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Siege of the Royal Capital was the besieging of the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom by the forces of the Sorcerer Kingdom during the war between the two nations.


During their war with the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Sorcerer Kingdom knew the key to a swift victory was capturing the Royal Capital. To this end, they centered their entire invasion plan around surrounding and isolating the city in preparation of besieging it. They thus covertly conquered the Kingdom's eastern and northern regions. By the time the Kingdom figured out what was going on it was already too late, as the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces had begun marching on the capital.

As Sorcerer Kingdom's forces headed towards the capital, the citizens were faced with a choice: flee or stay. In the end, many stayed due to them having nowhere else to go. A while later, the Royal Army drafted all the capital's able-bodied citizens into its ranks and set out to confront the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces before they reached the city. However, they were defeated and the entire Royal Army was wiped out.

After learning of the Royal Army's destruction, a defeatist atmosphere took hold of the capital. With the Kingdom's defeat all but certain, those who still could flee the city while the remaining soldiers and Adventurers prepared to make their final stand here. Normal citizens meanwhile, having learned of the Sorcerer Kingdom massacring conquered territories, barricaded themselves indoors; some even preferred suicide over being killed by the Sorcerer Kingdom.

On the Sorcerer Kingdom's side; upon arriving, they surrounded the Royal Capital and set up a base nearby. Following King Regent Zanac's assassination, Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown made up his mind to massacre all the Kingdom's inhabitants that hadn't already surrendered, including the capital's. However, to keep his human sympathizing subordinates appeased, he at least had Eight Fingers evacuate the city's children.[1]


The Sorcerer Kingdom split it's forces into three, each with their own objective. Cocytus was the overall commander and led the army in taking the Royal Capital, Aura and her magic beasts pillaged any useful magic items, and Mare was to raise the city to the ground with his magic once it was all over.


Cocytus takes possession of Brain Unglaus's corpse, while Aura reclaims the Armageddon Evil prototype and takes possession of unknown number of other magical items.


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