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|Debut-novel = [[Overlord Volume 12]]
|Debut-novel = [[Overlord Volume 12]]
'''Spriggans''' are a demi-human species native to the [[Abelion Hills]].
'''Spriggans''' are a demi-human race native to the [[Abelion Hills]].
== Background ==
== Background ==

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Spriggans are a demi-human race native to the Abelion Hills.


Spriggans were one of many races that Jaldabaoth enslaved as part of his demi-human coalition to attack the Roble Holy Kingdom.



Spriggans were fundamentally a good species and evil types of them were very rare. That said, both good and bad ones were unmanageable when they went on a rampage.


Spriggans could freely change their size from small to large.


  • In English lore, Spriggans were said to be the bodyguards of faeries.
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