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Southern Regions is a term referring to the New World's regions located further south from where the Great Tomb of Nazarick was known to be located in.


According to reports made from the Roble Holy Kingdom, the southern regions were not a land that was ruled by humans. Less than half the population was human, and many of those had the blood of other species, and that number was steadily increasing.[1]

However, it was known for people hailing from the south to have distinct features that set them together with a similar origin. This includes characteristics wherein that person's eye and hair tone had to be black in color. These traits of theirs are said to be commonly found within people who live in the south.[2]

With knowledge provided by Evileye, garments like Demiurge's full suit was known to be worn in the south.[3] The south was described as a region where Eryuentiu, the last city of the Eight Greed Kings was situated somewhere there.[4] It was a place which Brain Unglaus was able to discover one of the rare katana-type weapons.[5]

In the south, there exists a religion known as the Buddha which had few followers like Unkei worshiping it from that far-off region.[6]


It was noted the deep south was known to be some sort of desert-type region.[7] The existence of a floating city, Eryuentiu was said to be located within that surrounding region. It was built here during the era of the Eight Greed Kings' rule over the continent six centuries ago as their country's capital.[8]


  • Momon and Nabe of Darkness were mistaken by Swords of Darkness as one of the people with origin to the southern regions.
  • Based on the respective information they knew of Jaldabaoth, both Evileye and Neia Baraja consider the possibility that the said demon may have come from the south.
  • According to Momon, he assumes that dark-hair people from the south are in fact, YGGDRASIL Players.[9]


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