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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers

Solution's class build is concentrated on her racial levels. Her body is said to be empty inside, and Solution can choose to protect or dissolve things she has absorbed.[1] She can also control the speed of her digestion.[2]

As a slime, she does not take damage from normal physical attacks. As a result, she is adept at dealing with the likes of physical attacks as well as possessing an especially strong resistance to piercing or slashing attacks.

In a way, punching her is just like punching a bag filled with water. If someone tries to stab her with an edged tool, then she will simply just absorb the edge and digest it. However, bludgeoning attacks can actually hurt Solution unlike slashing or piercing attacks.[3]

Being a rogue class-based character with assassin and poison maker classes, Solution has superior detection abilities.[4] She specializes in detecting traps, pursuit, scouting, and the use of poison in combat.[5] She can bypass the job restrictions of scrolls through an unidentified set of thief skills.[6]

She can inject a personally produced poison by transforming her finger into a syringe-shaped tube. This is done with the use of a skill, letting her combine a powerful poison that induces sleep and a muscle-relaxing poison.

She uses a skill from her assassin class to melt into the shadows and then reemerge out of it.[7]

Based on the Web Novel, every bodily part of Solution's body is considered malleable. She is able to skillfully manipulate parts of her body into slimy whip-like arms, which can extend as far as two meters in length to reach her targets from afar and silently slice them apart with knives. Her thin and sticky arms attack human-type foes at speeds that their kinetic vision fails to take notice of until they are killed without warning. She can revert her human appearance back into a slime.[8]


  • Attack Power Destruction: As it is single-target, it results in reducing one foe's attack power.
  • Poison Bomb: A single-target move that involves inflicting [Poison] magical damage on a foe.
  • Venom Paint: It boosts an ally's physical attack power.
  • Decapitating Whip Cage: It deals single-target, physical damage on one foe.[9]


  • Physical Attack Immunity

Main Equipment

  • Unnamed Maid Armor: In the Web Novel, the skirt part of her maid uniform has a magical defensive plate made of a black magic metal on top of the cloth. In addition to that, it is three plates of magically transformed metal, adamantium, a mix of mithril and beliad, and a magic metal known as Galvoln. Her chest armor also uses this as well. Of course, the magic added is top grade. Data Crystals that only Players who are over level 90 could get are used. If one thinks about its defensive properties, rather than a maid uniform, it is more like Full Platemail armor.[10]

Other Equipment


  • She is capable of storing large amounts of things in her body such as items, weapons, or even several humans.[11]


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