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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Steel Butler and the Darkness of the Black Market (鋼の執事と闇市の闇) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on October 12, 2020 to October 22, 2020.


Sebas Tian may be "a traitor"... Upon receiving the report, Momonga orders a survey of the brothel in the black market of E-Rantel, where Sebas enters and exits. Sebas, who had no way of knowing that, was conducting another investigation for one personal motive.[1]


Solution Epsilon having returned from E-Rantel requested a private meeting with Momonga and Albedo. The request was sudden causing Momonga to hastily adjust his schedule which Solution apologizes but she has a report that she feels he must hear. When Momonga asks what did she want to discuss, the Pleiades maid is apprehensive on the subject. Her hesitation annoys Albedo, thinking that the maid is wasting their master's time. Momonga tells her to cease as Solution's work has been vital and displays nothing but loyalty to him. Albedo knowing she misspoke apologizes to her master. Momonga then asks Solution to speak freely. Knowing that Solution would only approach him if the situation was dire, Momonga wonders if perhaps she wishes to report that Nazarick has been discovered. If that is the case, it won't be a fatal problem but if it is due to Solution failure, that would be another story and he might have to find a way to avoid punishing her. When the maid begins her report concerning a "superior," the Overlord worries that she is talking about the protagonist. It is of course about Sebas Tian, to which Momonga states that given their assignments it's natural that they would have limited opportunities to work together, but the maid drops the bombshell on him when she reveals that she fears that Sebas Tian may have betrayed them.[2]

At the quarry near E-Rantel, where the work is the source of building materials for the construction of the fourth wall of the city which is reaching its climax, two laborers struggle to lift a boulder from the area to a trolley for transportation. Their burden become lighter and they see that another laborer has come to their adi. Seeing "Big Brother" Sebas, their moods lighten at their senior comrade giving a hand after the old man had been called by his master for an errand. Sebas asks why they were doing such a reckless thing, carry a heavy object with only two men. The laborers state that they were excited to finish as the new wall will soon be complete. Plus with Sebas Tian away, they had to work harder without his help. Seeing that he is partly responsible for the extra hours they put in, Sebas Tian promises to carry some of the burden, which shock the workers as the effort requires a hundred men. Brushing this to be insignificant, Sebas asks what has happened since he was away. The laborers report that no problems have occurred so far as more soldiers now guard the area. Satisfied with the news Sebas readies to get back to work.

When night falls, Sebas Tian's contribution has made the work progress three days in advance. His colleagues ask if he has any plans later when he returns to E-Rantel. Beside having to return to his master Sebas has no plans and the two laborers invite the old man to go out to the Black Market. In the alleys of E-Rantel, Sebas Tian is welcomed by a sight of several of the workers from the quarry sitting at a table laden with food from a stall. Surprised by this Sebas Tian learns that his co-workers planned this to express their gratitude to him for all his effort. Their hospitality is appreciated so the undercover butler joins them in the festivities. Later as he walks through the Black Market, Sebas Tian notes the place to be more crowded than usual. His two comrades confirm that it's due to the growing refugee population of the city. So far its good for them because they can easily earn a bit of money by selling some of their pilfered ores and crystals here. Here in this market their goods can avoid the toll tax of the city. Sebas Tian notes that this to be the direct doing of the king, as the reason why the Black Market hasn't been swept away was because the King doesn't wish to impose his will on the already struggling populace of the city. One of Sebas Tian's comrades asks him if he has a preference, which confuses the butler, causing his friends to laugh at his cluelessness and then invites him to a 'place'.

Sebas is then led to an inn called Black Honeymooner, in the back of the market. There he is guided by the owner of the building to a room. The owner then asks him to wait until one of her employee arrives before leaving. The undercover butler seeing that this place is a brothel, chastises himself for getting into such a situation. Reminding himself that he is not here for entertainment but to help the refugees and gather information he plans to decline the brothel's service. Just then a young woman in a chemise appears at his door. Introducing herself as Tuare, she timidly states she is eager to be here. Sebas Tian politely thanks her for her kindness but wishes to depart as he has matters to attend to and wishes to have a refund, unwilling to waste the money his fellow laborers spent. Tuare cups her mouth in surprise by this request and apologizes asking if he would like another employee to serve him. Sebas Tian states that not to be the case, telling her she is more than pure, which causes her to gasp at the compliment. Turning to leave, he pauses and asks Tuare if she needs any help to her confusion. He couldn't help but feel that she was relieved when he said that he did not want her. Sebas wonders if she is being kept at the brothel against her will, and if so he might be able to help her. Tuare starts to say something but stops herself stating that she is at the brothel on her own volition. That being said Sebas apologizes for wasting her time. Tuare touched by the man concern offers to send him out.

In the streets of the Black Market, Solution under her adventurer alias Soi is browsing through the booming commercial area eager to send Momonga new magic items for daily necessities. She spots Sebas Tian exiting a building, and wonders why he is in the market, then remembering that part of his reward was to be allowed to visit the city on a regular basis. The undercover Nazarick agent while understanding that he collects information for Nazarick still is frustrated with her superior's concern for the human refugees. When she spots Tuare behind him her suspicions grow.

In the present Solution finishes telling Albedo and Momonga her report on Sebas Tian's possible betrayal. Momonga is in disbelief that Sebas Tian would even visit a brothel, and is shocked that he has continued to visit the same brothel multiple times. The Overlord thinks that maybe Sebas Tian is doing this as a form of recreation. While Solution understands her master's reluctance in believing that Sebas Tian is capable of treason, she can with confidence state that Sebas Tian's visits to the brothel are not to immerse himself. For one, the cost to enter the brothel is a concern, as she was told by Clementime the wages at the quarry are not enough to pay for a session at a brothel. Albedo grows concerned at this and considers the possibility that Sebas Tian could be using Nazarick resources to fund his times at the brothel. Not only that Sebas Tian has been visiting other parts of the Black Market. While Solution cannot say for sure, she thinks that maybe he is in contact with someone. In the worst case, Albedo fears that Sebas Tian might be giving information to a party outside of Nazarick, if this turns out to be true, they would need to address this quickly. Despite how it looks Momonga still feels that they need to look deeper into the case. He asks if she shared her findings with anyone else, to which the maid states that other than a Shadow Demon and the people in the room nobody is aware of the events. The Overlord then commands Solution to follow through with her investigation and to bring the protagonist and Slimeko on the case to assist. After Solution leaves to follow his orders, Momonga tells Albedo that in the unlikely event that Sebas Tian has betrayed them to another party, to station two or more Floor Guardians outside of E-Rantel. Albedo advises that this might be a ploy to target the Guardians, with that Momonga decides to raise the alert level of Nazarick as a whole until they can determine Sebas Tian's loyalty. In Momonga's mind, he wonders if Sebas Tian's treason was the result of friction with Demiurge. He worries that this incident could cause an internal division if the contents of the investigation are made public.

Elsewhere in an underground warehouse beneath the Black Honeymooner, the owner greets Cocco Doll apologizing for the lack of usual hospitality. The former executive of Eight Fingers is not insulted as he and Isabella's secret meetings are necessary to avoid the Black Market from being folded by the authorities. For if his involvement, a man who was head of Eight Fingers slave trading department, was made known it, would spell disaster to their enterprise and leave them both in ruin. He plans to avoid coming to these meetings in the future, but asks about how the brothel is doing, which the owner conveys that they have so many good "products" at a cheap price and many customers. It's ironic that though slave trafficking has been banned it still exists in a form even with the dismantling of the Eight Fingers, which she attributes to Cocco Doll for not able to let old habits die. The good news is that many people are desperate to sell themselves and would never dare dream of escaping. Cocco Doll glad to hear this progress and bides his partner goodbye telling her to keep up the good work. Isabella calls out that she intends to----- by all means for a long time.[3]

Solution returning to E-Rantel as Soi, informs her adventurer team of her report with Momonga. Slimeko hearing this refuses to believe that Sebas Tian is a traitor though the protagonist appears more open-minded on the possibility. Soi seeing Slimeko obvious discomfort that one of Nazarick could be a traitor, states that Sebas Tian's loyalty is genuine. Confused as how Sebas could be a traitor and loyal, the slime asks her to elaborate. Soi explains that it's due to Sebas Tian's creator having made him that way as he has always had a tendency to support humans. The protagonist remembering the Forty-One Supreme Beings, thinks that if Sebas Tian is following the will of his creator, it presents a philosophical conundrum on whether he should he be guilty and fears of the worst possibility.

Entering the Black Market, Slimeko is amazed that the place is still as busy as ever since her last survey. Soi suggests that they focus on gathering more information on the place Sebas Tian was visiting. The protagonist recommends that they keep their ears open for any rumors, which Soi agrees but warns them to stay together. When Slimeko asks why, a pair of drunk men approaches and tries to make passes at the women.

Back at the Black Honeymooner, Tuare thinks about the time with that mysterious man. Until now there was no one other than her family who cared about her. Before and after the incident there were only terrible people. The girl wonders what would have happened if she accepted his offer of help, but then brushes the thought away as this was a situation she chose for herself.

Without knowing of Solution's investigation, Sebas Tian in his normal butler clothes, makes his way into the residential area for the elite of E-Rantel. As he walks to his destination he curses himself for this stupid selfless act that he has committed as he fully knows that he should have reported to his superior before conducting his personal investigation. Thinking about Tuare, he understands that he got too personally invested in the matter, even when she did not ask for help. Having pity for someone outside of Ainz Ooal Gown should not be allowed, but yet he muses that he's just like Pestonya and that his kindness is a curse.

For the protagonist and his friends, they found no information relevant to the brothel to which Slimeko comments it to be just an open secret in the area. Having spent more time driving away drunks than gaining actual information, they learn that the brothel was established around the same time the Black Market was formed. According to a few loose tongues the employees at the establishment worked in similar shops but came from outside the city after the catastrophe. The group is distracted by a noise, and see that a shopkeeper is being harassed by a pair of thugs who demand from the owner to pay his fees, despite the former's claim of already paying his dues to the Black Market boss. However, the thugs claim that they merely need extra money after some bad debts. Seeing that they are just extorting him the shopkeeper threatens to tell their boss of this incident. The two are not fazed and start trashing his wares, stating that the only people in charge were the two of them right now. The adventurers seeing the extortion muse that they must be the enforcers for the Black Market. Slimeko comments that shops can only set up here unless they pay a protection fee to the Black Market Boss. Soi admits that to be true, but notes that those two collectors are not following the rules of the Black Market. The protagonist thinks that they may have found a new source of information on the brothel. If these two are money collectors, then they must know about the brothel.

Before the group can move in, a voice calls to the thugs harassing the shopkeeper to stop. Annoyed that someone interrupted them they demand who it is. Saint Clementine soon appears telling them that she is working late for the city. The two ruffians having heard of the saint, wonder why a city official is here in this part of the city. Clementine first makes it clear that she is not a city official but someone on the side of the city. She reminds them that the market is a result of the inflow of refugees and iterates that the reason why there hasn't been a crackdown on its activities is "due to labor shortages". In addition. there is a deep rooted opinion that if they take labor from other areas. the first would be to crack down on this area. Fortunately in the current situation, there are some people like them who work in this chaotic environment.

The thugs are not impressed by the saint or her reputation, mocking at what one woman could do. Clementine admits that she may seem weak, but iterates that she is not alone as several soldiers march into the market. She then tells the shocked crooks that this is all from the city and that they should think very carefully.

The husky thug is knocked out, his body crashing in several pots. The other crook seeing his partner down, dashes away swearing to remember this affront. Soi muses to Clementine that she missed one. Clementine takes notices of the party, finding it strange that the protagonist and his friends would be in a place like the Black Market. Though Soi rebukes stating that the same could said about the saint. Her attention is drawn toward the fact that Clementine allowed one of the criminals to get away, but the saint is calm stating that they have enough time before he gets away. Just in case, Soi has a Shadow Demon tail the thug. The saint asks the party if they would be interested in a job that she believes that they can handle. Intrigued, Soi states that it would depend on the content and reward. Clementine promises to give them a brief explanation of the task that she requires of them, once they catch the escaped thug.[4]

The adventurers and Clementine give chase to the crook, all while Clementine explains the situation of the Black Market and way it has been tolerated out of concern for the refugees. However, it has also become an issue that they cannot ignore with the growing criminal element. So far, the city has decided to sweep away the market to avoid that. She speaks about the Eight Fingers, a once powerful criminal syndicate that fell from grace. It is suspected that a remnant of that group is influencing the Black Market for his gain. According to one testimony, which Soi guesses to be from Hilma Cygnaeus, one of her former colleagues: Cocco Doll has become the central man of this criminal underground. Arriving at their destination of a mansion where the target fled, Clementine further explains that the reason why Eight Fingers collapsed was due to the nobles pulling out funding due to the new world situation and to avoid being associated with criminals. Cocco Doll though still had a few noble connections to maintain a powerbase in the fortress city and Black Market. This information provided by Clementine points out that Sebas Tian's activities with the Black Market and brothel were not for entertainment. Still it is clear that Sebas was doing an unauthorized misison.

Due to Cocco Doll's career, it's unlikely that the brothel was innocent of mere unauthorized business. Plus while it hasn't been confirmed, there is information that multiple employees at that place had gone missing. Soi curious wonders if it is the work of a monster but the saint states that it is one possibility. With Clementine's collaborators surrounding the property, the saint explains that she will go alone in the back while the adventurers take the front. Soi is surprised that Clementine would go inside alone, but the saint tells her not to worry as she has some knowledge of Martial Arts.

Around the time when Clementine and the protagonist were infiltrating the mansion, Tuare sits in her room with a forlorn face. She is disturbed by Isabella who asks if she has time to go out. Tuare still has one customer, but the owner states that she cancelled it as the brothel is now closed for the night. Seeing her face Isabella asks if that will be a problem but the young woman obediently states that it is not and prepares to get ready to go out. As Isabbella leaves, Tuare recalls that the reservation was made by a person named Sebas and wonders why she is disappointed.

Sneaking into the mansion. Clementine is quick to notice that no one is in sight, which is strange as there should be guards or someone to be helping Cocco Doll escape. She hears a sound and quickly hides. The person is Sebas Tian who has noticed that she is hiding and asks her to run promising not to chase her, but she came out to be prepared. Seeing no alternative especially as the butler's bloodlust passes over her, she unsheathes her weapons and comes out of hiding. The butler recognizes her but before Sebas could explain, Clementine activates multiple Martial Arts skills and attacks. The fight leads out into the courtyard of the mansion where Clementine rushes at Sebas Tian with 'Flow Acceleration' but to her shock he blocks the attack. She wonders if it was some sort of technique or magic item when Sebas Tian asks if she is alright and by her name. Wondering how he knew her name, the butler tells her that his name is Sebas and he had often heard of her from the refugees. The name Sebas is familiar to Clementine. The protagonist, Surako and Soi soon arrive and are shocked to see Sebas Tian and Clementine. Hearing Surako call Sebas by his name, the saint asks if they him. It is Soi who confirms Sebas Tian's identity and as an ally, though she mentally wonders if that is still the case. Saint Clementine heard rumors about Sebas Tian from the refugees, though the descriptions about him seem different. Sebas attributes this to the suit he is wearing, stating he had to dress formally in order to conveniently walk into the high-class residential areas. Soi demands to know why Sebas is in a place like this mansion. The butler states that he had to find something out from a person with big connections to Black Market. Since the protagonist and Clementine are here they probably were on the same trail as he was.

Soi reveals a tied up Cocco Doll who demands to be released and to know as to why they invaded his home without just cause. However Clementine states that she knows who he is: Ampetif Cocco Doll, a former Eight Fingers Executive and head of the slave trading department. Cocco Doll tries to maintain his innocence stating that she is mistaken, but the saint reveals to the former slave trader that his old associate Hilma had sold him out which shocks him to silence.

Clementine takes the adventurers for their assistance, promising that the reward will be paid through the guild. Soi also brings the criminal they were chasing, who apparently was knocked out by Sebas Tian when he infiltrated the mansion first along with other men she found and proceeded to tie up. Before bringing the criminals back with her to be questioned, in consideration to Sebas she asks him if he needs anything from them. Sebas Tian apologizes as he broke into the mansion out of a personal motive and offers himself to the authorities for his selfish vigilantism. Given that she is not a guard or the law, the saint decides to allow some flexibility. Sebas Tian's personality aside, his achievements are well known and Clementine feels that she and the Kingdom can trust him so she offers to allow Sebas Tian to question the former Executive. Despite Cocco Doll's pleas, Clementine motions the adventurers back into the mansion as Sebas carries the screaming man.[5]

After having questioned the Executive, the adventurers and butler return to the Black Market. From the use of Sebas Tian's skill of 'Palm of the Puppeteer' which he was able to use to not only knock out the villains but compel them to speak the truth, were they able to gleam some information. Slimeko comments that Cocco Doll claimed that he transferred the brothel to another party to avoid being directly involved and to keep a low profile. The only direct connection he had was the protection fees coming from the brothel. Still with Cocco Doll's association with the brothel the establishment is guilty as being an illegal venture. The Kingdom may have tolerated the Black Market of its business but for a former Eight Fingers Executive conducting a business like the brothel it was intolerable. The brothel is nothing more than a slave trading business, which confuses Slimeko as slavery has been banned ever since several incidents in the Kingdom. Unfortunately her companions state Cocco Doll had been running things even more secretly and quietly as he lost most of his backing. He made promises to his brothel employees that he would free them once they paid their debt using the money they worked for. It was technically by their own will at the Black Honeymooner which was originally located in the Royal Capital. However in the first place the people who agreed to this act was in fact illegal and invalid in the eyes of the law. Even if you are in debt you cannot sell yourself in this country. Still the Executive used genuine debts contract to hold these people against their will, preventing them from leaving.

From Sebas Tian's research the debt contract that presupposes a lie can be invalidated by following proper procedures. Soi sees that he has been trying to help investigating the brothel, hence explaining his frequent appearances there. But she is curious as how he could afford to visit the shop multiple of times to which the butler explains that he caused the male employees to faint and thus he used the time and his skills to snoop around the property. This relieves Soi as her colleague had not squandered any of Nazarick's resources but concern is apparent on his breach in protocol for conducting an investigation and she wonders why he is interested. Sebas Tian then leads his comrades to the brothel intending to tell the employees of Cocco Doll's arrest and their contracts' being void. This clears the purpose of Sebas Tian's interest to Soi, though now she is unsure if his actions really undermine Nazarick's interest, but she is glad to know that her conclusions were wrong. There is one foreboding concern, the fact that Cocco Doll didn't know about the missing employees. Soi wonders if that many some of the employees escaped the brothel. It's logical, as in the Royal Capital Cocco Doll still had the power of Eight Fingers to kill or eliminate any slave that stepped out of line. Here they may have realized that Cocco Doll lied and decide to make a break for it. The protagonist suggests that they hurry to the brothel, but when they arrive they find the entre building to be deserted. They reach the underground warehouse of the brothel and determine that everyone had left. The protagonist wonders if they detected that the city was closing in on them, but Slimeko asks then why the slaves would flee. Soi states that strictly speaking the Black Market is illegal, so maybe the management told them to escape to prevent them from taking losses. Still a question raises as ti why there wasn't any commotion in the market as groups of people leaving the brothel together would have drawn eyes. Soi feeling an air flow finds the answer to a giant crate that hides a hidden staircase. Now that they have a trail Slimeko prepares to follow, but is stopped by Soi who thinks that they need to inform Momonga of this given the potential dangers to which Sebas Tian agrees. Slimeko then obeys to connect to Nazarick for authorization. After explaining the situation to Momonga, they receive permission to pursue and the group heads into the depths to arrive in the city's sewers. Sebas asks Soi to scout a trail for the which she complies, discovering a fresh trail of footprints. Before they could move they are interrupted by Sanitary Slimes forcing them to fight.

While Sebas Tian and the others were going through the sewers, there they hear the cries of a female brothel worker begging for mercy only to be cut down by a smiling Isabella. Another one thinks that this is a dream and tries to convince herself of it only to meet the same fate. Isabella continues her slaughter as a silent Tuare watches in horror as the woman plafully kills each of her friends.

Eventually Soi can no longer find any more tracks as they have disappeared. Then she recalls Hilma's words about the sewers: "It wouldn't be strange to have one or two hidden rooms in a large underground sewer". Slimeko realizes that maybe there is a second hidden room here somewhere like the one they found last time. The assassin finds the hidden door, but it is locked from the inside. Sebas Tian then steps in an crushes the wall with his fist. revealing a cave-like passage. Taking a whift of the air, the protagonist and Soi notice a sweet smell and a very familar scent: blood.[6]

At the back of the cave the group find a poorly lit dungeon-like room filled with a mixture of the same incense and blood. In one corner of the room they find ten corpses of women. There are also a few that are still alive but tied up, which Soi finds to be playing with food. Sebas directs his attention to the owner of this feeding ground, Isabella, who is surprised to see a former customer. Spotting Tuare with her, Sebas Tian assures her that everything will be alright but warns her that the woman next to her is not human. Isabella is amused on how he came to that conclusion. The protagonist points out that it's her eyes that gave her away, which Sebas comments must be due to her being distracted due to the feast she just had. He demands to lmow if she is the cause of the disappearances at the brothel. Her silence registers her guilt. Soi comments that another reason why they know she is not human is due to the look in her eyes that sees humans as nothing more than food and toys, a feeling that she can relate to. With the ruse over. Isabella complains that she just finished having a good meal but now it's that 'time'. She takes a note of their adventurer plates commenting that they are top adventurers indeed, but asks if they are familiar with dealing with her race. Rather than tell them she shows the group, transforming with horns and wings.

The protagonist is shocked as this is the first time in encountering a demon from outside of Nazarick. He briefly wonders if she is a summoned existence, and where her summoner is or item. He catches himself realizing that Isabella is a valuable target and needs to be captured to which his companions agree. Seeing their lack of fear, especially with the girl she is holding hostage she asks what kind of adventurers they are. Soi looking at Tuare in the demon's finds her of little consequence, seeing the demon's capture a priority. Besides they have plenty of survivors, who are all unconscious, to earn them the city's gratitude once they finish their business with Isabella. Seeing the adventurers lack of movement Tuare despairs, which the demon capitalizes and she verbally torments her about how her stupid life is of little imporatance and that she will be abandoned, taking joy in her tears. When Sebas asks Tuare once more if she wants help. Hearing him ask, Tuare asks him to help her. Isabella thinking that the old man is being a fool tells him to go away, before she is knocked to the far corner of the dungeon with a blow to the face by Sebas Tian. Regaining her footing Isabella is angered at the attack on her face she prepares to avenge herself for this insult. To her confusion Sebas Tian comments that it would be good to capture 'it' alive.

Isabella continues to be pummeled by the enraged butler as punishment for her behavior to the weak and helpless. The demon is helpless against the attacks until she casts [Charm Person]. The spell halts Sebas Tian in his beat down of the demon, which alerts the adventurers who demand to know what Isabella did. Now seeing herself with a trump card Isabella boasts that they are all dead. She explains that while [Charm Person] is essentially nothing more that a way to convince others that your their friend and its limits to making a person do what a 'friend' would ask. For adventurers like them, they have equipment that prevent such dangers. Seeing that she is confident that this is her win, the protagonist realizes that she is using something other than magic. Soi realizes that its the sweet scent that is in the room. The demon confirms that is, a special incense she specially made to enhance the effects of [Charm Person]. With it she can order a person to do anything she wants, evening telling them to die and best part it cannot be resisted by any magic or item. However, she keeps out the part that it only works for a limited time and can only be used on the same person once.

Just as Isabella orders Sebas to target Soi, a voice calls out for Isabella to stop. Tuare stand between her and Sebas, refusing to let her use the first person who tried to help her. Isabella amused to see Tuare having a sudden boost in confidence, asks where this person was when she was killing her friends a little while ago. She see that the girl has fallen in love with the old man, mocking her as being timid and weak. The words of Isabella causes Tuare to admit that she was a coward when her comrades were being butchered by the demon. She had given up hope of being saved, even before this as she already suspected her debt contract was false. The only reason why she did not escape from the brothel was that she as too afraid to stand up for herself, believing it would only lead to a worse path and was content to just die without a struggle. Mentally admitting that while saw was watching the slaughter of her fellow prostitutes she hoped that a miracle would come and save her. Somehow it did, but rather than feel grateful, Tuare feels ashamed as she did nothing to help her friends, not even cry or plead. Tuare thinking back at Tuare's offer of help from before, she believes that Sebas Tian may have been trying to motivate her to save herself and so she declares that she will fight even if death is facing her.

Having enough of the human girl, Isabella order Sebas Tian to take care of her. As Sebas Tian palm raises as if to strike, it instead strokes Tuare's head with the old man complimenting on her resolve. Isabella is hysterical as to why her technique did not work on Sebas as the effective time has not passed yet. Soi and the protagonist have an idea that it's due to [Charm Person] being ineffective on heteromorphs since Sebas Tian is a Dragonoid but they keep it to themselves to avoid being exposed. The protagonist goes over the information that Isabella revealed to them in her bravado, that it's possible to raise the ability of magic to levels where "items and even magical countermeasures are impossible" and hopes to study it more. Sebas Tian then turns to a terrifed Isabella wanting to finish his business with her. Later Soi is seen 'dealing' with Isabella commenting on the injuries that the butler dealt to her and how they were lucky to catch a find when she receives a [Message] from Momonga.[7]


The group is the last ones to reach the basement of the brothel from the secret passage. The other survivors have already been sent up to report to the city guard. Tuare, Sebas Tian and the protagonist's team still linger behind in the basement. Tuare is the only witness to what happened but even she doesn't know what exactly happened. She is grateful that Sebas Tian is okay but worries about the Isabella. It seems after Sebas Tian blasted her away, she ran so Soi had to give chase but reported that Isabella had disappeared. In reality the demon was weak enough for Soi to confine her in her slime body without arousing suspicion. Tuare promises to report what happen to the Adventurer's Guild, though Sebas advises her to give credit to the protagonist and his friends as he himself is not an adventurer and wishes to remain inconspicuous. If that is what Sebas Tian wants, Tuare agrees and promises him that she won't not force herself to hide Sebas Tian's involvement if she is directly questioned by the authorities.

Tuare suddenly collapses, as Soi has injected her with a light sleep poison from behind. Sebas Tian seeing this demands to know from the undercover maid what she is doing. Solution merely responds that she just wanted the girl to sleep to avoid her listening in on a important [Message] from Momonga. When Momonga's voice speaks, the Overlord tells Sebas Tian that he has been brought up to speed on the situation by Solution. Granted that though they expected this outcome to be different it has brought them an unexpected benefit to Nazarick and for that he thanks Sebas Tian. Unfortunately they still have to address the unauthorized criminal investigation he initiated. Before the butler could explain himself, Momonga interrupts him stating that he knows Sebas Tian wasn't initially doing it for Nazarick's benefit, and yet fate has made it so. Still Momonga finds this to be something natural for Sebas Tian's growth, though the butler may have exceeded his expectations, the Overlord still he needs to confirm something.

The door of the brothel basement opens with Demiurge and Shalltear Bloodfallen coming out at the scene. The butler seeing them here asks his master why they are present. Momonga ignores the question and tells Sebas Tian to follow his order kill the the sleeping Tuare. Sebas Tian conflicted over the matter reminds himself of who he is and where his loyalties lie and launches a blow at the sleeping girl. To his surprise he finds his blow to be blocked by Shalltear who confirms to Demiurge and Momonga that the attack was a killing blow. Confused on what is going on, Momonga explains that this was a test to see if he prioritizes Nazarick or an outsider. Seeing that Seba Tian was shown to be willing to kill Tuare, Momonga announces that Sebas Tian has exonerated himself. Momonga then tells Sebas Tian that his merciful nature is not a crime as it was part of Touch Me's will. Momonga would respect it and overlook Sebas Tian's humanitarianism so long as he did not bring any harm to Nazarick and kept him informed of any independent projects of his.

The subject of Sebas Tian's loyalties now no longer in question, Momonga orders the Sebas Tian and the two Floor Guardians to return to Nazarick as the security of the dungeon is compromised with their absence. Despite being tested on his loyalty, Sebas Tian is extremely grateful that his master showed him mercy for his disrespect and promises to work harder in gratitude.

With Shalltear and Sebas Tian due to return to the dungeon, Momonga informs Albedo to keep the alert level for Nazarick on high until they return. Albedo is pleased by the outcome, praising her master's generosity for Sebas Tian's misconduct and renewing his loyalties. Momonga merely states that he was doing his responsibilities as a leader in confirming that there is no insubordination in the ranks. He then directs her to monitor the general command of the dungeon and she obeys. Once she leaves the room, Momomga lets out a heavy sigh before his emotions are suppressed by his passive racial trait, extremely relieved that Sebas Tian had not committed any sort of treason and eases his mind on the possible ramifications.

While waiting for Tuare to wake up, dawn in E-Rantel had already begun. The woman apologizes for falling asleep not understanding what just occurred with her. Sebas Tian suggests that it was due to stress from the experience before he asks her what she will do now after the guards finish questioning her.

Tuare plans to work with her surviving colleagues to support one another and hopefully find some honest work. Sebas Tian reassures her that finding work will not be a problem as there is a shortage on manpower. He also informs her that the representatives of the city are thinking about reorganizing the Black Market now that the criminal elements are gone so she should consider looking there.

When Sebas Tian asks what she will do once she has settled at a new job, Tuare tells him that she might go and look for her sister. According to a rumor her hometown was attacked by Chaos Beasts so she is not sure if she might still be alive. Tuare didn't want to remember the old days and was considering forgetting about her sister, but now decides that she still wants to see her in order to move forward. Sebas thinks that Tuare's sister might also be still looking for her and offers his assistance if he has the chance. To allow him to help find her sister, she tells him her name: Celicia Veyron or Celi for short. Before he leaves the young woman asks if they can see each other again. Though he cannot make any promises, he mutters that should she need any help he would hear it and come rushing, which Tuare responds with a "yes".[8]