Supreme Magic Beast Namer (至高の魔獣命名者) by Gou 1 (ごう1) is the fifth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Hamsuke stands before Ainz Ooal Gown's throne. Seeing her master look intently at as he studies her cute features she asks if something is wrong, but states its nothing. Aura Bella Fiora rushes in to state her Spear Needle has given birth to a litter of seven. Ainz comments that they must give them names and the Floor Guardians chime to help. Ainz notes that its a pity he cannot express his feelings but admits the baby Spear Needle in his hand to be adorable. He then names it Howamaru, which causes the Floor Guardians to stare at him. Ainz attempts to change it. Instead, the Guardians praise the name he given the creature, hailing to be superb. Ainz gets embarrassed by their action, Sebas Tian suggests that Ainz allow them to continue to name the remaining six. Sweating Ainz is afraid he will embarrass himself but the anticipating faces make him concede. The Floor Guardians cheer and shout out their chosen names.

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