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Spell Tattoo or Cursed Rune is a magical item from the Web Novel.


Spell Tattoos are items that contain various spells. Those with the Shamanic Adept class are able to use them with a degree of control.[1]


It takes on the form of various markings inscribed onto a person's body.


Spell Tattoos are triggered/activated by the use of a keyword. A user of Spell Tattoos can have numerous tattoos and the spells contained within the tattoos can vary from status boost spells to offensive attack spells.


  • According to the Web Novel, the tattoos are placed on the user using a magic item.[2]
  • The Spell Tattoos were adapted in Zero's character in the Light Novel.[3]
  • Hilma's Viper’s Tattoo could also be a reference to the Spell Tattoo.[4]


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