Summon Monster 10th Scroll is a magic scroll used to call forth a powerful monster for the user to command and have it obeyed orders.

Description Edit

So far in the Web Novel, this scroll was used by Ainz during a fallout he had with the Re-Estize Kingdom's delegation, creating a bloody violence to ensue after the creature was summoned to kill.

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The scroll is magically imbued with the spell, [Summon Monster 10th]. As a result, this magic scroll allows the user to conjure a high-leveled monster of the 10th tier such as the demon, Cerberus. The summoned monster was able to read between the lines of Ainz’s words and began to slowly move forward under the intent of hurting whoever is seen as hostile by their summoner.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, this kind of magic scroll has only been mentioned in the Web Novel.[1]

References Edit

  1. Overlord First Half Chapter 89: Negotiations Part 2
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