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Solution Epsilon (ソリュシャン・イプシロン, Solution・Ε) is a slime battle maid and a member of the "Pleiades Six Stars," the battle maid squad of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She was created by Herohero.


Solution is a blonde beauty with spiral curls and blue eyes, and clothing that emphasizes her sex appeal. The top of her maid uniform is designed to open easily, so Solution can absorb victims into her body. She is said to rival the most beautiful woman in the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Golden Princess. As she is of the slime race, Solution can change her appearance as she wishes.


Solution thinks of humans as food and toys. She loves to swallow humans alive and enjoys the suffering and the struggling of her victims. Solution tends lure to lustful men who are after her body in with a literal boobytrap by exposing her chest to them, tricking them into touching her so that she can then absorb them thereafter. She does not mind the screams of humans during their last moments before consuming her victims with her body. She is, along with Narberal Gamma, one of the two "extremely dangerous" Pleiades.

She is also good at disguising her nature, acting like a childish and rude lady when she is out getting information with Sebas. It seems that her true nature is quite logical, which is suggested by her complaint about the inefficient behaviors of Sebas or Entoma.

She is willing to meet and face her superior and someone a lot stronger than her with force if she feels that their actions disregard Nazarick's benefits or bring danger to Nazarick. She is able to independently make decisions on her own when needed and even betray her superior if she feels that they are obstructing Nazarick's plans.


Solution Epsilon was created by Herohero to be one of the battle maids, the Pleiades. They served as a last line of defense against intruders. However, because she is unlikely to be able to stand against enemy players who managed to come this far, her only real purpose was to distract the invaders until the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown were able to fully prepare for their final stand in the throne room.


The Undead King Arc

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Solution, along with her sisters, were ordered by Momonga to guard the 9th Floor. She and the other Pleiades were on standby in wait for Momonga.[1]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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Solution disguises herself as a spoiled rich mistress from the Baharuth Empire while Sebas Tian acts as her butler who follows her every command, despite being her superior in reality. In the Shining Golden Pavilion, Solution intentionally makes loud complaints about the food, giving everyone a bad impression of her. She rudely tells Sebas to ready the carriage and departs immediately. In private, she apologizes to Sebas for her actions while talking about Zach acting according to their plan, silently spying on him. Solution tells Sebas that she wants that human for herself and Sebas replies that she will have to ask permission from Shalltear to have her request accepted.

As the carriage goes on its way, she asks for Shalltear's permission to devour Zach, which she receives, much to her delight. When the bandits targeting them have been lured out, they are slaughtered by Shalltear and her Vampire Brides as Solution devours Zach. Solution has a brief discussion with Shalltear about how she is able to take care of Zach inside her as a Predator Slime. She makes a promise with Shalltear, who suggests that they can have fun together once again whenever Nazarick receives intruders, which the two agree to share between themselves. She and Sebas split off from Shalltear and continue on their way to the Royal Capital.[2]

The Maid Tea Party Arc

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Solution participates in the monthly Pleiades report and tea party along with her sisters. She reports about her work with Sebas in the Kingdom. She informs her sisters about the job progressing smoothly. When Narberal reports her work with Ainz, Solution and the others get jealous of Naberal's closeness with Ainz. Solution states that she likes the meat of young girls and that she likes the sensation of eating humans alive. She asks Yuri if they can request Ainz to let them have one of the humans that are being interrogated while they're still alive.[3]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc
Overlord II EP07 135

Solution informing Ainz that Sebas may have betrayed them.

Solution greets Sebas but notices that he has brought a human with him and tells him that a human may jeopardize their mission. Despite this, she is ordered to heal the human and not report this incident to Ainz. After some time, a group of guards led by Staffan Heivish and Succulent appears at their temporary residence, accusing them of involving themselves with slave trafficking and for having bought Tuare as a slave. They then demand that they pay a heavy fine and turn over Tuare to their custody. Once they leave, Solution asks Sebas to dispose of the human before she causes more trouble for their mission. When Sebas leaves, Solution decides to contact Ainz and inform him that Sebas may have gone rogue.[4]

She welcomes Sebas back and informs him of their master, Ainz Ooal Gown, waiting for him.[5] After confirming Sebas' loyalty, she and Sebas prepare to return to Nazarick after buying wheat.[6] Sebas tells Solution that Tuare has been kidnapped and asks her to inform Ainz of the same. After Sebas kills four members of the Six Arms, she proceeds to kidnap the audience.[7] Solution participates in Demiurge's plan to make Momon a lasting hero in the Re-Estize Kingdom. She plays the part along with the other battle maids, excluding Narberal, of acting as Jaldabaoth's underlings with her face disguised with a mask. She partners with Lupusregina Beta and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta. They fight against Nabe and continue to do so until Jaldabaoth orders a retreat.[8]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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When Ainz holds a grand court in the Throne Room, he speaks to each of his personal level servants, asking what they want as a reward for their efforts. Solution requests to be given humans, particularly virgins, for her to devour. Ainz partially grants her request, giving her the captured Eight Fingers' agents, but refuses to give her any virgins.[9]

Solution, along with her fellow Pleiades, except for Narberal, encounters Dragon Hunt on the surface of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. They have been sent to see if the Nazarick Old Guarders are able to capture enemies trying to escape from the tomb. To her and the other Pleiades' surprise, Dragon Hunt decides to stay and fight. She and her sisters try to cheer for the Dragon Hunt workers, but they are easily slaughtered by the Nazarick Old Guarders.[10]

The Pleiades Day Arc

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Sometime after the annexation of E-Rantel, Solution kidnaps Miyoshi out of jealousy for his duty in washing Ainz's body. When questioned directly by Ainz, she remains silent on Miyoshi's whereabouts, forcing Ainz to ask Yuri Alpha to compel the answer from her. She reveals her actions after being pressured by Yuri, claiming she wants to wash Ainz's body. Expecting to be punished, Ainz calmly explains such duties are beneath her station as a daughter of Herohero. After apologizing to Ainz, Solution extracts Miyoshi from herself. Ainz orders her to return the slime back to where she found him after he is washed.[11]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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When Ainz Ooal Gown is called back from E-Rantel, Solution greets him at Nazarick. She returns to Ainz his Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown in order to teleport to the 10th Floor.[12]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

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At the time of the Great Tomb of Nazarick's transfer to the New World, Solution Epsilon was among the NPCs that were killed in the transition. Momonga finding the dungeon in ruins due to the strange Cracks and overrun by Chaos Beasts quickly revived her and the Pleiades with magic. Unfortunately the maid suffered a severe abnormal drop in levels since her revival as did the other NPCs that were brought back to life. When the protagonist appeared before Momonga who was suspicious on the identity of the homunculus, Solution can be one maids that vouches on his identity as being a creation of Herohero.[13] After the protagonist leaves with a Redeem Slime summon and Narberal Gamma, Solution is left with the remaining Pleiades in Nazarick. To rebuild Nazarick, more information was needed to determine the new phenomena that was now affecting the dungeon. Thus Momonga had the maids train to prepare for a survey of the Cracks. When they were deemed ready Solution and her sisters investigated the Cracks, fighting the Chaos Beasts to learn its secrets.[14]

Solution with the rest of her sisters greeted Narberal Gamma upon her return from the outside world. From the doppelgänger she gained some insight on human society and started practicing on how to communicate with them by referring them as "maggots". It gained some attention from Sebas Tian and Momonga who intervene to correct some misconceptions and focus their training on hospitality.[15] The slime would help Demiurge's project in creating the Throne of Death as a replacement to the Throne of Kings, by devouring the human that provided the skin for the leather after the demon was done harvesting.[16]

While repairing the baths on the 9th Floor, Solution learned from Yuri of the existence of Miyoshi the personal bathing attendant of Momonga. Jealous of the slime's position the maid kidnapped Miyoshi, hiding him in her body believing that if he were to disappear the role of cleaning Momonga who fall to her. The results of her kidnapping were not as planned, as the disappearance of Miyoshi led Momonga and others that an intruder was in Nazarick. It caused a lockdown of the tomb and a wide search which caused Solution to be in horror at the wild goose chase she caused. The maid tried to hide her involvement in the kidnapping but as things began to spiral more out of control, Solution caved in and confessed to the Floor Guardians and Momonga. Though she confessed to the crime she refused to divulged the reason so Yuri was brought to compel her and release Miyoshi. After she divulged the reason, Momonga rather than be angry at her deception was curious that she was able to do such a thing and was curious at the limits of how far she would go. In the end Momonga apologized if he made her feel insignificant for not asking her to be his bathing attendant, and explained that he could not ask her as she was the daughter of his friend Herohero and thus would be improper.[17] The maid would assist in bringing an air of hospitality to the healing Nazarick by taking over CZ2128 Delta's shift to allow the other maid to create a flower garden on the 6th Floor.[18]

Solution would infiltrate the Re-Estize Kingdom under the alias, Soi, as an adventurer in E-Rantel. She appeared weeks before the protagonist and Slimeko arrived at the city. As Soi she was a abrasive new copper rank adventurer annoyed by her low standing. Upon seeing the protagonist given the opportunity to be promoted based on his skills she demanded the same treatment to advance at the guild. After the protagonist and her prove their worth and are given the opportunity to be bumped up on the adventurer ranking, the protagonist instead declines wanting to earn it the fair way. His decision is followed in suit by Soi who invites herself on his team. Once the three were alone, Soi dropped the act and greeted them properly explaining her mission was to meet up with them and casually join them as an adventurer without associating Nazarick. She also brings them up to speed that another agent, Sebas Tian has also infiltrated the city. That being said the trio then go out to make a name for themselves as adventurers. One of the first jobs they received is by referral of Saint Clementine to assist Sophie Noia to collect samples of the Sanitary Slimes in the sewers of the city. The trio expected the job to be simple, but find that the once passive slimes have gone aggressive and hostile. The three managed to survive the encounter and also discovered a hidden room in the sewer system that bring more questions.

Returning back to the guild, they were welcomed warmly by Saint Clementine on their success. After the slime samples were given to Sophie, Soi warned her comrades about Clementine as she could tell that the woman was masking her emotions. The group then takes a job to provide security for the Quarry near the city and where Sebas Tian is working. When they arrive at the mine they learn of an individual with a reputation for being selfless and kind, which Soi figures out to be Sebas, the butler's alias. It appears Sebas has been protecting the human miners from injury, using his superior strength to save them from mining accidents and drive away the local demi-human raiders. The actions cause Soi to scold Sebas as their orders were explicit in not drawing unwanted attention in their given professions. Thinking that he has been letting the humans become too reliant on him she helped the undercover butler to orchestrate a situation where the miners would have to come to rescue Sebas. It works and allows Sebas to maintain his cover.

Soi would meet one of the protagonist's associates Nigun Grid Luin and Ian Als Heim of the Sunlight Scripture. At this point the captain of the Sculpture shocks her as he already knows her name having kept tabs on the protagonist's entry in the Adventurer's Guild. She is unimpressed by the man and was willing to comply with Nigun to have a duel to test her and the protagonists' skills. The resulting duel was a draw but it was enough to convince Nigun that the two were strong.[19]

Solution working under her alias of Soi would escort a group of peculiar visitors to Nazarick that emerged from the Crack on the 10th Floor. She had to deal with one of the more interesting characters who was a masochist and seemed intent only allowing herself to have her clothes devoured by Fiber-Eating Slimes. To get her attention Soi had to bribe the woman with a torture device from Neuronist Painkill's collection.[20] After the guests left another event occurred in Nazarick, this time involving a competition between Shalltear and Albedo over the right to be Momonga's queen. In a test of "Open Problem Solving", Solution was paired with Albedo to help defeat the Chaos Beasts flooding the Throne Room as part of the challenge. Unfortunately she and Albedo do not win and victory went to Shalltear and her partner Narberal.[21]

The slime assisted in other Nazarick missions, such as venturing out through an unstable [Gate] to explore a Mysterious Island with the Pleiades. Gifted with her own swimsuit, Solution surveyed the island with her sisters, the protagonist and Slimeko. The slime maid helped protect her comrades from wild slimes and locate what appeared to be an abandoned pirates port. After killing the undead pirates and the Giant Mollusk she and the others claimed what was left of the pirate crew's plunder.[22]

Soi's team's fame began to grow with promise due to their already rising status as platinum adventurers. The group would attract the attention of the city officials as they took more hazardous jobs like undead subjugation at the E-Rantel's Cemetery. On another they were contracted by the Pharmacist's Guild to acquire soil samples from the Great Forest of Tob for a herb cultivation project. At the same time Lizzie Bareare hired them to retrieve some items belonging to her grandson's friend in Carne Village. At the forest she finally meets Nazarick's newest recruit, Hamsuke. After the job the group then take on another undead clean up mission in the Katze Plains where they meet Leinas Rockbruise and Nimble Arc Dale Anoch. Once that was done, Soi helped escort a supply caravan through the fog when they were attacked by undead, which included a Skeletal Dragon that she proceeded to defeat. As the journey continued her team were instrumental in repelling an attack by a Death Knight, impressing the imperial knights.

Upon their return to E-Rantel, Soi's team were brought to a hearing to stand accused by Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra for being involved in a plot to sabotage the city. Since the slime samples they brought back to Sophie on their first job showed signs of contamination of high levels of alchemical solutions they were suspected of supplying the substance to Hilma Cygnaeus, a current member of the Pharmacist's Guild but at one time a high ranking executive of Eight Fingers. Their involvement in the mutation of the slimes is later proven to be null as it was determined that the adventurers could not have supplied enough herbs to Hilma as they job was only recent. The culprit turned out to be an accident from run off water from the herb field that entered the sewers and caused the slimes to undergo their violent change. With the city in danger of a massive swarm of mutant slimes, Soi's team volunteered to handle them. At the Sewage Treatment Plant they met with Sebas who was contacted by Soi to aid them. The mutant slimes are killed and the team faces off against a Super Giant Sanitary Slime. Soi helps defeat it by using her superior acid to kill it and claim its slime core as proof of their victory.[23]

For her contributions to Nazarick, Solution requested to be given live humans to consume from her master Momonga. When Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself hired Soi's team to find the culprits of the missing refugees in E-Rantel, Soi played the role of the skeptic believing that the humans just gave into despair and committed suicide. After her team began working in conjunction with Blue Roses, Soi attracted the attentions of Tia due to her skills as an assassin. When the two teams were chasing suspects after catching them in a sting operation, Soi managed to keep on their trail using her experience in locating hidden passages like in the E-Rantel sewers. CZ2128 Delta assisted in the capture of one of the suspects from the shadows. To prevent her involvement from being discovered, Soi took credit for the take down. The adventurers track the source of the scheme to the E-Rantel's Cemetery where they find Six Arms and Zurrernorn conspiring with one another. Soi fought with Evileye against Davernoch taking pleasure in killing the undead as he had the gall to call himself the Undead King. Khajiit Dale Badantel who was alone after his allies fell, attempted to start Death Spiral but CZ2128 Delta killed him from sniper range. Once again Soi took credit of the kill to keep maintain her cover though it earned her the respect of Blue Roses.[24]

The maid would later use her adventurer identity to go with the protagonist, Sebas Tian and Slimeko to the Mine Dungeon to assist Abyss Demon in doing a survey of a new vein of ore in the mine.[25] Solution would also join Sebas Tian's team, Butler and Maid, for the Nazrzick Fighting Tournament though her team lost against Crimson Temple.[26]

Other assignments were more mundane such as baking Christmas Cakes for Nazarick's Christmas party. However she accidentally used her own acid instead of lemon juice much to Yuri's irritation.[27] While on assignment in E-Rantel, Solution's adventurer team would be recalled back to Nazarick to handle an unprecedented crisis that was affecting Nazarick. All of the NPCs had fallen under some sort of New Year's spell and the dungeon was rampant with strange new monsters. The source of the mental effect is tracked to a Chaos Zone that appeared in Fake Nazarick. There Solution encounters several of her own comrades encouraging her and her team to complete a series of challenges. The maid mainly acts as a scout during the mission, though she assist in helping the protagonist and Momonga slay Shiramochi-ō, the mastermind behind the crisis.[28] However Shiramochi-ō's death caused a time loop, restarting the events of the crisis with slightly different series of events. Though Solution still was recalled back to Nazarick with her team to set things right, but were joined by a new comrade named Shiro. In the end it turned out Shiro was really Shiramochi-ō who had lost his memories. After the White Mochi King regained his memories, having grown close to his new friends allowed himself to be killed by Momonga as it was the only way to remove the spell over Nazarick.[29]

More visitors to Nazarick came from the Crack on the 10th Floor, and Solution would be assigned to escort the strangers during their stay in Nazarick. On her assignment she guided them to the Tob Forests to have them conduct a series of experiments on their abilities with Aura.[30] At the time of the second summit meeting of the Tripartite Alliance, Solution's adventurer team were hired by the royal family of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Acting as Soi her team participated in a mock battle against the Baharuth Empire's warriors for the honor of the Kingdom. She fought against the likes of Zero, Nimble Arc Dale Anoch and even Fluder Paradyne. While fighting with Gazef Stronoff against Fluder, the match was called off as the fortress city of E-Rantel was being attacked by a horde of Chaos Beasts. Soi's team later saved the city from being destroyed by acting as the vanguard of the city and slaying the alpha leader of the horde.[31]

After that adventure, Soi would find her next mission to the ruined Roble Holy Kingdom with Momonga. She was sent as part of his expedition under her alias Soi just in case it was necessary to negotiate with human survivors. Though when the reached the Great Wall and Kalinsha the areas were devoid of human life. The expedition made a discovery of a strange artifact found in a cathedral of Kalinsha and after killing its guardian it was transported back to the tomb.[32]

In E-Rantel as Soi, her team were contracted by the royal family once again this time to locate and rescue a missing Gazef Stronoff. Her team worked with Blue Roses and tracked the Warrior Captain's last known location to be at the Northern Cave. Together and with the help of Brain Unglaus Soi's team defeated two Spear Chaos Beasts that were guarding the entrances. Once they were defeated, Soi and her team were sent to find Gazef and any survivors.[33] Within the cave network, Shalltear Bloodfallen emerges from hiding to aid the undercover adventurers as "Shall" a noble adventurer. The group then followed Gazef's trail leading to a cavern containing a Crack. Soi is confused as the entire cave is filled with Chaos Stones indicating Chaos Beasts were recently slain, but by who eludes her until a feral Gazef Stronoff attacks her team. It takes the combine might of Soi and Shall to defeat him and render him unconscious. They are attacked by another entity but after a hard battle they defeat it and bring both Gazef back to E-Rantel and transport the other creature to Nazarick.[34]

Solution would be assigned to guard a new batch of visitors from the Crack, this time shadowing a group when one of their own went rogue. While guarding them on a trip to the Tob Forests, Solution and the Pleiades had to head to a disturbance where Demiurge's Enhanced Treant farm was where they found a girl with cloning abilities. After it was determined that the girl was an associate of their guests of Nazarick so Solution reported the news to Momonga.[35] The Predator Slime was assigned to guard the new visitor, and though she initially acted cold to her, Solution warmed up to her as they had similar mentalities in being predators and even gave her some relationship advice.[36]

Solution was supportive of Shalltear's pursuit of a relationship with Momonga. This is displayed when she uncovered a plot by her teammates: Slimeko and the protagonist secretly helping Albedo seduce Momonga by isolating their master on the 9th Floor during a security drill. She suspected something was going on and get the truth out of Slimeko after the younger slime cracked under pressure. Solution warned Shalltear of the ploy and it was just in time as it helped the vampire prevent Albedo from raping Momonga in his own chambers.[37] More visitors from another world were brought from the Crack, among the new batch was a magic caster whose spell could cause impressive damage. In her adventurer disguise Soi was part of the team that escorted the visitors to the Azerlisia Mountains to locate a gold vein for Nazarick, she later witnessed the spell in action after the magic caster used it to kill a Fire Dragon.[38]

Evidence of players in a seaside village reached Nazarick, prompting Momonga to send his undercover adventurers to confirm it. The adventurers were supported from the shadows from the remaining members of the Pleiades. They had an unexpected encounter with Blue Roses were also seeking a dwarf named Tsuibayaya. The teams worked together to secure the dwarf's help as he was promised to make armors for the Kingdom. In exchange they helped the dwarf acquire scales from the Legendary Mermaid. The adventurers managed to win the scales from the merman, only thanks to the secret help from CZ2128 Delta which Soi took credit for to hide Nazarick's involvement to Blue Roses.[39]

The maid also assisted her sisters in solving a mysterious haunting of the Tob Forests. At the time the hauntings was blamed on evil spirits of the land around Carne Village. To appease them Solution helped her sisters in setting up a Harvest Festival in the ruined village. The festival though was attacked by a fox-like creature named Kyuko who was responsible for strange occurrences. The Pleiades fought her with the help of Aura but managed to subdue her but the events saw Kyuko willingly join Nazarick.[40]

A new group of visitors from the Crack, composed of a trio of goddesses led by an overly cautious hero soon found themselves guests of Nazarick. To cater to the paranoid nature of the leader, Solution, Narberal, Slimeko and the protagonist took their guests outside to allow the group to hunt for their own food. They were attacked by the Grim Reaper, forcing Solution and the others to defend themselves and their charges. The Grim Reaper was slayed by the hero, and Solution used her healing magic scrolls to heal him of his near fatal injuries.[41]

Momonga would receive a report from Solution who was browsing the Black Market where she spied Sebas Tian visiting a brothel. She told her master that she suspected Sebas Tian to be peddling information to another party on Nazarick. To determine if it was true Momonga had the undercover adventurers in E-Rantel investigate Sebas Tian's activities. Solution's suspicions turned to be misguided as it was later found out that the butler was investigating the brothel that was under the possession of the Black Market crime lord Cocco Doll in order to free a girl named Tuareninya Veyron. After Cocco Doll was arrested and given to the authorities it was learned that the brothel was being preyed upon by something as many of it employees turned up missing. After heading back to the brothel and following a hidden passageway to the sewers they found a demon named Isabella torturing the employees. Given that they were facing a New World demon, Isabella's capture took priority. After the demoness was defeated, Soi hid Isabella in her body to be transported back to Nazarick for a proper interrogation. Solution would help Tuare go to sleep in order to prevent her form eavesdropping on Nazarick privy matters when Momonga came to E-Rantel to discuss Sebas Tian's unsanctioned investigation.[42]

While taking a break at a bar in E-Rantel, Soi and her team noticed a strange trio nearby that seemed to be off given their clothes and behavior atypical of adventurers and workers. Their hunch turned out to be correct as the group were actually visitors from another world sent to assassinate another group. The undercover adventurers had to fight them as the targets were under Nazarick's protection.[43]

King Ramposa III who wished to reward her team for saving Gazef Stronoff had Soi's team summoned before him. The protagonist doing the negotiations requested the city rights of E-Rantel surprising many. After the meeting with the king, the adventurers encountered a mentally disturbed Nfirea Bareare and learned of his grudge against the Chaos Beasts. Noting that he was a very unstable yet powerful individual, Soi added him to the list of names that Nazarick needed to keep an eye on.[44]

During the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth's attack on the city of E-Rantel, after Emperor Jircniv's deal with the demon when wrong, Soi played her part in Nazarick's scheme by staging a rescue of Emperor Jircniv just after she and the "Dark Warrior" saved him from being executed. Afterwards she and the Dark Warrior were hailed as heroes who saved the city.[45]

A part of Solution's past would come back and haunt her, when the baths of Nazarick were finally repaired. The baths made her remember, Miyoshi a slime she kidnapped and started a false intruder alert during Nazarick's days of reconstruction. The "Miyoshi-kun's Disappearance Case" was brought to light to some members of the female NPCs, who after hearing her reasons for kidnapping Miyoshi tried to petition Momonga to elect themselves as his bathing attendant. Unable to discourage them and choose among them the Miyoshi Cup was devised as a way to find out who would have the honor of challenging Miyoshi's position. At the same time it helped select a team of women that were needed to fulfill the requirements to activate a Open Air Golem in the baths and disarm it. After four competitions and disabling the golem, Albedo, Shalltear, Lupusregina and Solution were at the final match against Momonga though all were defeated thus ending the competition. The results of the competition threw Solution in a depression, though to her astonishment Miyoshi comforted her having forgiven her for holding him captive when they met. The Sapphire Slime demonstrated his abilities which showed his cleaning expertise causing Solution to admit that he was more suit for the role of Momonga's bathing attendant.[46]

To give Pandora's Actor a chance to experience a Christmas party, Momonga hosted a second one and had Narberal and Solution use their connections in E-Rantel to procure meat for the feast. When Lupusregina, Entoma and CZ returned to Nazarick after coming back from the mountains, Solution was among those at the party that listened to their adventure.[47]

In an unexpected turn of events the Crack on the 10th Floor opened another portal to another world, and allowed Nazarick to be reunited with some previous acquaintances. Solution had the opportunity to greet her friend and the two share sometime to get reacquainted with one another. When it appeared that an evil clone of said friend was running amok, Solution lent her assistance in containing the entity.[48][49] For the upcoming Project Valentine, Solution provided consultation to Shalltear Bloodfallen, helping her to create her chocolate dish.[50]

Solution with the rest of the Pleiades would show their support to the nascent idol group, LittleMass and cheer at the final show in the Amphitheater.[51] In the aftermath of the idol plan, Momonga decided to implement a similar plan in E-Rantel, under the suggestion of the protagonist to inspire the populace and raise their mental health. Thus through the Sorcerer Kingdom, the protagonist helped to organize an exhibition match that officially was there to raise adventurer recruits for the Adventurer's Guild. At the same time Soi having be raised to that of an adamantite adventurer due to her association with the protagonist, adopted a more ninja-like outfit after Guildmaster Pluton Ainzach asked her to improve her image. Under "Soi", the undercover adventurer helped establish the cover stories of Shalltear and Kyuko who infiltrated the tournament claiming that they were old friends when she traveled.[52][53]

While playing her role as Soi in E-Rantel, her adventurer team is paid a visit by Prince Zanac, wishing to hire their services to investigate a string of disappearing bride candidates happening in Marquis Blumrush's territory. Given that the content of the mission might make the nobles unhappy, Soi wanted to pass on the request as she believed it would resolve itself. Though the protagonist thought differently after Zanac warned that if nothing was done not only the innocent will pay but his idiot brother might get involved and make things worse. Soi suspected that members of Eight Fingers were responsible. To get more information, Evileye and Narberal Gamma were selected to pose as brides. When Evileye refused to pretend to be one as she found it degrading. Soi using her convincing words managed to help Evileye talk about her insecurity of being a vulnerable bride until the magic caster agreed to do the assignment to prove her character.

During the mission Soi worked with not just her team but Blue Roses to find if Blumrush was truly the guilty party. As part of the survey team she collected testimonies from the victims, include a worried father whose daughters were taken while in the noble's territory. The team got pulled into a separate mission which was assisting the city soldiers in exterminating undead that appeared in a nearby mine. The undead were not irrelevant to their original mission as they were being drawn to the mine due to Zurrernorn, who were using the brides as sacrifices. To her surprise Soi learned that Davernoch, who she killed in her early days as an adventurer was alive. She was a bit embarrassed that she did not kill him properly. Her mistake was corrected by her sister Narberal who discovered which Soi was thankful for. Soi would later fight Evil Lord Greed who was positioned at the mine to provide his appearance as the smoking gun that would oust Blumrush as collaborating with not just a death cult but the Demon Emperor. After the mission was completed she and her team returned to Nazarick and were lauded for their work as their efforts helped to secure the mines around Re-Blumrushur for Nazarick's extraction.[54]

In a performance test of Tsuibayaya's swimsuits against those in the Treasury Solution would be among the participants of the test. Like the others she concluded that the dwarf's creations were still inferior to those in Nazarick's possession. When the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" was organized, Solution chose to join Shalltear's Red Group. At the first competition called "Sandy Beach Obstacle Race" Solution was unable to gain any points at the finish line as she was not the first five to cross it. White Group won thanks to the extra points Albedo earned for defeating the obstacle monsters. In the second competition, which was the "Floating Island Survival", the maid was the fifth to jump on the platform and maintain her balance in the center of the float. Using Yuri's chest to bounce off she used the reflected force to knock off Narberal into water gaining Red Group's lead. The float would eventually break in half due to the weight of White Group. At the last competition of "Mix Gender Water Cavalry", Solution served as one of Shalltear's carriers. Ultimately the game turned into a tie, though Solution and the participants celebrated the game as it proved to be a fun experience.[55]

E-Rantel was eventually transferred to the Sorcerer Kingdom as a reward for the protagonist for saving the city of E-Rantel from the Demon Emperor Jaldaboth. To officiate the city's transfer, Soi had to escort the Sorcerer Kingdom's prime minister, Albedo, to the city. After E-Rantel was officially given to the Sorcerer Kingdom, the protagonist was promoted to the role of Territory Guardian of the city and Soi accompanied the homunculus on his rounds around the city like the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute.[56] Though it seems there was nothing to stop Nazarick's rise to power, tragedy struck when Shalltear who was out on an assignment was reported to be missing. Using the Mirror of Remote Viewing her trail was tracked to the Katze Plains. To determine what happened Soi came with her team to investigate with Momonga, Albedo and Cocytus. Teh group found evidence of an intense battle and also Shalltear under some sort of mental effect. When Momonga's magic failed to free her, a hasty retreat was ordered all the way back to Nazarick. It was there Momonga revealed to his subordinates that Shalltear was being affected by a World Item. In a effort to free Shalltear from the spell, Soi joined in a plan devised by the protagonist to use a legion of summons to weaken the vampire just enough to allow her to be lulled into the Depiction of Nature and Society where Momonga could strike the final blow.[57]

Days later, Soi's team of learned from Kralgra that Six Arms were conducted a massive undead subjugation in the Katze Plains to target the Captain of the Ghost Ship. The adventurers of Kralgra were killed when the challenged the elder lich in command of the Ghost Ship, but the information was passed to Momonga who them had the Ghost Shop recovered and installed Iguva=41 as it new captain so as he would meet the workers in place of his precedessor to learn what the forces of the Empire were up to as it was believed to be related to Shalltear's mind control.

Darkness would be hired by Nigun and Ian of the Sunlight Scripture to act as guides in the Katze Plains. The objective was to investigate why the numbers of undead had decreased, which was due to Nazarick having subjugated the region in the aftermath of Shalltear's rebellion. To avoid them from encountering Six Arms, which had been infiltrated by Iguva, Lupusregina and CZ, the adventurers of Darkness went with them to ensure that the priests to avoid complications. During the journey in the plains, Soi engaged with the priests on how the plains were infested with the undead, originally being due to the dead from the Annual Wars and now as a burial ground for E-Rantel's citizens. The party encountered the Ghost Ship passing by, which then dropped several weak undead and a Death Knight, after being secretly signaled by Slimeko. The Death Knight targeted Ian but he was saved thanks to Soi coming between them. The adventurers and priests had to fight their way through and once they killed all the undead, the priests were satisficed on their investigation to report back to their superiors.[58]

Solution was due to return back to Nazarick, to join in the Tsukimi being hosted there. Strangely a fake sun had appeared at night bringing back the day. To determine what was the cause, Solution resumed her Soi identity to help the protagonist and Slimeko identify the cause. At the Adventurers Guild to gather information, her team encountered Blue Roses. Nothing was unusual save for the fact Lakyus and Evileye were wearing bunny costumes. The protagonist suspected that something was up and Soi followed his lead to investigate Blue Roses. Once they spoke with Renner who gave them some details, and clarified with Demiurge, Soi and her team confronted Blue Roses. Soi under the pretense pf offering them a drink tricked the would adventurers into revealing that they were imposters. Together with Narberal and her team they defeated the imposters who were actually heteromorphs in disguise. After hearing their story of their circumstances, Soi and the others took them back to Nazarick. There back as Solution, she attended the Tsukimi and watched as Yuri praised Narberal for instilling obedience to the newcomers.[59]

Under her alias as Soi, Solution worked with the protagonist in his duties Territory Guardian. Whilst going to the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute she and his team of Darkness were greeted by Saint Clementine. Exchanging some words, they learned that there were rumors about a mysterious "Red Shadow" appearing on the rooftops at night. The description of the being vaguely reminded Soi of Santa Claus which was an impossibility in the current world. Still it was interesting news that warranted investigation. The group headed to the institute where Fluder and Nfirea welcomed them. There Soi fought the still feral Gazef Stronoff. Though from the researchers observations they believed Gazef's condition was improving, becoming more stable and less primitive. To ascertain what treatment to continue, the researchers required more Contaminated Beasts to experiment on. On a moment alone with Fluder, the old wizard made a plea to the adventurer to order Nfirea to take a vacation as the boy's condition was declining in hs obession with the Chaos Beasts. Soi noted that the wizard had some experience in this due to his obession with te abyss of magic.

After the protagonist convinced Nfirea to return home to rest, Soi eavesdopped on a conversation between Evileye and Clementine concerning a disease affecting the children. The undercover adventurer would then present ths as part of her report when she was at a general meeting in Nazarick. On the expedition for Contaminated Beasts, the Soi with the protagonist along with Yuri and Entoma turned their attention in hunting a vulture. Once the specimen was secured, she and homunculus were recalled back by an urgent [Message] from Surako in E-Rantel. The two left the accompanying Pleiades maids to attend to the capture of more beasts and returned to the Adventurer's Guild where they found an angruu Evileye with a terrified Surako. In private Evileye berated the members of Darkness for posting out a request for information on the "Red Shadow" as it was akin to putting a bounty. Evileye explained that she was the "Red Shadow" and on an unoffical request for Princess Renner to investigate the sickness among the orphans. Since the request did not go through the guild was in violation of the rules and could lead Evileye into a lot of trouble. To avoid their colleage from getting reprimanded bythe guild, the protagonist agreed to cancel the reequest using an excuse that the person of interest was found without revealing the identity of Evileye.

At that moment Pluton Ainzach came to see what was the commotion, which both Darkness and Evileye acted as if they were comparing notes on the line of dolls of the "Dark Warrior". Hearing this Ainzach then showcased the guild's newest product: dolls based on Soi which tehir namesake took with awkward suprise. Later Darkness returned to the institute to deliver the procured specimens, though the protagonist was sadden that Nfirea did not comply to rest while he was home. She watched as the protagonits, together with Fluder, perform an intervention to explain the importance of Nfirea moderating his obession, citing it would not just be detrimental to the institute but to his friends and family.

On the last note the words rang true to Nfirea, who the next day took action to make a request to the Adventurer's Guild to provide him escorts to help him locate the Fruit of Longevity to cure the illness affecting the children. Seeing this was the action to improve the children's welfare, the protagonist volunteered his team to the request as did Evileye. The adventurers and pharmacist then headed to the forest where they met with Hamsuke who acted as their guide to the tree where the fruit could be located. Unaware to Evileye and Nfirea, Nazarick sent out monsters and Chaos Beasts to attack their party in order to create the illusion that the Great Forest of Tob was still a dangerous place to send humans to. This was intended to frighten mostly Nfirea as a means to manipulate, not to keep him from going further but as a way to determine to see if they could control his actions. However none of the summons were enough to disuade the pharmacist who slayed the summoned Chaos Beasts without mercy.

Once the giant slime guarding the fruit was killed, the protagonist helped to devise a way to deliver the fruit without ramifications from the temple. Upon returning to E-Rantel Soi and Evileye dressed in Christmas Costumes to disguise themselves as the "Red Shadow". The two then would freely distribute the medicine in the form of candy to cure the ailing children. With no one aware of their identities in these costumes they would be free from blame by the temple. Afterwards Solution joined the Christmas party onthe 6th Floor and thanks Yuri for helping out in the shadows by acting as a decoy for the guards when she distributed the gifts to the children. Knowing how much her sister loved to help childrene Solution suggested Yuri ask Momonga to allow her to create a human identity to allow her to interact with the human children.[60]

At a formal Halloween Festival in Nazarick, Solution dressed as her adventurer persona for the masquerade. As part of the festival Solution paired with Shalltear for the defense training part of the festivities.[61]

At the orders of Momonga to prepare for a possible "New Year" event that would affect Nazarick, Solution with her sisters did a "general cleaning" of Spa Resort Nazarick. Together with Sebas Tian they found no traces of anything.

Later when Momonga decided to forgo some caution against celebrating the "New Year" and host a Kakushigei Tournament, Solution and the Pleiades were assigned to act as escorts with Sebas Tian and Pandora's Actor to protect the general maids in the spectator seats. Once again donning her kimono, Solution enjoyed the opening ceremony and matches between the Floor Guardians. Once the tournament ended however, Solution and the rest present in the Amphitheater found themselves transported in an odd Chaos Zone. Afterwards, whilst Momonga and his party went to investigate the Bishamonten Shrine, Solution stayed behind with the others to ensure the safety of the general maids. Once Momonga and his party defeated the one responsible for the translocation, Solution and the others were returned to the Amphitheater. She and the rest of Nazarick were introduced to Shiro, the current Ruler of New Year, and now an ally to Momonga. To celebrate this new friendship, the maid joined in the festivities in watching Shiro play spinning tops with Aura and Mare.[62]

When new visitors from another world came, Solution observed a mock battle between the Demon Lord and Shalltear in the Amphitheater with a few of the Pleiades. She made a note that while the the Demon Lord had the advantage over Shalltear, she was not really displaying her true abilities.[63]

Solution would be assigned with the Pleiades to provide security at the venue for the Sorcerer Kingdom's National Foundation Day Ceremony. The maid was absent when the announcement took place in Nazarick, so Narberal volunteered to pass the news to her sister in E-Rantel.[64] Solution operating under her human alias "Soi", with Surako and the protagonist greeted Mare who arrived at E-Rantel, bringing demi-human immigrants from the Abelion Hills. The agents accepted the new source of labor and directed the demi-humans to the training center where their talents would be evaluated and assigned to either the labor or the militia. Due to Solution and Slimeko's association with the protagonist, most of Nazarick were under the impression the two were experts in diplomacy, though the two were in truth more socially savvy at diplomatic situations thanks to their observations of the homunculus agent. Knowing about the upcoming National Foundation Day Ceremony, Solution and Slimeko were allocated some time off to prep themselves.

On the date of the National Foundation Day Ceremony, Solution and the Pleaides greeted the lizardmen delegation arriving at Fake Nazarick. Both Solution and Narberal had to excuse themselves from escorting the guests into Fak Nazarick as they needed to attend the Chaos Beasts subjugations on the 6th Floor. Solution arrived at the banquet portion, in her adventurer attire with the protagonist and Slimeko where they caught up with Zaryusu Shasha and his party. The maid would later witness the unveiling of the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue which left her in awe.[65]

Solution and her sisters were called again to participate in the live shows of LittleMass’s successor LittleMasStar. In the first live show, she and the Pleiades conducted a mock battle with the idols and later enjoyed watching the entirety of the idol campaign. After it’s success it was planned to have the Adventurer’s Guild release a new product line of dolls based on her adventurer identity Soi in order to expand the “Dark Warrior” theme.[66]

When the same guest from another world returned to Nazarick for a third time, with some new faces, Solution along with CZ and Narberal acted as their escorts on the 9th Floor. However there was an incident when their guest began acting, causing Solution to direct him to his room while Narberal and CZ stayed with his female companions. On the way to the guest room, her charge collapsed. Luckily Albedo was in the area and offered to watch him to allow Solution to fetch Pestonya. However when the maid returned with Pestoyna and Shalltear she witnessed Albedo punch the guest across the room. Horrified by the act, she and the others believed Albedo had killed the human. To their shock the human was alright and began behaving in an odd manner. It was decided that he needed to be restrained. Before she and the others could restrain him, he escaped by transforming everyone into copies of himself causing much confusion on the 9th Floor for Shalltear and Albedo who were the only ones unaffected. Once the ability wore off, Solution and the Pleiades laid in wait outside of Nazarick to follow and track the fugitive down after Yuri and Lupusregina 'failed' to capture him. Later as part of his condition to peacefully return and to stabilize his power, the guest was permitted to go on a few dates with the some members of the Pleiades. Solution was one of the dates, and she allowed the human to touch her bare chest. Though she used her slime body to try and eat his flesh, but the regenerative abilities her date had made it difficult, but the experience to Solution found was pleasing.[67]

For an experiment involving the newly created Casino Resort Nazarick, Solution was selected along with Narberal to act as dealers at the tables. For the role, Solution researched everything on casinos and roulette. She then applied her skills at the casino, entertaining the gamblers. At the end of the experiment, for her service she was awarded a Momonga Plushie. And later she and Solution personally entertained Momonga and Albedo during a private session at the casino.[68]

In her adventurer identity, Soi encountered Slimeko and the protagonist in the E-Rantel Cemetery, after the duo left the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute. The pair were about to be ambushed by a mass of skeletons, but Soi saved them and proceeded to cull the undead in the area.[69]

The maid was present at a debriefing meeting prepared by the protagonist on the second survey of the isolated island that Solution and her sisters had explored in the past.[70]

During the incident that saw the Great Tomb of Nazarick transform into Nazarick Academy, Solution was mentally controlled and made to believe that she was a student at the academic institution.[71] At 5th period, Solution witnessed Shalltear join the class as a transfer student, but took an immediate dislike to her as she disrespected Momonga. After the incident, Solution was freed from the mental influence and was recovering.[72]

Solution under her persona as Soi, went with her team to speak with Ainzach about retrieving the relics of Kralgra and witnessed the protagonist negotiate with the guildmaster in having future retrievals be solicited by the guild and classified as charity. The missions would be sponsored by not just the guild, through its operating expense, but also backed up by the Sorcerer Kingdom, which would receive a portion of the guild's chocolate profits. Soi later went with Slimeko and Pandora's Actor, disguised as the protagonist, to the Katze Plains to retrieve the relics. There they came across New Six Arms being chased by undead, forcing the two teams to work together. The teams later faced a Skeletal Dragon together, managing to defeat it, after which Darkness claimed the adventurer plates in its nest, whilst allowing Six Arms to keep the rest of the treasure. Once they delivered the relics to Ainzach, Solution returned to Nazarick where she and her team were praised in fooling the workers into joining forces and securing the trust of the Adventurer's Guild with their volunteer work.[73]

Under he identity of Soi, the slime participated in helping to organize E-Rantel's Harvest Festival, first by retrieving a Longevity Nut from the Tob Forest to serve as a prize for the event. Soi gave her testimony of how arduous acquiring the fruit was so that no others would send parties to search for the nuts. Secondly she patrolled the streets while wearing a aristocratic costume. Once the event was dying down, she changed back to her normal adventurer clothes to remark its success to the protagonist.[74]

Solution responded to an emergency summons back to Nazarick. She along with other field agents of Nazarick gathered in the Amphitheater and were informed by Momonga that the New Year's Day mental effect had enthralled many of their comrades, leaving the ones gathered to be the only ones unaffected. After receiving an immunity to the effect from Shiro, Solution, Sebas Tian, and CZ were assigned to chaperone the affected general maids in the canteen to make sure they stayed out of trouble.[75]

In order to foil a plot by the vestiges of Zurrernorn to destroy E-Rantel, the adventurer teams Darkness and Blue Roses were assigned by the Adventurer's Guild to investigate the old haunts of the cult. Soi automatically chose E-Rantel's Cemetery over the Sewage Treatment Plant. Her choice was teased by the members of Blue Roses to having an aversion which Soi played along with, as did the protagonist. In reality it was to hide the existence of the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute that was established there. Darkness was worried that the cultists may have discovered the institute's existence, but they were relieved to find the researchers there unharmed and its secrecy still maintained. There they were entertained by Sophie Noia and the fruits of her pet project involving a "anti-slime agent" to help reduce the number of sanitary slimes in the sewage system. The topic of slimes and Zurrernorn, with a little inductive thinking made the protagonist accurately connect the true aim of the cult to use slimes to destroy the city.

At the protagonist's urging Soi was given a sample of agent and go to the entrance of the sewers where Blue Roses were trying to stop a Super Giant Sanitary Slime made by the cult from leaving the tunnels. With the agent, Soi managed to drive the monstrosity back. Later she was the only person on her team to participate in an operation to hunt down the slime in the sewers in her swimsuit alongside Blue Roses, minus Gagaran, and Clementine. After the finished killing the slime, the women addressed the residents of the city to assure them that the increased military presence, that was guarding for the cultists and the slime, was part of a city-wide cleansing of the sewers. Their appearance in swimsuits attracted attention and interest in the items leading to some new developments in the future.[76]

One night Soi and her team were informed by Narberal that Cocytus would be leading the development of a "chilled chocolate" dish. Soi deduced that her sister came to the city to gather information from various chocolate eaters. The team then split the work, with Soi accompanying Narberal to interview the Swords of Darkness, while the others went to meet the Sunlight Scripture.

Due to Narberal being poor at communicating with humans, Soi mostly spoke, covering for her sister's weird comments. After the intel gathering was done, Soi met with the others to discuss their findings. Soi suggested that maybe Narberal could bake chocolate with lightning like she did previously, though with Cocytus being part of the new dish, it would no doubt be different. Though Narberal was still unclear of what to do, Soi noticed from a gleam in her sister's eye that she had a clue perhaps. Later on a reenactment of a taste party was done for the benefit of Narberal to try the various chocolate dishes. Due to Solution being station outside of Nazarick, Shalltear took over the role in explaining the recreated Healthy Blood Marriage that they had devised together to Narberal and Cocytus.[77]

As part of a workshop to give field agents more knowledge on being financially savvy, Pandora's Actor held a money lecture at Casino Resort Nazarick. Solution was one of the attendees. From the lesson Solution helped Cocytus understand that people in the human world based their relationship not totally on achievements of and hard work but solely on money. Due to her hands on experience in working as an adventurer, Solution was able to provide some context of how adventurers divided their earnings based on their roles in a job.

After the lecture, an emergency session was called to address a shipment of luxury chocolates that was being stored in E-Rantel near the Sewage Treatment Plant and was eaten by sanitary slimes. Since the goods were already promised to be served at a noble's party, Solution and her sister were assigned to prepare a replacement batch of sweets once new ingredients were retrieved from the Tob Forest.

In her adventurer identity Soi, the slime met withe the protagonist and Surako to ensure the new sweets delivery. When she heard of how the protagonist was also humbled and relieved by the organizational strength of Nazarick, Soi could not help but agree. She also passed a message from Momonga, who wanted to let the homunculus know he does not have to worry more than necessary about what happened during this emergency. And wanted the protagonist to be reassured that "no one else has been able to do this well against humans."[78]

While the protagonist was away at Nazarick, to report the child trafficking in E-Rantel, Soi contacted him to inform him that Saint Clementine needed to urgently see him.[79]

Soi was assigned to guard the E-Rantel Research Institute while the protagonist and Slimeko were away from the city to lead a diplomatic mission to the Dwarf Kingdom. Her presence at the institute was to guard the researchers there as they were very close to a breakthrough in developing a cure for the contamination of the Crack. While on guard, Soi detected that there was someone trying to infiltrate into the facility via the secret passage that connected to the sewers. The undercover adventurer when to confront the spy and found it to be Enhela. The two engaged in a conversation to gauge each other and hopefully gain some information. Soi learned that the priest had an interest in the protagonist finding him admirable, as he was comparable to those in the Theocracy. Though she was warned that humans should only be protected by humans. Before she could respond, there was a commotion on the surface that shook the area.[80]

Before Soi knew, Enhela used the shaking as a distraction to escape. Feeling that something bad was coming soon, Soi returned to the institute. What followed was a massive attack by Chaps Beasts that seemed to have infested the surface of the cemetery. Soi and Fluder barricaded the entrance to the research facility along with the researchers. Though Soi believed that they should evacuate, Nfirea instead told them to remain as they were as it appeared the rest of E-Rantel was no safer. The researchers were ordered to head to the lower levels for safety as Fluder and Soi defended the entrance, slaying countless Chaos Beasts and even a Double Sword Chaos Beast.

Reinforcements came in the form of imperial knights led by Nimble and Leinas, who were directed to the researchers on the lower floor where Nfirea and Sophie were. Just as the knights were sent there, Soi and Fluder were alerted to a disturbance on the third floor, where to their horror they found all the knights and researchers dead. By a miracle Soi found Nfirea still clinging to life, when the group were attacked by the culprit, a Spear Chaos Beast. Despite her abilities, Soi found herself pressed to a corner against the monster. The protagonist, Slimeko, CZ and Yuri arrived to help but found that the Chaos Beast was able to teleport making their attacks useless. Nfirea out of desperation, then released a cured Gazef Stronoff who to the amazement of all matched on equal terms with the monster and even surpassed his limits. Brain and Climb later came to the site to deliver Razor Edge, but more tragedy struck when a Crack formed in front of them, taking Fluder, the protagonist and Slimeko.[81]

After the attack on E-Rantel, Solution and the entire team of Darkness and half the members of the Pleiades were reported to have disappeared. Momonga through the use of the Throne Room's control console was able to determine that the NPCs were still alive. To maintain the symbol of hope for the surviving humans in E-Rantel, Pandora's Actor and some Greater Doppelgängers assumed the appearances and roles of the members of Darkness. Under the guise as Soi, the shapeshifter summon successfully played her role as the adamantite adventurer at public events such as the Greetings and Victory Festival. At said festival the fake Soi was a commentator for a dedication demonstration and later joined a team to fight a mock duel with Blue Roses.[82]

Some months later, the protagonist seemingly returned, bringing word that those who were taken from E-Rantel were brought to the "other side" of the Crack. In a month time, a rescue operation led by the protagonist and the remaining Pleaides was launched to rescue the members of Nazarick.

Solution having succumbed to the "chaos environment" was found unconscious in the Chaos Zone and was first to be resuscitated. Though she was groggy on what happened he quickly deduced the situation and aided her team and sisters. When Gazef Stronoff was approaching, Solution resumed her role as Soi and helped her team send the Warrior Captain on his way out of the Chaos Zone, whilst they continued to explore the area. However they encountered Enhela in the dimension. Soi having forgotten to inform the protagonist that Enhela was snooping previously at the institute became wary of him. Her wariness was justified when he began spouting nonsense that he the protagonist were 'brothers', claiming to serve the same masters. Soi would block an attack from Enhela who intended to jog some memory into the protagonist when the latter did not respond to his claims. She grew more disturbed by the priest when he began making light of his own gods and several other historical figures, in favor of his true master.[83]

Now even more bewildered by he priest's ravings, Soi noticed that his words were emotionally disturbing the protagonist. When Enhela did not receive the appropriate response he stated his intent to bring the protagonist with him causing Soi to be on the defensive. The Deputy Pontifex Maximus was at all threatened by her, though after he was struck by lighting and fire magic my the hiding Narberal and Lupusregina, who the slime claimed were members of the Sorcerer Kingdom's anti-Chaos Beast unit, he reconsidered and chose to flee by summoning a Crack. The feat shocked the members of Darkness and the Pleiades as such was thing of controlling the Cracks was deemed impossible.

The Pleiades though had questions as did Soi about why Enhela was acting so familiar to the protagonist. Soi hoped it was just some ploy to sow distrust, but something like this needed clarification before they returned to Nazarick. It was then the homunculus revealed his origins that he was not an NPC of Nazarick who was created by the Supreme Beings, but a manifestation of possibility from the Sea of Possibilities. Some of the maids rejected this as they knew from their memories that the homunculus was a creation of Herohero, Nishikienrai and Beast King Mekongawa.

But when they tried to recall when they first met at the protagonist's suggestion, they found that the only time they were made aware of his existence was during the time of Nazarick's arrival to the New World. It became clear that the memories and perhaps all the NPCs of Nazarick were altered to include the protagonist as being part of the dungeon. Soi in her memories recalled that while there was no evidence that a Deputy Diplomat Assistant ever made in Nazarick, she had snippets where the Supreme Beings entertained the idea of such an NPC. This news greatly disturbed the maids who then reported the developments to Momonga and the master that Enhela served. Once they finished their report, Momonga asked the maids on what they thought of the protagonist given these new revelations. Solution was unable to reply like her sisters.

Later after it was decided that the protagonist would remain outside of Nazarick and keep his post as Territory Guardian under supervision due to the potential dangers he posed, Soi was informed by the protagonist and Slimeko about the upcoming Four Kingdoms Rescue Team to the "other side". Soi would join the expedition as part of Darkness, whilst Sebas would also volunteer in order to escort the protagonist as he was not being targeted by Enhela.

Soi believed that the rescue operation would be a ideal time to kidnap the protagonist by the priest, but was confused as to why Enhela informed the operation leaders he would not be participating. Not only that his actions of being an agent of the Theocracy and the Devourer of the Nine Worlds seemed contradictory. In other news, Soi was pleased after hearing that Leinas Rockbruise was now indebt to the Sorcerer Kingdom after the knight's revival through magic enabled her to have her curse on her face lifted. Additionally Soi noted the progress of the Sorcerer Kingdom in effectively turning the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire into their pawns.

Before the day of the rescue operation into the "other side" Solution also attended the banquet in the Amphitheater, welcoming Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself who joined Nazarick.[84]

Narberal who is working with Lupusregina and CZ on the Bard Plan for Nazarick, when to Solution for her opinion on starting a bard band to propagate the reputation of the Sorcerer Kingdom. In the other maid's opinion "a bard from the Sorcerer Kingdom singing about his homeland with rhetoric," could make the Theocracy's attitude even harder to deal with. After the Bard Plan was adapted to creating a rock band Βγδth. Solution attended her sisters' mock battle duel at the Amphitheater with LittleMasStar.[85]

During the Rare Item Acquisition Day at Casino Resort Nazarick, whilst the general maids enjoyed a three day session experiment at the gaming tables, Solution and the other Pleiades were assigned to fulfill the duties of the general maids in the interim.[86]

Soi having just finished a report to the Adventurer's Guild encountered Clementine who was seeking the aid from the protagonist. Knowing that the homunculus was already occupied with a task, the undercover adventurer offered to listen to Clementin. From the saint she learn that there was rumors of a new illegal gambling den outside the city on the outskirts of the Re-Estize Kingdom. It turns out that the boss was using the achievements of the protagonist to bolster his own. Besides the boasts, Clementine suspected that the den was a cover for a drug operation and were using strange machines as one of the games at the den.

The issue was direct to Momonga who agreed that the den needed to be dealt with as it could be a competitor to Nazarick still budding casino strategy plan. The Supreme Being made Soi the leader of the investigation team compose of herself, Shizuni and Ku. Soi coordinated with her teammate as they infiltrated the gambling den as bodyguards, learning as much as they could and to locate the boss of the operation. Once the team learned of the executives schedule of the meetings between them and the mysterious boss, the women tailed one of them secretly to his hiding place beneath the mansion where the gambling den was.

Soi went into the office of the boss, whilst her teammates went invisible. Soi being visible was detected and to their surprise the boss appeared to be Zero, but after a brief scuffle with Shizuni and Ku revealed that Zero was actually just Succulent. The former Six Arms member embittered by being the weakest of the notorious group had tried to piggyback on the reputations of the protagonist and his former boss to make a name for himself in the underworld. He was quickly defeated and after a brief call to Nazarick, it was decided that the human criminal would be brought back to the Frozen Prison.[87]

Sometime afterwards, Soi met Sebas in the manor in E-Rantel, reporting she had spent the day escorting the protagonist on his meetings with the various guilds and Temple. Later she was recalled to Nazarick as Momonga wished to select some Pleiades on an expedition to investigate the bathhouses of the Dwarf Kingdom. Before Momonga made a selection. the slime volunteered. This earned her Albedo's annoyance for speaking out turn, though she was forgiven by Momonga who agreed to put her on the expedition.

While traveling to the Dwarf Kingdom, Regi who was escorting the team, asked why her sister was so determined to go on the mission, Solution explained that she had taken a hobby of studying bathing customs since she lost to Miyoshi in the Miyoshi Cup and felt this would be hands experience for her to improve. Upon reaching the city of Feo Jera and reuniting with Bigosa, Soi examined the bath water of the bathhouses. She did not find any special properties and confirmed that the water content was akin to a carbonated bath. The bathhouse of Feo Berkana was next to be examined, but the facility was destroyed by the Frost Dragon. After it was beaten up by Sebas, the dragon confessed it was an accident, making Sebas spare it, though Soi believed it got off easy.

After the group returned to Feo Jera, they informed the Regency Council of the damage to their dismay. Soi expressed worry for the dwarves, though not out of sympathy but mainly for show in front of Zenberu who was their guide in the dwarven lands. At Sebas's request Soi activated a [Message] spell to connect him to Momonga for permission to help the dwarves renovate the destroyed bathhouse. Once the new bathhouse was doen, Soi was seen enjoying a bottle of milk and telling Slimeko not to stay in the bath too long otherwise she would melt. Upon seeing the protagonist exit the baths, she expressed surprise at him relaxing.[88]

Later Solution attended a Christmas party in the Amphitheater in her Christmas Costume, to celebrate the solidification of the cooperative relationship with the lizardmen and the improvement of their food preservation issue.[89]

At a pep rally, that preluded the rescue operation, Soi was seen monitoring the interaction between the Floor Guardians of the 6th Floor and the special guest, Antilene Heran Fouche at the venue. She was interrupted from watching, by Gagaran, who thought she too was getting more food at the table. Soi confirmed that she was, and Gagaran invited to share a platter of food with her, suggesting that they would later give their reviews to their hosts about the food. Still Soi indulged Gagaran's antics allowing her to enjoy the venue in her own way[90]

During the start of the operation she and Slimeko overheard Evileye's intent to locate Climb, believing him to be trapped in the Chaos Zone. Slimeko worried that the adventurer's investigation might rouse suspicion if the boy's body was not found among the rescued. Soi though had prepared for this by collecting several unconscious humans from the "other side" so to make Climb's body to not be the only one missing. During the rescue operation, Soi was separated from the protagonist when a horde of giant-sized Chaos Beasts attacked the rescue team. Due to being unable to come to the protagonist's aid, the slime allowed Sebas to guard him whilst he carved a way through the horde to allow the expedition to escape through a Crack.[91]

Later the rescue team rushed back to E-Rantel after receiving word from the Sorcerer Kingdom that enormous amounts of miasma were spilling in from Cracks in every major city in the Tripartite Alliance. Since their unit was the only military force in the area, the joint international force hurried to the alliance's capital to save what they could.

While they journeyed back to E-Rantel, Soi spoke with Ian to probe if he was in contact with Enhela. The priest though stated that he was unable to get in touch with the Assistant Chief Priest and was worried for his safety in the midst of the current crisis. Soi provided some encouraging words to Ian, stating that she doubted that Enhela would even die even is she killed him. Secretly she suspected that Enhela was perfectly fine as even this level of chaos wouldn't faze him. Even considered that Enhela had a hand in the miasma in order to target the Sorcerer Kingdom. She shared these concerns with Sebas who agreed that both needed to keep their guard up with Enhela lurking about somewhere.

At E-Rantel, Soi, Tina, Tia, and Gagaran scouted the devastated city choked with miasma and contaminated citizens. After avoiding both obstacles, she reported back to the main team that they found few dead bodies and confirmed that there were unaffected hiding out in the city's shelters.

During the operation for small units to enter the city without drawing the attention of the feral inhabitants, Soi regrouped with the other units at a shelter housing an injured Clementine. Soi noted that there were a lot of people in the shelter and that they were majority composed of civilians with little fighting ability. She expressed how much trouble it would be to get the people run out safely to the fourth wall where the main team was based at.

Later when Fluder Paradyne, Sophie Noia and Nfirea Bareare appeared from their sojourn in the Sorcerer Kingdom, with a plan to decontaminate and save all of E-Rantel's inhabitants, Soi was assigned as an escort for the researchers in the city square where many victims were restrained and awaiting their turn to be cured. After conducting a patrol of the area, the adventurer returned to the site. Neither she nor Sebas saw any signs of Enhela, until he did appear. Sebas stepped in to put himself between Enhela and his comrades, with Soi warning him to be careful.

When Enhela opened a conversation with the protagonist to implore him to side with him and his god, even trying to appeal to the homunculus's sense of be alone as common ground, caused Soi to become wary at the direction of the dialogue. Later the conversation turned hostile and Soi watched in utter shock at seeing her superior Sebas be defeated by the human. And was confounded when Enhela explained this power he possessed was bestowed upon him through his "Divine Right" via his deity.

Soi became worried when Slimeko tried to defend the protagonist's honor of being not truly a member of the Sorcerer Kingdom, as the Pleiades did not want her junior to unintentionally spill out any sensitive information. From all of Enhela's talk about a divine mission, made Soi regard the priest to be delusional as the priest had no direct communication with his so-called god.

After the protagonist refused a second time to join Enhela in brotherhood, Soi sensing that the priest would not accept the answer detected that he was up to something. Soon enough she and her team were teleported to the Central Mausoleum of Nazarick by the power of a Crack Enhela summoned. There she found Momonga and the Floor Guardians waiting there after they fled Nazarick due to its being compromised by Enhela who used "Hacking" to take control over the dungeon. And witnessed Enhela ultimatum for the protagonist, to join him and embrace who he was or Nazarick would be destroyed.

When Enhela vanished to wait for the protagonist answer in the Throne Room, she and the other NPCs followed Momonga's lead to not accept the terms of surrender but instead launch a raid to reconquer their home.[92]

END of NON-CANON content



  • (To Zach): "Please don't be too excited. If possible...I'd like you to be gentle with me. It would make me very happy."
  • (To Zach): "The truth is, I deeply enjoy watching things dissolve. Therefore, I felt it was a happy coincidence that you wanted to be inside me, Zack-san."
  • (To Zach): "I'm sorry, but I am resistant to physical attacks, so a blow like that cannot harm me. Then, I shall dissolve it."
  • (To Zach): "I am a predatory Slime. Since time is limited, I will need to swallow you up."
  • (To Shalltear about Zach): "My apologies, I did not know he was still so full of energy."
  • (To Shalltear): "I could secrete a stronger acid to kill him immediately if you wish, but since a human who wishes to enter me is a rare occasion, I would like to let him enjoy it for an entire day."
  • (To Shalltear): "No, I did not. If I dissolved his throat with acid, he might suffocate due to being unable to breathe. Therefore, I inserted part of my body into him to suppress his voice, and it also has the effect of preventing bad smells."
  • (To Shalltear): "Then, please do not forget about my share. I would like to swallow them up to the chest and expose the rest of them. That ought to be quite interesting as well."
  • (To Ainz): "Why! Tell me why! I am a Slime too! I can clean you better than Miyoshi-kun-sama! Why! Why won't you let me bathe with you and lick your glorious body clean?!"


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