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Summon Monster 1st Scroll is a magic scroll used to call forth a low-tier monster for the user to command and have it obeyed orders.

Description Edit

Suzuki Satoru has chosen to let his companion Keno Fasris Invern have this scroll that she can then utilized to clean an unknown dusty room formerly controlled by the maids located at Inveria.

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Abilities Edit

The scroll is magically imbued with the spell, [Summon Monster 1st]. As a result, this magic scroll allows the user to conjure a low-leveled monster of the 1st tier such as weak elementals ranging from the likes of Lesser Air Elemental or Lesser Water Elemental. However, it could only exist for a short duration of time in the New World. These monsters shared a mental link with the scroll's caster, who could give orders with a mental impulse.

Trivia Edit

  • The YGGDRASIL scroll was the first among many which Suzuki Satoru have in his possession to be freely given away to Keno Fasris Invern for her own usage.
  • The only time this scroll has ever been used once was in the Bonus Volume.[1]

References Edit

  1. Overlord Bonus Volume Chapter 2: The Two Set Off
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