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Slimes (粘体) are a type of semi-liquid monsters.


Slimes are heteromorphic creatures that usually prefer to live in environments that stimulate their kind such as places with good humidity and where the sun is not visible.[1] There are many species of slimes and are as diverse as humans; some that live in the lava or in polluted areas. Slimes come in a wide variety, not only in the environment, but also and specialty.


Slimes resemble gelatinous oozes coming in various colors.


Slime Icon

Powers and abilities differ among slime variants, but common abilities include being that their half-transparent bodies are flexible, and can change into various forms. Slimes do not perceive the world like humans do, instead, they use a sort of motion detection sense to learn about their surroundings in place of ordinary vision. While the innate motion detection ability which all slimes possess is very useful, it is only effective within a limited radius of 100 meters.

In terms of offensive power, Slime-type monsters have low strength and were not suited for the task of dealing physical damage. By YGGDRASIL standards, in order to deal DPS as a slime, one needed to specialize in assassin-type classes which kill in one hit.[2]

In YGGDRASIL, there are powerful exclusive, racial classes for slimes which are kept hidden to be discovered. If slimes have managed to obtain such classes, they would be able to develop stronger mucous body traits as long as their racial levels increased. This also includes invalidating fatal hits, not needing food or liquids, or resistance to perfect visual effects.[3]

While slimes retain many primitive features, they are also rational creatures that prey on land and water environments. For example, at a waterside a translucent slime can hide itself, waiting in the rock shade or a puddle for an opportunity.[4]

List of Slimes


  • In YGGDRASIL, when Slimes are equipped with magic items, with the exception of hand-held items, they were not shown on their exterior, but within their bodies.
  • In the New World, some kinds of Slimes live in the sewers of cities like Loyts, on an apparent symbiosis with the inhabitants.[5]
  • Slimes could not be made into zombies, as they lack a skeletal structure.[6]
  • In Mass for the Dead, it's explained that low-level slimes, after gaining enough nutrition subdivide themselves. Though this does not hold true for high-ranked slimes.[7]


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