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Skeleton Mages (骸骨の魔法使い) are a type of skeleton with proficiency in magic.


Skeleton Mage is a low leveled undead. In the Anime, its depicted as skeleton wearing a tattered robe and holding a staff.


Skeleton Mage is the lowest ranked in the hierarchy of the Elder Lich type. This racial class was usually the starting race for any player to choose in the Elder Lich family. In order to promote oneself from a Mage into an Elder Lich, one had to gather the Book of the Dead in order to evolve their race. Their racial level is also weaker than mostly any other races and it does not specialize in combat skills.[1]

In the Web Novel, the prerequisites to class changing oneself into an Elder Lich was to first have a minimum of ten racial Levels as a Skeleton Mage, possess a Book of the Dead, at least 30 Magic class Levels, a deserted souls treasured book, possess a dark ritual document, and clear a special event.[2]

List of Skeleton Mages[]


  • Despite being a Skeleton Mage, Titus has a higher level than a standard one. This is due to his formulation as an NPC designated for scroll-crafting that prioritized job levels over racial levels.[3]
  • Ainz started as a Skeleton Mage until he eventually gained enough levels to evolve into an Elder Lich and finally become an Overlord.[4]
  • They are one of the enemy monsters that invaders of Nazarick encounter during their exploration of the mysterious tomb.[5]
  • There are at least fifteen racial levels in the "Skeleton Mage" class.[6]


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