Smuggling Division Chief is the head of the Smuggling Division of Eight Fingers.

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He seems to be extremely attentive to Albedo's orders and will instantly carry it out of fear. When confronting his terrifying superior, he would not waste any moment of time in replying back as not to incur her wrath.

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After the incident with Jaldabaoth was settled, it was reported that the magic item which had led to the tragedy in the Re-Estize capital had been found in a warehouse that was positively linked to the smuggling division of the Eight Fingers.

During a meeting held by division leaders of Eight Fingers, it was said that the chief's hideouts had been attacked the most on the very same day beside the demonic invasion of the capital. Many of his storehouses had been plundered, and after checking the remaining storehouses that had not been raided, more than half of their contraband had gone missing. Afterwards, he and his colleagues were captured by Aura and Mare then brought to Kyouhukou's Black Capsule.[1]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc Edit

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Once his torture by Kyoukukou was done, he went back to doing his old job as a member of Eight Fingers, but under the orders from their new superior, Albedo.

It was said that the Smuggling Division’s leader had lost a lot of his power in the traders’ guild during the demonic disturbance caused by Jaldabaoth when much of his resources had been stolen away. Even so, there were advantages to being in his position. This was because his dealings with the nobles that had taken part in the war against the Sorcerer Kingdom had been conducted entirely with cash. To be exact, he is slowly regaining his prestigious power now that the merchants who had extended credit to the nobles were now agonizing about repayment.[2]

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As the leader of the Smuggling Division, he is able to transfer illegal goods into and out of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

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