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Shroud of Sleep is an embalming tool.


Evileye used this item to preserve the corpses of her comrades after they had been slain by Jaldabaoth in preparation for Lakyus. She would then cast a spell to resurrect them.[1]


A light gray blanket.


This is a magic item that stops the decay and rigor mortis of a body when wrapped around it. It's a very useful magic for preservation till the use of resurrection spells.


  • The real Caspond Bessarez corpse is being preserved in Nazarick using this item.[2]
  • It is a New World technology that Nazarick has incorporated from the outside for his future operations.
  • Considering how the Sorcerer Kingdom is using this item to conceal away Caspond's corpse, it is highly suggested that Nazarick has probably obtained several by buying them at Re-Estize through Ainz (Adventurer Momon) or Sebas Tian.


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