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Spear Needle (スピアニードル) is a rabbit-like monster from YGGDRASIL.


The Spear Needle closely resembles a gigantic angora rabbit and has white patches of soft fur. Its full height exceeds two meters.


The Spear Needle is a level 67 monster and transforms its loose fur into a thicket of thin, sharp needles in combat. If killed like this, the fur doesn’t revert to its original soft state.[1]


  • Shalltear Bloodfallen finds Spear Needle cute and continued to pet one despite the danger of its fur.
  • Players who hunted Spear Needles for their soft fur stealthily had to kill them in a single strike before the fur transformed. Thus, they were typically a much higher level than the monster.
  • One Spear Needle was held in a confining choke-hold by CZ2I28 Delta.


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