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Sniper is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


Just as its name suggests, the Sniper class seems to coincide with any character who is specialized in using at least a specific long-ranged weapon for sniping. For instance, there exists the kind of sniper who specifically used a bow to shoot arrows, slingshots to shoot rocks, a gun to shoot bullets, and so on.[1]

In the New World, archers like Neia Baraja are given the role as snipers where they were tasked with sniping down the enemy commanders.[2] Ainz has even stated that facing a sniper without knowing their designated position is every opponent's worse scenario to be placed in for any sorts of matches.[3]

Known Snipers

Abilities and Powers

Those with the Sniper job class come in many varieties such as the different types of long-ranged fighters each one skilled with their own particular weapon. Snipers would shoot out an array of attacks at their targets, hoping to lock aim at them as carefully and accurately as possible without missing a shot.

Nonetheless, what they have in common is the fact that they always assume the sniper's position to aim at targets from afar while hiding from them. In other words, they are the kind who would often concealed themselves in a wide-open area ahead of time with preparations before trying to snipe at their enemies.[4]

Such sniper shots are done silently in a way that their enemies are caught off-guard by the surprise attacks aimed at them. According to Ainz Ooal Gown, extremely long-range snipers are capable of interrupting not only the casting of regular tier spells, but super-tier spells as well.[5]


  • So far, two of Nazarick's NPCs are said to have the Sniper class.
  • According to Pavel Baraja, when a sniper faced what is known as "tension," it is considered to be the archenemy of sniping.[6]


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