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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Super Giant Sanitary Slime (超巨大衛生粘体) was a mutant sanitary slime that existed in the New World.


One specimen was born in the sewers of E-Rantel, where it grew in size and mutated due to the nearby artificial herb project whose alchemical solution permeated ground and dripped the runoff water. While the solution was diluted and should not have caused a mutation, it lived near the water storage tank where the alchemical solution accumulated in large doses led to its abnormal growth.

Another specimen was found in the eastern region of Great Forest of Tob. According to Hamsuke, it guarded a grove of fruit trees which it fed on, contributing to its large size. Additionally, passing adventurers lured by the smell of nuts and fruits in the area would fall prey to it. Since the slime's feeding ground was outside her territory, Hamsuke never bothered it. However when Aura Bella Fiora and Yuri Alpha came looking for ingredients for their chocolates, Hamsuke, Kyuko and a Death Knight guided them towards the grove where they located the fruits and confronted the slime. It was summarily defeated and the fruit trees were claimed by Nazarick.[1]


A giant slime that is said to be comparable to size of the Area Guardian Guren. It is mostly composed of bubbling yellowish ooze with a giant purple nucleus core embedded in its chest.


Due to its mutation, rather than splitting off itself and creating new slimes by osmosis, it continued to grow and consume the waste found in the sewers. It was capable of regenerating itself even when its fragments were tossed from the main body. However, its acidity was inferior to a Predator Slime. In fact when doused in the latter's acid it would burn in flames, proving it was still just a giant low level slime.

The second specimen in the Tob Forest grew in size thanks in part to a diet of Longevity Nuts as well as the occasionally adventurer. Unlike its sewer counterpart, the slime was adept at climbing branches, and despite its weight easily scale and sneak up on prey. It's only weakness though was fire.


  • In Mass for the Dead, after the slime was slayed by the protagonist and allies, the core of the slime was retrieved and presented as a proof to the mayor of the city.[2]