Silver Thread Bird (銀糸鳥) is one of the two adamantite ranked adventurer groups of the Baharuth Empire.

Background Edit

Silver Thread Bird is an adamantite ranked adventurer group consisting of members with unusual classes. It gained its fame after defeating a monster called the Radiant Crawler, which was recorded in a heroic saga.

Each member carries a silver feather on their person to symbolize their friendship and unity.[1]

Chronology Edit

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc Edit

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Before Momon and Parpatra Ogrion sparred, Silver Thread Bird was mentioned in the one of the workers' conversation at Count Femel's courtyard as one of the two adamantite adventurer teams in the Baharuth Empire.

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc Edit

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In the Imperial Capital, Silver Thread Bird were hired as bodyguards by Emperor Jircniv to protect him during a secret meeting with the emissaries of the Slane Theocracy and the High Priests of the Empire within a private box at the Colosseum.

After the match between Go Gin and Ainz Ooal Gown, the adamantite team had relocated their base of operations to the City-State Alliance.

Strength Edit

Due to its members' distinctive classes, Silver Thread Bird displays unique capabilities in certain situations. However, their combat ability is low in comparison to the adventurers with normal classes like Blue Roses. As a result, Hekkeran Termite doubted their qualifications as an adamantite ranked group. The adventuring team is considered to be adamantite ranked only due to its members being composed of people with rare professions.[2]

Known Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • During Ainz's first visit to the Baharuth Empire, he wanted to make connections with some of the adamantite adventurers in that nation.
  • Feathers worn by the members come from a bird the team once raised.
  • Alongside Blue Rose and Darkness, one of their members is publicly recognized as a non-human.


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