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Supreme Odor Flower (至高の屍臭花) was a plant monster from the New World that appears in Mass for the Dead.


A giant carnivorous plant, with a gaping maw at the center of a head of pink-ish petals with a purple circle like patterns. It possesses thorny tentacles.


So far no intelligence has been shown. Though it displays traits of a predatory plant that enslaves other plant-life. It appears to have a high level of self-preservation using thralls to protect itself.


A legendary plant, hailed as "The Legendary Tree," by the New World inhabitants, it was said to be found in the Great Forest of Tob. According to legend, it was located in a place where none can step into, where it possesses beautiful flowers blooming unlike any other in the world. There were supposed to be many medicinal herbs near the tree, and the bark and leaves were said to have magical power. If one could sell them one would make a huge fortune. Many adventurers sought this tree, but the depths of the woods were full of danger and the tree itself had such terrible power that those who searched for it were lost. However Demiurge determined that this tree was only a few decades old. It was surmised to be the offspring of the true "Legendary Tree", whose seed was carried to the Forest of Death via the north wind of the Azerlisia Mountains.


Mass for the Dead Arc

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On a quest to locate the Legendary Tree, the protagonist, Aura Bella Fiora, Cocytus, Slimeko, and Narberal Gamma delve into the Great Forest of Tob. Encountering a force of contaminated creatures and Chaos Beasts, Aura estimates them to have come from the east. They come across a deep section of the forest where all the trees were dead. Despite the dreadful aura emitted by the location, the party resolves to claim the Legendary Tree for Momonga and enter. The group spots a living tree with a head full of bloomed flowers and were in awe at its appearance seeing as both terrifying and beautiful. Knowing now they have located the Legendary Tree, Cocytus attempted to cut it down but was resisted by the tree and was attacked. Suddenly the dead trees began to move and uproot themselves, with one of the surviving ogres sided with the trees which in truth are treants.

Surrounded the groups fight, but the trees are endless. Now at a disadvantage, the group decided to retreat. Narberal then used [Electrosphere] to make an opening to escape. Regrouping outside the Forest of Death they plan their next move. In truth, Cocytus could probably win in a one to one battle against the Supreme Odor Flower though the treants are a problem to deal with them interfering in letting Cocytus land a blow against the Legendary Tree. They believe that as long as they defeat the Supreme Odor Flower they will succeed and the zombie treants will return to normal. Aura was tasked to distract the treants to allow Cocytus and Narberal time to fell the Legendary Tree. Returning for another round against the tree and its minions the party succeeds in slaying the Supreme Odor Flower. It's death coincided with the death of the treants and the recovery of the forest. The group then transported the Supreme Odor Flower corpse to Nazarick on the 6th Floor where they surprised their master with a flower viewing with the plant monster as the center piece. Momonga who is touched by their affections, joins in the celebration and festivities they prepared, strengthening the bond between him and the NPCs.[1]

After the Supreme Odor Tree was slain, Demiurge used the remaining seeds from the plant to cultivate new strains of treants. The results of his research was the Enhanced Treant.[2] Later Demiurge's research developed a method to train these treants to act as defenders of Nazarick. Though in order to unite them under on command, it was believed that the true Supreme Tree was required. Using his studies on the treants and the seeds, he directed a mission to retrieve the Parent Tree from the depths of the Tob Forests.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Just as the legends say, it can move its own branches freely and can launch a fast and intense attack. This tree germinates by spreading its seeds via host trees, which experience side effects including causing said host trees to cause them to ravenously absorb the surrounding nutrients an grow predatory. However not many trees survive this, and the gestation of the seeds may take many years to show effect. Like it's victim trees, it can suck up vitality in the earth. The affected plant life such as treants, though seemingly dead, they can uproot themselves and act as slaves to the Supreme Odor Flower similar to a necromancer specializing in plants. However, it is limited to how far it can allow its thralls to move.


  • Mist Venom: A skill that allows it to use a poison breath than damages all enemies.


  • Improvement of Hit Rate: A passive skill which has the effect of increasing the probability of success abnormally.


  • In the game, it is recommended to combine with support characters specialized for abnormal skills, as HP and defense greatly increase.



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