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Silver (銀) is a metal found within the YGGDRASIL and the New World.


Silver is used as the second highest denomination in the New World currency. Silver alongside copper pieces were the basic units of currency in villages.[1][2] In addition silver was the third highest adventurer rank.[3]


It is a precious shiny grayish-white metal.


Besides silver being the second lowest denomination in the New World Currency. Often its found in the use as cutlery or jewelry. In addition it was a useful substance for combating vampires and werewolves.[4][5][6]


  • The basic wage of 1 day of work for a craftsman was about 1 silver.[7]
  • However due to the expensiveness and softness of silver, Alchemical Silver was often used as a substitute when fighting against vampires.[8]
  • For adventurers, defeating weak monsters, such as goblins was one silver per goblin.[9][10]


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