the ground, the Elementals devastated the undead beasts that Cocytus sent to attack as the second wave of his annihilation campaign.[1]


Having no sense of fear and compelled to complete its summoners' wishes, the Swamp Elemental is able to move across the Wetlands smoothly and quickly. It uses its whip-like appendages to grab and fling enemies into the air.[2]


  • Fire is proven to harm and disperse the summoned Swamp Elemental.
  • Rather than true monsters, Swamp Elementals may just be manipulation of magic given form by the druids.


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