Skeleton Warriors (スケルトン戦士) are a variant class of undead skeletons.

Types of Skeleton Warrior Edit

  • Red Skeleton Warrior[1]

Appearance Edit

Similar to all other skeletons, Skeleton Warriors are moving skeletal structures. The visible distinction is that Skeleton Warriors are better armed, each equipped with a round shield and scimitar.

Abilities Edit

Skeleton Warriors naturally possess all the abilities that a skeleton possess, but are noted to be stronger with magic enchantments. Equipped with better equipment, they are capable of dealing quick and heavy damage. Additionally, they are immune to Ice-type damage.[2][3] They are estimated as being level 16.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Skeleton Warriors were used during the Lizardmen War acting as bodyguards for Iguva=41.
  • They can be summoned by using Iguva=41's 4th tier summon spell.[5]
  • They are one of the enemy monsters that invaders of Nazarick encounter during their exploration of the mysterious tomb.[6]
  • They can be summoned by using Suzuki Satoru's 3rd tier summon spell.[7]


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