Sun God Princess (太陽の神姫) was a princess from the New World.

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The Sun God Princess was born over two hundred years ago in the New World. Three years after Keno Fasris Invern and Suzuki Satoru journeyed together, the pair encountered the Sun God Princess. Keno asked her a question regarding the cancellation of the zombification curse, however, she received no satisfactory answer.

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The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc Edit

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While Suzuki and Keno interrogated Kunivela, the Sun God Princess was mentioned by the former.[1]

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Given how Keno asked her on a way to dispel zombification of Inveria, it can be assumed the Sun God Princess has some knowledge in magic.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on her name title in Japanese, it can be assumed she is a princess.


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