Shooting Star is a Divine Class magic item that can grant wishes.

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Shooting Star is a special rare item as it cannot be obtain through normal means such as questing in YGGDRASIL. It is a Gachapon item, a lottery item that gives out limited time rare items for players to obtain.

Appearance Edit

Appears as a simple ring that has no kinds of decorations whatsoever. Engraved upon it are three shooting stars that emitted a silver light.

Abilities Edit

Overlord EP11 031

Shooting Star activated

This super rare item, the「Shooting Star」ring, enables the use of the super-tier spell「Wish Upon a Star」three times without consuming experience. The number of possible wishes that appeared would be proportional to the amount of consumed experience. This meant that activating the ring/spell in exchange for ten percent of your total experience points would present a single choice, whereas consuming fifty percent would give five possible choices.

There were quite a few wishes to choose from. According to a strategy website’s statistics, there were allegedly over two hundred of them. Additionally, there were some wishes which appeared more easily, and wishes which did not appear so easily, therefore it was a horrifying magic where any carelessness could make the user waste a lot of experience. Also, magic casters who wanted to learn this super-level magic had to reach level 95 first. Even in YGGDRASIL where it was easy to level up, reaching this level would still require a considerable amount of experience, therefore people hesitated whether or not to gamble their experience points on such a spell.

When using this ring to activate the super-tier spell,「Wish Upon a Star」, the possible wishes one could choose from would be completely randomized, just like normal. However, useful wishes had a comparatively higher chance to appear instead of joke wishes. For instance, by sacrificing five levels that amounts to 500% of the user's experience points, one could grant even more greater wishes. Also, the maximum amount of wishes which would appear was ten, and the magic had zero activation time, therefore it truly was the most powerful cash item.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • This was the gacha item that Ainz gambled his entire year end bonus away just to obtain this item.
  • Yamaiko easily obtained it from the gacha machine, without much effort compared to Momonga as she got it on her first try.
  • It is actually the most powerful of all the rings in Momonga's possession.
  • Out of all the members of Ainz Ooal Gown, only two possess this item: Momonga and Yamaiko.
  • Since this ring is only a divine class item, it is incapable of countering the effects of World Items.
  • There are over 200 possible wishes.
  • According to Ainz, decreasing the amount of time required to learn an ability was said to be the province of the super tier spell, Wish Upon A Star.[2]


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