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Sukyu Juju (スーキュ・ジュジュ) is one the five chieftains of the five lizardmen tribes, whom fought against the first undead army, and was amongst the few surviving lizardmen whom fought against Cocytus.


Sukyu Juju is a petite lizardmen comparable to other lizardmen, but his limbs were as strong as steel. In the Manga and Anime, he constantly has his tongue sticking out. Unlike the other lizardmen he has a crest that runs down the back of his neck.


Sukyu is very blunt in his responses. It also appears he is less knowledgeable on land-swelling creatures, and very unfamiliar with humans given his ignorance on identifying skeletons of them. However he favors immediate action in battle


During the fight to decide the position of chieftain, Sukyu Juju settled each of his matches with just one precise rock throw.


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc[]

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Sukyu Juju was part of the meeting that decided how the Lizardmen Alliance would fight their enemy.[1][2] It was decided that he would form a garrison alongside Kyuku Zuzu and Shasuryu Shasha. During the battle, they stayed in the village in order to defend it against any attackers that got through their forces.[3]

Overlord II EP05 072

Impaled by Cocytus's Attack.

A few days later, after the Alliance defeated the army of the Supreme One, another stronger army appeared outside the vicinity of the village. He declared it was impossible as their scouts reported no movements of any kind in the Great Lake.[4][5]

When Shasuryu and Zaryusu returned with Ainz Ooal Gown's ultimatum. Their options exhausted and knowing that they had almost no chance of winning, the chiefs agreed that they still must at least challenge Cocytus. The lizardman pick out the fifty most elite warriors among the lizardmen and then go to fight against him. Sukyu was one of the few not affected by Cocytus' passive skill. He attacked Cocytus, using his sling but was they were ineffective. When he tried again he was deemed annoying by the Floor Guardian and was killed by his [Piercing Icicle].[6][7]

Abilities and Powers[]

Originally from the hunter group, Sukyu Juju's ranged attack skill is the best among all lizardmen in the vicinity of the Great Lake. Sukyu Juju is the lizardman with the best guerrilla tactics.

Main Equipment[]

  • Sling: In the Anime it is depicted that the chieftain carries a sling.


Shasuryu Shasha[]

Sukyu appears to trust the chieftain of Green Claw, enough to lead the Lizardman Alliance, and also is familiar with the latter's nonverbal cues as when he asked Shasuryu if it was possible to parley with the Supreme Being, all it took was a look on Shasuryu's face to comprehend the dire situation.


  • Though never explicitly named in the Light Novel series, Sukyu Juju name is given in Overlord II.[8]
  • In Mass for the Dead, he has yet to appear in the game story, either being dead or missing.


  • (To his fellow chieftains): "The enemy numbers around five thousand."
  • (On the battle): "It looks like it'll be better if we make the first move."


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