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Stiletto (スティレット) is a small piercing blade native to the New World.


Stiletto is a weapon originating from the New World. Even if Ainz were to use data crystals, he would not be able to craft this type of weapon.

There was a little variation in the ways one could attack with this piercing weapon, so they were not easy to use or master. It takes sufficient practice for someone of Clementine or Ainz's level to skillfully used in close combat.[1]


A long slender blade with a needle-like point.


While having no magical abilities, it was primarily intended as a stabbing weapon. Additionally, the stiletto possessed what is known as a "Magic Accumulate enchantment."

Since the stilettos were a piercing type, they cannot execute complex attacks like slashing weapons could. They are the kind of weapons that were optimized for charges. In addition, stilettos were slender and were certainly not strong enough to survive a clash with great-swords.

It seems apparent that Magic Casters such as Fluder could imbue various types of tier spells into this weapon, at least those up to the 3rd tier rank. As they are stored into the stiletto, the user will attempt to use the magically-enchanted stiletto to land a physical hit onto their target, then later activate the imbued spell upon contact.[2]

Although the act of doing so would expend the spell, that stored spell could be just about any sort of magic. In a way, it was a useful handy enchantment which allowed the owner of this weapon to prepare for just about any situation with the right stored spell.[3][4]

However, by doing this, the spell is consumed and needs to be recharged again by its enchanter. Despite the stiletto not being a magical weapon in and of itself, it can still become one temporarily.[5]


  • The stilettos used by Clementine were magically enchanted and contained magic spells which the user could activate.[6]
  • Cocytus has an interest in adding this weapon to his collection.[7]
  • The first time Ainz used these kinds of weapons in battle was during his fight with the Martial Lord Go Gin.[8]
  • Historically, a stiletto was a kind of dagger. The ones used by Clementine are closer to short swords in length.


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