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Slave (奴隷) is a job class that exists in the New World.


In the New World, slaves were a form of property.[1] Slaves were individuals who had the unfortunate fate of losing their freedoms and forced into servitude of another. Slavery is an integral aspect of the New World and is prevalent throughout the human and demi-human nations.

Known Slaves

Known Slave Groups

Abilities and Powers

In the Web Novel, male slaves were typically more expensive than women. However, their sales price would increase depending on their looks. Non-human females in comparison were typically more expensive. Slave brands usually differed depending on the race. Elves, for instance, had their ears cut off to mark them as property. In addition, elven slaves were broken before being handed off to their masters, so as to prevent them from resisting.[2]


  • So far, the Re-Estize Kingdom is 'officially' the only nation that condemns slavery.
  • According to the game’s rules in YGGDRASIL, the Souls who were struck down by the Death Knight’s blade would become its slaves for all eternity.[3]
  • By YGGDRASIL standards, the game coined "slave" differently since characters like Ainz Ooal Gown[4] or Shalltear Bloodfallen[5] had powers to magically turn individuals into their own slaves. The means to make someone a slave is through the job class, necromancer or even a racial class like a Vampire.
  • Tuare has "Slave" as one of her job classes along with two levels invested into it.[6]


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