Skill Activation Experiment is a form of experimentation conducted by Ainz Ooal Gown.


Given that he is no longer in the world of YGGDRASIL but an entirely New World with its own reality, Ainz had to make sure whether or not the NPC's skill was activated properly.


Ainz had chosen to expose himself to the 'Breath Composition,' an area-of-effect skill used by Aura Bella Fiora to test the activation of her skill. However, Ainz done so with a third party beside him, which was why he had summoned weak monsters like the Moonlight Wolves for the experiment.


Ainz hypothesizes that Aura's breath skill did not work on him due to either his base stats, or his natural resistances from being an undead creature.

Results Edit

The experiment concluded with the fact that Aura’s skill had taken effect without problem. From this experiment, Ainz learned that mind-affecting skills did not have an effect on him at all. This meant that despite getting transported into the New World, Ainz could be absolutely sure that there were no losses to the basic abilities of an undead being and his special skills gained through leveling up from YGGDRASIL.[1]


  • Since suddenly being teleported into the New World, Ainz conducted a test whether the game's magic systems, rules, or mechanics are still properly working as it supposed to be from YGGDRASIL.


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