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Slimeko (スライム子) is a newly-designed virtual character created specifically to host the Overlord (Anime) and Mass for the Dead official channel.


Slimeko is a young pink-haired girl. She wears black gloves, a belt with a skull, and a corset dress. On her head lies a peculiar top hat that appears to be molded out of a pink Elder Black Ooze. Strangely, her face is emotionless.


Despite her lack of emotion, Slimeko has a cheery personality. She appears to have no racial attachments to other slimes outside of Nazarick, seeing them as below her. Additionally, she is somewhat of a glutton as she likes to sample a variety of delicacies she comes across, be it cooked food or a rotting corpse.


Slimeko, though possessing a visage of a human girl, is actually a slime that can change a portion of her body to look human while her true form resides on top of the girl’s head. Disguised as a top hat, she controls her host like a puppet.


Mass for the Dead Arc

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A slime Mercenary NPC that was summoned using YGGDRASIL gold coins by Momonga to help the main character of the game investigate the surroundings outside the Great Tomb of Nazarick after the Mirror of Remote Viewing detected a human village that was attacked by Chaos Beasts. Locating a survivor, Momonga dispatched the homunculus protagonist and Narberal Gamma to find the survivor and interview him. The slime assisted the duo in exploring outside Nazarick after the [Gate] transport was affected by the close vicinity of a Rift, throwing them off course and helped to detect various foes such as wild slimes. She eventually adopted the name Slimeko for convenience sake, which was a dead giveaway for her race and decided to use the alias Surako while in public. After encountering a pack of rabid wolves, she was protected by Narberal Gamma. Slimeko then assumed a more human appearance to better blend in with human society.

Abilities and Powers

Slimeko has the ability to control humanoid bodies which acts as a means of interacting with others. Her acid is not very strong and the combat ability is not high, but it has the mimicry ability. She has the ability to tell the location of the enemy whereabouts. She can do [Message], though it requires a lot of energy to use.[1] In addition, she has a special skill of the slime type, the ability to store information by touching things, and the ability to mimic other beings based on that information.[2]



Her summoner, whom she wishes for everyone to know the wonders of.

Narberal Gamma

Slimeko acts professionally towards her, seeing the Doppelgänger as her superior. She encountered Narberal's cold personality while working with her, but over time they developed a working rapport.

Solution Epsilon

Slimeko considers herself an idol in the slime world and can't help but compare herself to the other slimes. When she finally meets Solution, she is thrilled and giddy around her.


Slimeko sees Guren as another role model slimes should look up too, describing it as a hero to slime kind, mostly due to its [Body Spitting] technique.


  • Slimeko's name literally means Slime Child.
  • Slimeko is the first non-canon character in the Overlord series.
  • Slimeko made her online debut in a YouTube Video on August 19, 2018, discussing the contents of the game.[3]
  • Slimeko made her appearance known on January 21, 2018, to release new additional info on systems of Mass for the Dead.[4]


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