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"To say what its all for--- It is a dream to improve the quality of life level of human society using monsters!"
— Sophie's dream.

Sophie Noia (ゾフィ・ノイア女史) is a game original character that appeared in Mass for the Dead.


A woman with heterochromia eyes, her left eye is blood red, while her right eye is pink. Sophie is a fair woman with dark purple hair and a scar over her left eye which she covers with a gold-rimmed monocle. She wears a white jacket with a hood, and an open chest top revealing her bosom. At her waist, she is equipped with a belt carrying various items, like test tubes and other instruments.


A confident young woman she appears to be somewhat crazed and perverted. She holds the belief that humanity can advance through the fruits of her research on monsters.


In the empire, there was research on how to make skeletons do manual labor, but Sophie wishes to make an attempt in using other types of monsters. One specific type of monster that is of interest are slimes. According to her humanity has long coexisted with slime-types. She recently became the newly selected High Disciple of Fluder. Though she became a researcher after the subject of her revenge died during the Catastrophe.


Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

In the game, Sofie relocates to E-Rantel for her research on monsters. At some point after the Great Tomb of Nazarick is left unguarded, Sophie infiltrates the dungeon.

Abilities and Powers

The strongest of Fluder Paradyne's disciples, Sophie can use up to the 4th Tier Magic. While casting her magic she also utilizes potions in her attacks.


  • Magic Boost (Medium): Increase the magic attack power of allies alone.
  • Viscous Species Special Effects: Damage increases for “viscous” seeds that deal magic damage to single enemies.
  • XXX Cage: Inflict magical damage from the "Darkness" element on a single enemy, making it paralyzed.
  • Darkness UP: Increases the attack power of the "Darkness" element.



Due to her interest in the monster, she appears to have an unhealthy obsession with the Slime.

Saint Clementine

The two women are colleagues, as Clementine acts as a middle person for her transactions to acquire new samples for Sophia's research. Though Clementine finds her habits to be strange, and the researcher referring her as her senior embarrassing the saint sees Sophia as a good person.


  • Sophie is the fourth new character from the game Mass for the Dead. She was added as a limited-time character on October 4, 2019.[1]



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