Supreme Odor Flower (至高の屍臭花) is a plant monster from the New World that appears in Mass for the Dead.

Appearance Edit

A giant carnivorous plant, with a gaping maw at the center of a head of pink-ish petals with a purple circle like patterns. It possesses thorny tentacles.

Abilities Edit

The Supreme Odor Flower as a passive skill called [Improvement of Hit Rate] which has the effect of increasing the probability of success abnormally. In addition, it can use [Mist Venom], a type of poison breath.

Trivia Edit

  • In the game, it is recommended to combine with support characters specialized for abnormal skills, as HP and defense greatly increase.
  • In the game, one is used in a Hanami ceremony by the denizens of Nazarick.[1]



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